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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 129: Volume 7 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 7, Chapter 12: In the North, Part 1, Part 2



The person behind me just won’t stop.

Looking back for a moment, I see Tina holding onto Daichi’s legs as he loudly shouts out.

Yeah, he’s still fine. Though at the moment I wish he wasn’t quite as fine.

We’re currently headed towards Dwarf country in Gamble at the request of Guild Master Corona.

Since Gamble is a place that spans hundreds of miles in any direction, even a fast carriage moving at military speed means it would take more than a month to arrive. As a result, we decided to leg it. Didn’t we decide to take a carriage halfway there, you ask? Well, I got bored of that after one day of travel.

If this were the Holy Kingdom, I would have had the social pressure of being the Duke’s Daughter, but here, when Fanny demonstrated her monstrous mobility to report about 20 knights wearing Gamble uniforms blocking the road ahead, I knew just what to do.

I didn’t want to encounter another county other than Sail’s people, so I had one response when I noticed the leader of the group waving us down.

Nope, ignore him.

We ran past the blockade, leaving behind the knights who were just now mounting their horses.

Viva-la-Saint. I may have been called one in the Holy Kingdom, but here I can do anything, and people just say ‘Well, she’s a Saint.”

It would still be faster to fly, but since that showed off my bat wings we decided not to for the sake of our identities.

“Yurushia-sama, you seem to be rather happy.”

“Ah, really?”

Nea says as she runs beside me.

Ah… I wondered why I only heard Daichi’s voice from halfway through our run. Futa, who Nea is carrying has his eyes rolled up and is rather limp.

Why are you holding him like a rice bag? Well, it’s still better than Tina, who is running while grasping Daichi’s ankles.

We’re currently running at about 300 kilometers per hour, so if the speed was any less, Daichi would be dragging along the ground.

The fact that he hasn’t fainted at this point shows how much he’s been training. When Futa wakes up, we’ll have to give him more of the special training course.

The make-up of my followers has changed again, with Touka and Mizuki swapping out for Daichi and Futa.

When I said that we would be going to capture a dungeon in another country, they immediately asked to come. I suppose I understand the want of ‘adventure’ as a boy, but why do I feel like they wanted to skimp on my training plan?

Girls are to be loved and be beautiful. Boys are to be tough and strong. Because of these expectations from long ago, they had to work hard.

“Hey, you signed a contract with Corona, right? It looked like a proper contract this time.”

“Great, I want a taste”

“It won’t finish right away, girls.”

This is the reason for my happiness.

With Onzada-kun back then, it was a very ambiguous contact because he was an idiot, but I did it properly this time.

‘To solve the issue and prevent further intervention by the Hero.’ This is also vague, but we know exactly what to do to fulfill it.

When we complete the contract, we can collect the souls from both Corona and the Guild Master in Gamble.

Good gracious, it really was hard to get the agreement right for that.

Corona had to make a long-distance call to Gamble. While they don’t have anything like personal phones or cell phones, adventurers’ guilds had a communication array between branches.

“My Lord, Daichi has fainted, so we’re almost there.”


……Are you measuring time by how long it takes to faint?

Anyways, after about half a day’s run, we arrived at the edge of the Dwarven Lands.

Author’s Notes:

Next time! A dungeon capture!


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