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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 130: Volume 7 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 7, Chapter 13: In the North, Part 2, Part 1

“Is this the Dwarven Nation…?”

Well, it’s definitely a country with Dwarves in it. Looking from left to right all you can see are Dwarves.

It may be better to think of this nation as more of a grouping of several villages. It’s said that there are about 10,000 people here, so it’s just a little bigger than a village.

Apparently, this is a dungeon.

Now, you may ask that if everyone here knows about the existence of a dungeon, why do the surrounding human areas recognize the city dug out by dwarves.

The answer is, it’s horrible for PR. If I didn’t know what it was, I would think that it was something Dwarves would dig out normally.

Isn’t it illegal to occupy a dungeon? But maybe if they don’t want to kill off the dungeon keeper, it might not be too bad.

Even then…

“You’re seeing it.”

“Definitely seeing it.”

“We’re here~.”

Tina and Nea enthusiastically responded to my mutters.

The village set on the surface serves the role of a front door, so if you look around, there are humans to be seen.

Still, even here a group of girls dressed as maids and knights appearing without taking a carriage caused a ruckus as everyone stared at us.

“Anyway, don’t Dwarves look too similar to each other?”

The only difference to be seen was between Dwarven man and women.

The lady Dwarves, like Corona, are all “Lolis.” The children are just smaller in stature.

The elderly are only distinguished by the ‘old person’ atmosphere around them… but their appearance is about the same. Maybe if you look hard you can see wrinkles or something.

Maybe Corona is actually normal?

Even though the guild master looked about ten or twelve years old, I was sure that she was past 30, but now 50 wouldn’t be surprising.

Anyways, just as the women were all lolis, the men all seemed like old men.

The physique of beards was present, just like the “Dwarves” in a fantasy setting, but they didn’t at all look like the same species as the lolis.

“Maybe if they lost their beards they’d look younger.”

“Do you want to try and see?”

I tried not to think about the conversation I heard between Tina and Nea, but at their gaze, the male dwarves in the area swiftly backed away.

Although, this still didn’t reduce the number of looks we were getting.

I’m in my usual black silver-lined dress, which at the moment is sitting at a length just above my ankles, so maybe I look like I’m from a noble family?


“What is it?”

As a lone Dwarf girl (Loli) spoke to me, I gave her a smile so as not to intimidate her.

“Are you in need of a healer?”


Following her gaze, Daichi and Futa were laying on the ground motionless with their eyes rolled back, right where we had left them.


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