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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 140: Volume 7 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 7, Chapter 20: The Hero is Contracted… and then

I did it. I successfully managed to close a deal with Kan-chan, a Hero.

I would surely get an additional amount in my summer bonus! (nonsense).

Moreover, it was even pretty “vague” in its terms of fulfilment. It being ambiguous was going to make the binding weak, but the details wouldn’t matter at all as long as I had her commitment.

Even better was the fact that Kan-chan wasn’t aware of the contract, thinking it to just be a “turn of phrase”.

Any modern person of Earth would have at least some knowledge of “contract language”, and would prove troublesome to a Demon, but only if they noticed that they were a “Demon” in the first place.

At the same time, the subconscious denial of the existence of Demons caused them to assume that those words were “promises” that weren’t binding.

However, this was a [Demon’s contract],

Because, well, you know? She doesn’t know though~

This time, the terms of the contract were such:

In exchange for giving Yurushia giving her what she wanted, she could demand a favor.

That was it. Only that.

There were a few other small details, but the gist of it was that.

At first glance, one might think that this favored Kan-chan. Because she had the freedom to choose what price she would receive.

But that was only in the case that it was “between humans”.

The real rub was the part where it mentioned [Things that Kanzo wished for].

Kan-chan wanted the [Magic Stone Jewels] very, very badly.

At first, it was only at the level of thirsting for something which she could not obtain, a [Desire]. But, as she spent time attempting over and over to attain it, the personal value of the [Magic Stone Jewel] rose rapidly.

Her collector’s heart was further stimulated by this material’s rarity.

Like a crazy collector, Kanzo’s obsession was so complete that she would sell her home and disown her family for the sake of pursuing this item.

As much as she wanted it…… the amount wasn’t quantifiable, so instead she would receive what her “heart” sought.

So what would be a suitable price?

Kanzo’s “heart” would have to determine that. After only an instant of thought, her soul settled upon a “value”.

I requested the [Hero’s Secret Arts] from Kan-chan.

That was an entirely plausible [Compensation] value, and Kan-chan was more than happy to pay with something that hadn’t been hers in the first place.

And she would have been saved had that been enough for her. But, of course, it wasn’t.

Things that nobody else in the world have, thangs that would garner looks of “envy”, and Kan-chan wanted even more than most.

It was almost like putting a bonus prize into a gacha game.

The next thing she gladly paid with was [the Other Heroes] that weren’t her to give.

Kan-chan was the type that would spare no efforts if it didn’t hurt her to do so, something I understood from our little conversation.

She is going to sell out all of the [Heroes].

But then…… what is left?

To want more, even after she had given all she had to give, exactly what would she give……?

Somehow or other, I feel very Demonic.

Is this supposed to be praise?

I suddenly understand the feelings that generic employee-like [Demon Lords] had after having had hundreds of years’ worth of contracts.

Kan-chan somewhat resembles my friend the “Dwarf princess”, and is even more delicate than she is, so I had to harden my heart so that I could be properly demonic.

Well, for now, I handed over the [Magic Jewel] that had been made with Fannie’s magic power to Kan-chan, and was taught the [Level-up Method] in return.

This was the secret art of [Level-up] that only heroes could use.

I’d heard of it from Yuuki-kun, but since he was a reincarnator, his memories were fuzzy at best, but he could still use it, somewhat. As a Demon, though, I’d rather not risk it, given how incomplete it felt.

Level up. Skills could obviously be levelled up, but ordinarily, you couldn’t improve your physical levels or evolve.

It was clearly irregular to be able to obtain physical power rivalling a dragon just by defeating enemies.

If someone had the muscle density of about lead or platinum, it might have been possible. But then, living properly would be impossible.

What then is this “level up”?

Put simply, it seems to generate something like a [Forcefield] around a person.

An aura-like thing combining both the force of light and magic power, it seemed that it also increased one’s HP since it reduced a percentage of the damage taken from attacks.

MP would also go up, and so would physical ability, resulting in a level-up like in a game.

“……Should I do this too?”

“Yuru-san, what’s the matter?”

As I muttered to myself, I heard Daichi call out towards me.

Even though he’d been an ordinary high schooler just some months ago, he’d gotten some guts now.

I’ve already left Kan-chan behind, returning to the nation of the Dwarves on the ground floor.

After handing Kan-chan a few more pieces of the [Magic Stone Jewel] she so desired, she’d left with her subordinates in tow, all pleased with herself.

Daichi was sweating profusely, but it seems that not being able to stand hasn’t really affected him.

Also, Nea seems to have done something to the knights under Kan-chan, but Daichi said he didn’t see anything.

She seems to have done quite the number of things while out of sight of the humans, and, well, if she was eating people… it’d be too obvious if she was grinding her teeth. If she was just licking her blood-covered fingertips it might be fine, though.

Either way, we’ve secretly possessed those knights with [Greater Demons] after taking their souls. They’ll be on surveillance duty, making sure that information doesn’t get to the heroes.

As a bonus, I’ve also added octopus and cuttlefish to their diets.

Alongside them is the Elder Lich Richard-kun’s friend, so do your best, okay!

Among the to-be heroes, Futa seemed to have gotten spartan training from Tina. He was rolling on the ground, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem since he was twitching.

The both of them have become stronger.

“It’s nothing. Leaving that aside, Daichi, Futa, once we get back to Sail I’ll teach you how to fight alongside Touka and Mizuki.”



I laughed lightly. Daichi sighed as if he had just been told that he would receive additional training, while Kazuya’s body just twitched again.

Now that I got all this information, it’s time to prepare to teach Daichi the [Hero’s Secret Art].

Will they become heroes?

Even though…… they won’t be using the power of light, but a Demon’s protection.

“Let’s return to Sail. Everyone, let’s go~”



Daichi and Futa, answer me.

Fainting instantly (into sleep) after only a quick 4-day trip without sleep, how unlike the youth. Even though they weren’t even walking the distance themselves.

…… Maybe it’s hard being a human?

“According to the information I gathered, it seems that during events called [School Trips], the boys will sleep if they travel continually without sleep, so it’s not a problem.”

“……… Oh, well.”

Tina said so, so I guess it’s okay. The current situation we’re in is similar, now that I think about it.

For a moment, I worried that my [Human common sense] was failing.

We had a light meal, and then returned to Sail.

That being said, humans would die without food, wouldn’t they……

On the way home, we passed by the knights who were supposed to spy on us, but well, we’re already returning. Sorry.

We were moving at well over 300 kilometers per hour over the mountain roads and forests, and when we landed in Sail’s castle, Daichi and co. fainted immediately. It was then that I noticed something was wrong with the castle.


“Maybe you forgot to tighten the screws on some noble?”

“…… I’m busy, so stop that.”

What was it? The atmosphere of the castle was tense.

The knights and the ladies-in-waiting that I knew of were all hesitating to talk to me.

Is this some sort of control?


As I contemplated capturing someone to get them to talk, Touka and Mizuki rushed up to me.

“I’m home, you two. What’s the matter?”

“Ah, welcome back.”

“Waitaminute, Yuru-chan something terriblehappened!”

One of the human countries near the border had been destroyed by the forces of darkness.

And so, on that day, after a decade of stalemate, the state of the battle lines between the forces of darkness and light began to move.

…… Eh? Isn’t Rinne and the rest of them on that side now?

What are those boys up to now……

Author’s Notes:

And so concludes this book.

Next time, it’ll be a small story about the power of the darkness.


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