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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 126: Volume 7 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 7, Chapter 11: I Became an Adventurer, Part 3, Part 1

We were guided to the Guild Master’s room by an official looking middle aged man.

The room was on the top floor of the establishment, so we had to climb two flights of stairs, and it’s super quiet.

The reason for this is because Nea and Tina are walking right next to me and not hiding their presence at all.

The presence coming out of them has become proper ‘Killing Intent’ and now we can’t hear a peep from the lobby downstairs where all the adventurers are.

“You two, please refrain.”


Yeah, I’m not buying it.

In response to my muttered request, the aura has gone down, but the other two of our group are in a bad spot. My people are so short tempered… Touka and Mizuki seemed to be about to hyperventilate.

We Demons generally like to live on our own, but when we’re together our society is very similar to corporate life.

We’re like the directors of a black company, and the Greater Demons are like the standard office workers, even if they’re worked to the bone, they have to say: “It’s a great place to work!” on the homepage.

In fact, since me and my followers were brought up directly, I can even say that [Family] passes quickly beyond the direct subordinates.

Because of that, I’m not weird for not having much loyalty to anything. Although that’s a good thing normally, it means I can’t really relate to people, since I don’t understand human behavior, so, in retrospect, the kids seeing their city annihilated was probably pretty traumatizing.

I think it’s at least partly Rinne’s influence on me.

Still, we haven’t had much of a chance to study Kyoji’s… or, rather, [A Hero]’s battle strength, so we’re not doing much right now.

Maybe, just maybe, I think that if a Hero assembled a proper party, they would be comparable to an Arch Demon. If it were me or Rinne, we wouldn’t have any problems, but Yuuki-kun said that the hero isn’t fearsome just because of his strength.

“Here we are.”

Ah, it seems we’re here.

The man who guided us seems to have aged 10 years during our trip. I’m sorry.

“Guild Master, I brought you your guests.”

“Ah, thank you for the trouble.”

When we entered the room which the man opened for us, we heard a girls voice coming from the desk at the back of the 20 tatami sized room.


I let escape me as we walked to the desk. She looked like she was about my age with red hair and was shorter than even Mizuki… She has a lot of hair.

However, her attitude and presence shows that what’s in front of us isn’t quite normal.

Incidentally, I had heard something about this from Yuki-kun.

“Are you a Dwarf?”

“Oh, are there dwarves in your world?”

She quickly figured out that we’re from a [Foreign World].

No, that isn’t it. It feels too soon for her to just tell us she knows that information.

“She’s a bit strange, but I have a friend who’s a Dwarf.”

“Good to hear. In this world filled with people from strange worlds, it seems like there are only ever humans that come, Tell me more about my family from another world.”

“She’s 3 meters tall, the beautiful dwarf princess, Iwao.”

“… I don’t quite understand the words you’re saying.”

“Ah, can Dwarves not understand Human language?”

“H-hey, what are you saying?”

“Anyways, how long are we going to stand here?”

“Ah, sorry, please sit down over there…”

She guided us to the sofa looking a bit off-kilter.

Thank goodness. It didn’t come to do this banter.

The dwarves in this world are stout and short and have manly beards. The females are rarely born and are called Lolis. Their lifespans are longer than humans, and so while she looks like a ‘little girl’, her age is much higher.

Is that normal? All my knowledge is useless, because Atra’s Dwarves are completely different from here. They’re less of a race and more of a biological weapon.

As we sat on the sofa, she sat in front of s and began to speak again.

“You know, earlier,”

“We never introduced ourselves, yes? Mizuki, Touka, don’t just stand there, take a seat.”



Since Nea and Tina were standing at my sides behind me, I called those two over to let them sit on the sofa with me.

After seeing this, the woman understood that I was the negotiator on this side and regained her calm before starting my direction.

“I am the Guild Master of the Sail Country Adventurer’s Guild, Clara Corona.”

“Since my full name and titles are so long, you can just call me Yurushia, these two are…”

“T-touka here”

“Mizuki desu~”

The two said their names a little nervously after me.

“… and the two behind you?”

“My servants.”

“…I see”

She could tell that I didn’t intent to say anything else on the matter, so after a beat, Corona let out a tired sigh.

For a moment, our conversation was interrupted, as our escort brought in tea and sweets.

Sweets like those from Earth were served regularly in the King’s Castle, but Touka’s and Mizuki’s eyes practically sparkled when seeing the cream puffs and looked to me. I got the full brunt of box puppy eyes, and when I nodded, they reached to each grab a cream puff.

… How did I fall into the parental position?

“Indeed, just like the girls have said. This is a confection spread from the otherworlders, are Touka and Mizuki both Japanese?”


“That’s right…”

“Hey~ Corona. Is there a purpose for all this?”

Those two had been told not to draw much attention to themselves being foreigners, so I’ll try to grab back Corona’s attention.

“…You seem to be in a rush, Yurushia. Can you not afford to relax a moment?”

“If you don’t have any business, may we go home?”

“Oh? But you weren’t going home before, you came to this guild, did you not?”

Corona give a wide smile while staring me in the eyes.

That alone proves that this is no ordinary woman. It’s sad to say, but I haven’t been looked in the eyes without fear for a long time.

Weapons were hung all around the room, but none of the two-handed weapons seemed possible to lift by a normal woman her size, yet all of them show signs of recent use. Both of the axes within reach of Corona also seemed to radiate magic power, Corona definitely wasn’t just an administrator, but a skilled adventurer as well.

The problem is, what side is Corona on.


“Sightseeing, huh”

Actually, since we did go out for sightseeing, it isn’t a lie.

Hearing the response from the middle-aged escort, who introduced himself as Tom Yamada, he seemed skeptical, and Corona’s eyes slim.

It’s best to draw a line here to start, it’s small, but every advantage counts in negotiations. If the other person is the one asking for the favor, it can be responded to with conditions.

I wanted to know more information, but I don’t want to have to do troublesome things to get it.

I don’t want to solve your problems in countries thousands of kilometers away.

Seeing how serious I am, Corona gives a light shrug.

“My bad, my bad, I called you here, but I really wanted to see if Yurushia was truly a [Saint].”

“And your impression?”

She definitely seems to be with ‘somebody’.

“There definitely is courage. It’s hard to tell whether you’re a Saint, I wonder if it will be declared in the other countries.”

“It’s not like I’m the one who claimed it.”

“You’re an interesting one… but…”

The atmosphere of Corona’s laughter abruptly changed.

“What I want to know is the extent of your true ability, [Saint-Sama].”


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