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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 132: Volume 7 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 7, Chapter 14: In the North, Part 3

“What kind of price are you charging for this quality? Although it’s a new product, the strength is lower than the last model, so make it cheaper!”

He really looks like Francois-san.

Also, looking at the racks of weapons, there are signs saying [New Product] or [Up to 15% more magical conductivity], or [Surprisingly Powerful Design] etc… have those other worlds leaked this contamination here?

The person yelling enough to cause the manager to sweat was a tall, muscular, well-groomed man. Ah, rather, a “Woman~.”

Surely as a noble, they have plenty of money, why are they being so cheap?

I guess it can’t be helped…

“If you let the strength of a weapon fall, perhaps your priorities are off.”

“Ara, Dearie, do I know you?”


I want to get a price cut as well, now.

…Hmm? Did I do something strange?

In a case where a manager is having trouble with a customer, it’s natural to join in, to have allies in getting a discount…

Hehehe, I truly am a Demon.

While here, I’m projecting my newly integrated “Yuzu” common sense, rather then Yurushia.

I feel like I’ve moved up as a Demon as a result.

Seeing what seemed to be a noble girl join into the price bartering, the broad shouldered person laughed, a wide smile on their face, while the clerk’s expression fell dramatically.

“H-however, this product is a breakthrough in the use of new alloys…”

“And yet, it’s twice as expensive as any other weapon of this strength, It’s too high. As such a valuable repeat customer, I demand you make it cheaper.”

“Maa maa~, hold for a moment. You wouldn’t want to spoil your beautiful face, no?


As I gently interrupted the tirade, my new comrade gave me a dazzling smile, stretching their stubbled cheeks. I return the smile in kind and restart the conversation with the manager.

“To what extent has the strength fallen? Please explain.”

“Well, this material is…”

Although the explanation took a long time, in short, it has better overall performance, but the strength dropped by a step due to the new material. It seems like the high price is due to the research expenses that went into the creation of the new material, rather than the material itself being expensive.

“I understand, but while it may be natural to include development costs in a new product, a sword with a lowered strength can’t be called a finished good. So, how about we use this other price instead?”

“… I see. It’s too expensive.”

“It can’t be helped for a new product to some extent, but with that performance, anything more is impossible.”

“… Understood.”

With the new price being discounted to the same as the previous model, I buy two swords and the large man buys one.

He seemed frustrated that he didn’t get it for even cheaper, but he seemed to like the new product so he didn’t raise a fuss.

The store manager seemed relieved that Francois-san’s annual visit went smoothly, it seems he was expecting a larger discount.

“He~ey, Manager-san.”

“…Wh-what is it?”

As I spoke up, the manager looked at me with a slightly intimidated expression.

“It will be okay; this day can still end on a good note. Would you like a special Magic Formula to increase the strength of this magical weapon?

“… HoHo.”

The store manager’s composure shifted to that of a cutthroat merchant in the blink of an eye.

The magic items in this world are not miniaturized or very complex since they rely on magic stones.

I have made my own formations, but in this case, I’m trying to sell Atra’s more common place permanent enchantments.

After an example was placed on a weapon and the strength increase was demonstrated, the negotiations with the manager closed at a sale total of 200 gold coins – about 20 million yen.

I also wanted a patent fee, but I might save that for the larger engagements.

“I’m back!”

““Welcome back, Yurushia-sama.””

After spending about half a day in negotiations, my two attendants graciously greeted me.

Behind them, the tired eyes of Daichi and Futa grow fearful, but I don’t mind.

I helped that person get a discount, and, on the store side of things, improved on their problem so everyone is happy.

In a sense, this kind of knowledge is a cheat too.

“Dearie, so your name is Yuru-chan?”

“Ah, thank you for your help in there.”

Suddenly moving straight to “Yuru” is… eh it’s fine.

The loud fellow who approached seemed to have been waiting for me here even though it had been half a day since they left the store.

“Well, I normally dislike pretty little girls, but I liked Yuru-chan’s way of handling that discount negotiation.”

“Maa, sorry about that, you resemble a certain ‘Princess’ friend of mine, so I may have joined in without asking.”

He’s just like that 3-meter-tall princess.

When I compared him to a ‘Princess,’ he put a hand over his mouth and made an [Ufu] laugh.

“Well, you may be young, but you certainly don’t speak wrong, are you perhaps the daughter of a merchant leader?”

“I’ll leave that to your imagination.”


“Ho ho ho”

As the two of us laughed together, the various guests around us seemed to be moving further and further away.

“I’ve truly fallen for you. Please call me Kan-chan, Yuru.”

“Are you from a noble family, Kan-chan?

“Fufufu… I’ll leave that to your imagination as well.”

For some reason Kan-chan seemed like a “Isekai Person.”

I think the only people in this world who would dye their hair and use such words at an age past 30 would be foreigners. That said, I don’t hold anything against that type.

“Oh how I wish all the children in this world were like Yuru.”

“Ara? Kan-chan, did something happen?”

“That’s not it, I need to deal with some mysterious little girl, or so I’ve been told.”

“That sounds troublesome. I also have to deal with some troublesome guy for my job.”

“Yuru shouldn’t be so serious, after all, young lady, are not your escort boys “Isekai People”?

Kan-chan turned to gaze lazily at Futa and Daichi, who puffed their chests out proudly.

“Isekai Children who can fight must be strong, I bet they were expensive to hire.”

“Ah, you’re correct.”

Aside from the chosen Heroes, they’re all expelled as useless, but it seems that they still have more job opportunities than normal people, because their souls are strong.

I personally think they should use them as knights after training them at the castle, but I guess it costs too much money to educate people who don’t have any training from scratch.

“Ufufufu, what if, instead, you hired them to me? I’ll cherish them dearly~”

As they speak, Kan-chan gives Daichi and Futa a wink with their centimeter-long eyelashes, and their knees buckle as they squirm away, shaking their heads.

“Anything can be experience, no?”

As I looked their way with a kind smile, they flew back several meters in an instant.

Hmm. It seems that the true outcome of the special training has finally come out. I’ll have to make sure they’re advanced to the next level in that case.

And thus, I met the true Dwarf of this country, the mysterious Isekai person, Kan-chan.

It seems like we’ll be good friends, we both value a partner and we’re both now thinking of how to use the other to help with our problems.

I thought this would be nothing but a chore, but it turned out to be a good bit of fun.

… Come to think of it, where is that Hero around here?

Author’s Notes:

Next time, two people receive training inside a dungeon.


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