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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 128: Volume 7 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 7, Chapter 12: In the North, Part 1, Part 1


“Golden Saint… who is that…?”

The seat of Luxury… The speaker sits in an exquisitely decorated, royal-class horse drawn carriage, slumping into herself with her eyebrows drawn down.

Even though she is over thirty, she hadn’t neglected daily care, so her skin is glossy and her long black hair falls to her chest in gentle waves.

“The latest news is that they are a person summoned in Sail to the east.”

“Ah, that’s right… the little girl.”

Responding to her was a beautiful young man who served her, her eyebrows relaxed as she remembered.

She didn’t forget at first. In a sense, she was the person who thought of those existences as the most annoying.

“Hero of the North” “Hero of Earth” … People would call her such.

She was a true hero who was summoned by the northern grand summon more than 15 years ago, who fought the forces of darkness, leading Gamble to victory.

Her power was specialized towards the [Earth System], with a strong defensive power used to prevent invasions and the ability to cause earthquakes which destroyed millions from the armies of darkness.

A while ago, the “Hero of Wind” had been gaining popularity, but by putting him down with a quick stab to the back, her position became unassailable.

A new Hero was summoned two years ago, but he’s just a Japanese Student after all, so it’s not like he could threaten the other heroes.

The other Heroes aren’t allies in the truest sense either.

Regarding the war that had raged for thousands of years, the heroes had long since given up victory.

In the war, although skirmishes occurred, with the current tactics used against each other, there will never be a battle where all troops from each side meet at once.

Still, without the [Heroes], the human side would have long been the loser.

Knowing that, the powers that be from the side of the light praise the Heroes, which is causing increasing numbers of heroes to be summoned.

In the past, the countries’ generals led armies to fight off the darkness, but that’s ancient history.

For modern heroes, the real enemy isn’t [The Power of Darkness], but the Hero who happens to work with a political enemy.

Still, the veteran heroes, the [Hero of Water], the [Hero of Fire], and the [Hero of Earth], had an [Agreement] of sorts, where none of us will eliminate the other.

While politically driven, it would still be troublesome to her is that “Fact” became publicly known.

However, the newly emerged [Golden Saint] was different.

The girl who had come from a world other than earth, that supposedly had used powerful sacred magic, to an extent which exceeded the Heroes even before being granted the secret power of Heroes.

If added to the coalition of the Hero of Water, the balance of power would shift in his favor.

Because of this fact, Sail announced the girl as a [Saint] as loudly as possible.

However, this announcement reminded the other countries of a possibility.

Even when they had summoned a hero, they would never announce it until they were firmly bound. In the past it’s been recorded that when a small country succeeded in summoning a hero, it was successfully robbed of them by one of the great countries.

The opportunity remains, even among the great powers. So, considering the time between the summoning and the announcement, the idea that the saint had no loyalty to begin with and Sail was using the announcement to pressure them began to form.

Gamble had though of this from all sides, although they planned to draw her in if possible, they could not do so directly.

“Well, it turns out that that little girl is headed towards the Dwarf City of Korokoto.”

“Yes, the Saint sent one of their followers north to look into the zombie incidents that had occurred in that vicinity, so perhaps that’s the relation.

“… How troublesome.”

The hero of earth swept back her long hair, scattering the scent of her perfume and leaving sighs in her wake.

If the saint is moving in regarding the zombie incident, she may be aware of the inciting dungeon.

This was a dungeon unknown to the other countries, and even in Gamble only the upper ranks knew of it. The Hero of Earth had found it a few years ago and had personally made a contract with the “Dungeon Master” to give full resource rights to the country of Gamble.

Dungeon Master is a collective term for those who settle and manage underground ruins or labyrinths in this continent.

Some of these people register with the state and properly pay taxes, but most of them are intelligent monsters or outlaws and aren’t likely to broker negotiations.

For that reason, there are some cases where adventurers attack a dungeon master who is properly registered by mistake, but in these cases, the adventurer is marked as a criminal.

“We’ll have to address this, then”

The hero of Earth takes out one of her many jeweled ornaments from her bosom and gives a look to the soldier.

It’s said to be a subsection of “Magic Stone” which came from one of the zombies knocked out, and the adventurer submitted it to the guild, the Hero using “Hero’s Priority” to forcibly buy it.

For now, the Hero of Earth will be heading for that dungeon, to show the “Finished goods” to the dungeon master to improve their research.

“Using your position as Chancellor, make contact with the Saint and take them here…”

“Wha!? Why should I bring in that girl and show her all this?”

To the Hero of Earth, the [Saint] annoys her more than anyone else.

This is because said saint is still a “Young Girl”

She had heard rumors of beautiful golden locks and eyes of dazzling beauty… perhaps it’s trye that beauty truly can be seen in children.

The Hero of Earth could not forgive those who others call more beautiful than herself.

Never mind that the “Hero of Fire” is also a woman, in her rightful opinion, she is clearly more beautiful than her, so there’s no problem.

Besides, the Hero of Earth had been turned down when she had begged to be called a “Saint” rather than a “Hero” when she first came to this world.

Sail had managed to give the lone title of [Saint] to that girl, although she is convinced that in truth she is but another [Hero] summoned into this world and the announcer was feeling off.

That can not be forgiven. Younger, more beautiful women can not be given pardon. She could not tolerate any who were praised more than herself.

“Because she won’t escape! You know exactly what will happen when she goes against me, right?”

“O-of course!”

The knights in her carriage – to be precise, her carefully selected Hero’s Party, which, by accident of course, contained only beautiful young boys and shotas, lowered their heads quickly.

“Fufufu, these cute little ones. Let’s have a good time.”


As the Hero of Earth gently reached out towards the still knights, in an instant the carriage shook before stopping in place.

“…It seems that we’ve arrived.”

“It seems so… That’s fine, we’ll have our fun tonight…”

The Hero of Earth has a sour look on her face before she exits the carriage, the door opening by itself, the earth trembling from her landing.

“Well, let’s go!”

“““Hai, Kanzo-sama!”””

The Hero of Earth – Kanzo.

She is 2 Meters tall, ridiculously muscular, with slight traces of five o’clock shadow on her cheeks colored a strange blue, she is 32 years-old, and she was born a Man with the heart of a Woman.



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