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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 134: Volume 7 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 7, Chapter 15: In the North, Part 4, Part 2


Appreciating their luck with their risky entrance, the three demons who fell into the dungeon split up and begin their exploration.

The first, Tina looks down coldly at Futa, who’s still coughing from the dust, and blankly speaks:

“Are you an insect?”

“That’s wrong!”

Futa gives a reflexive retort, as Tina tilts her head, her expression unreadable.


Futa considers Tina as he looks at her.

After being summoned into the world kidnapping-style, the four of them had been saved by the [Saint], who kept them from being thrown out due to their insufficient abilities.

Although they have different backgrounds, the four people feel indebted to Yurushia, who helped them in this stressful world.

Protecting the four of them from the threats of this strange world, saving their lives, teaching them how to fight…

Although he wished she would go a little easier on them…

While Yurushia is younger than him, she’s more mature due to being a noble, even more than Mizuki or Touka, although her breaks in composure are amusing.

Also, Yurushia’s appearance is top-notch, and though he tends to forget the others due to wowing over her, looking again, Tina also has a flawless face.

So long as a person is alive, some faults would happen to their face.

Eyebags from lack of sleep, too much sleep causing swelling. Even just the habit of chewing on the right or left side while eating makes changes with enough time.

Within families, even the members who aren’t related by blood somehow tend to resemble each-other due to the common points of their lifestyle causing small changes. Conversely, when raised in a different environment, even twins can look quite different.

However, the Saint’s face was in no way marred.

Futa, who was familiar with 3-D CG things, didn’t think there was anything wrong with having nothing wrong with their faces, treating it like a beautiful girl who was doll-like.

Even though she was still junior high aged, looking at her he couldn’t help but blush.

He thinks Mizuki has a similar but smaller effect, with the young single knights in the castle looking at her and the other girls with blushes all around.

Nea, with her mature appearance is especially popular, and Fanny always gives the loveliest smiles.

Tina seems to be the most beautiful among the servants, but Futa thought that it fell off due to the coldness of her facial expressions.

Futa has a habit of looking at things calmly, which makes people other than Daichi think that he’s a cold person, so he had very few friends.

As such, he couldn’t help but think: if Tina would just relax a little, and undo her villainous hair rolls, and had something more than a wash board for a chest…

“Is something wrong?”


Feeling like his thoughts are being read, Futa quickly breaks eye contact.

Incidentally, this brings him to brazenly look at Tina’s chest.

“So, let’s get on with exploring the dungeon. This unworthy servant, Tina, will accompany you. Are you ready, Futa-sama?”


Having learned long ago to never not be prepared, Futa draws his sword in a panic. From his prior experience, saying that you’re not ready just gets you dragged in anyways.

“Umm, will Tina be helping with the fight?”

“Yes, to some degree, depending on my mood.”


At her nodding response, Futa feels even more nervous.

Due to her taking them apart time and time again, Nea’s skills in battle is well known to him, but how strong is this gorgeous maid?

Having seen Tina dragging Daichi by his legs as she sprinted at tremendous speed, he knows that her physical abilities are far from normal, but he still feels anxious.

Whether she can fight or not, when something happens, he’s unsure of whether he could protect the younger girl as a man.

The only thing she’s wearing is her maid outfit, which doesn’t seem to have much defensive power, and she doesn’t seem to have any kind of weapons.

“Here we go!”


At Tina’s signal, despite his trembling form he moves forward.

Within the dungeon, the ceiling glows slightly, although it’s not as good as a lamp.

The floor, walls, and ceiling are all made of stone,

Hearing a *Zuruzuru* it sounded like something was being dragged towards Futa.

“It’s Woof-chan the zombie, see?”


Seeing her face with such an expression, Futa felt his strength leave him.

It was definitely a dog. However, it definitely wasn’t cute enough to be called Woof-chan.

Is this thing a variation of a hellhound or some off-shoot of Cerberus? Even as a joke, calling this rotting, 3-meter-long, two-headed dog cute is too much.

Futa looks at his first real fight, its eyes glowing maliciously, releasing a presence of the cold embrace of death inherent to undeath, and he can’t help but gulp.

“It doesn’t seem too fast, so why not aim to cut its legs?”

“G-got it.”

Futa gathered himself and stepped forwards while holding out his sword.



Letting out a bark, the zombie dog attacked.

Although it was slow due to its rotting muscles, due to its large body, the space between them was covered in a blink on an eye. Futa let out a small yelp.


In from of Futa, the dog’s fangs don’t reach him.

Without him moving, Tina seems to have grabbed him by the collar and moved him behind her, allowing him to dodge the zombie dog’s attack.

“Futa-sama, once again, from the beginning.”


After her quiet comment, Tina calmly and regally walked to the zombie dog, grabbing it by the neck and dragging it back to its initial position.



It seems that he wasn’t the only one stunned, the zombie dog, even with its great amounts of brain damage, seemed to be speechless as well.

“Retsu ripito!”


The zombie dog, having recovered from its stunned state, attacked Tina as she spoke again, this time in dubious English. However;


Contrary to expectations, Tina grabs the zombie dog by the neck again and helps (forces) it to sit down before coming back beside him.

“Okay, now, Futa-sama, let’s first start by targeting the legs.”



After repeating that process over and over again, Futa defeated a zombie for the first time in his life. At the same time, Futa felt sympathy from the bottom of his heart for the terrible existence of the zombie for the first time in his life.

Author’s Notes:

Tina has no common sense, but a strong work ethic.

Next up is the Nea and Daichi pair.


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