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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 125: Volume 7 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 7, Chapter 10: I Became an Adventurer, Part 2

[3rd Person PoV]

There are people in [Tess] that are called Adventurers, as well as an adventuring guild which supports them.

This guild… you could say that the [Adventurer] job and guild were all the result of people summoned from a different world.

Its history is surprisingly shallow.

However, although it’s called the adventurer’s guild, only a part of it is for the actual adventurers, most of it is basically a [General Store].

It really is true that there are no free things for newcomers that don’t do anything.

There are no rules about entering a request, but there are some points to remember.

For example, even if an ordinary person wants to set up a request for something, they wouldn’t know what adventurer to ask. If you’re a farmer that wants to get rid of rats from your field, if you just ask adventurers are around to complete it, you wouldn’t have enough money no matter how much you have.

Thus, the adventurer’s guild ranks tasks and adventurers to manage who will accept a request and made a system where adventurers can accept personal requests.

There are four ranks of adventurers:

[Bronze] is the lowest rank of adventurer, mostly these are people that are new or not dedicated to work who are lazy about taking jobs.

[Silver] is a fine, middle of the road adventurer, which makes up most of the ranks of professional adventurers. These are the type that will be called out to fight Orcs and other monsters.

[Gold] is restricted to skilled veterans or highly talented people.

It’s said that this rank can only be nominated by others, and only 12 people can be registered as such in any one country at a time.

There’s also the highest rank of [God], but that’s a title only given to Hero-class people, so it has nothing to do with general adventurers.

Anyways, there is an adventuring guild in this capital of Sail.

To become an adventurer here, you need to spend a small silver coin for the registration fee, which is about $10, as well as an annual membership fee of the same amount, regardless of rank. However, since there are so many Bronze ranked people, the building seems to show how profitable it’s been as it’s truly splendid looking.

When entering, one could see individual tellers, like you’d see in a bank, were you could see adventurers taking requests early in the morning, since they become sparse in the afternoon.

In most cases for Bronze adventurers, they will pick up their task in the morning and turn it in in the evening of that same day.

People who are more selective of the requests they take, people of Silver rank or better, will generally come and wait in the guild for new requests to be posted.

For those who do that, it’s common for a café to be set up on the first floor, although it doesn’t sell any alcohol.

If there are multiple hubs in the area, there are cases where it also serves as a tavern, but in most cases, they don’t want the image of the adventurers to be hurt and to make it easier for the general public to come in.

There are cases where civilians come to give a request, so the typical scene of adventurers bullying a kid like the stories is hardly ever seen.

You’d almost expect a confrontation, like the stereotype.

There are people who treat their work as an adventurer like a part-time job, so the image that adventurers put out is similar to handymen, but since they deal in such rough matters, there are still some people with tempers.

However, since this is the capital of the country, gentlemanly adventurers are the norm, there are very few of the rough folks, although the adventurer guilds off in the east are a bit different.

“S-someone’s coming …”

“What are you so tense over?”

“Yeah, calm down”

“I see…but”

A few of the adventurers had a conversation like that on the first floor.

They was an adventurer who had just reached the rank of Silver who was waiting for someone to enter the guild.

However, from their expression and appearance, it seemed like a sort of hazing for the newly upgraded adventurer.

In the guild here in the eastern countries, a certain culture has been spread around by the foreigners.

There is a tradition of “Showing new adventurers the harshness of the world.” Basically, the silver adventurers would talk down to the newcomers.

Of course, there are also strong newcomers, so there are cases of blowback, but it’s the job of the other adventurers to support each other.

This tradition is known by the merchants and others who work with the guild and is used as a test of newcomers’ resolve.

Apparently, the adventurer in charge of this today seemed to be a good person and was nervous about intimidating a young person who he didn’t know.

Since there were other adventurers in the building watching them, their own hesitation was making them even more nervous, and the atmosphere in the room was becoming tense.



The adventurers in the guild all turned to face the sound of the door chime.

Although the door was used often, no new adventurers were expected to come in yet.

The adventurers had been awaiting their entertainment, so the total number sitting around was higher than usual today.

Then, the time had come.

Two black haired girls came in.

Both of them seemed to be in their early teens, but not from this world… to be exact, one looked like a small Asian girl and the other a little older.


The adventurer responsible for today’s entertainment was relieved to see those two but depressed all the same.

Even though there were ridiculous rookies every now and them, especially among adventurers, these girls didn’t look like the type. However, the adventurer was still a young man, and because they were cute, he was hesitant to go forward.

Just as a seasoned adventurer near them was about to get up and take the reins from the poor fellow, the situation changed.

Two other girls appeared from behind the two, who both looked less Asian, although in a strange way.

One was a girl wearing maid clothes with a dignified atmosphere around her and a cold expression.

The other wore a cloak, but there seemed to be a plate dress underneath them.

Both of them were young, but were so beautiful as to be surprising, and they could imagine that it was an aristocrat or some other noble that they served, given the quality of their tailor-made clothes.

However, this is a bit of an issue.

Although Nobility would occasionally ask for tasks, in that case there is no need to send strangers who would be involved in the hazing by the adventurers.

Even if they were newcomers, it seemed a bit sad to let the adventurer hurt their relationship with the nobility, but right as several adventurers began to leave their seats, the situation changed once more.


All of the people in the room gasped in awe.

The girl who followed them was… dressed like a common merchant’s daughter, but the atmosphere around her said that she was anything but.

Shining gold hair. Even wearing her cap over her eyes, not a man or woman could help their gaze from looking at her, the earlier atmosphere blown away as all of the adventurers attempting to speak out simply fell into their seats.

[Yuru PoV]

Entering the adventurer’s guild, I thought that I would get involved in the template, I was prepared to be lightly intimidated, but nobody got involved. After all, that only happens in stories.

What is this, though…? Even though nobody will meet my eyes, everybody keeps glancing in my direction.

OK, then.

Anyway, I head for one of the receptionists.

The reason I came here officially was for sightseeing, but I’d also like to register as an adventurer.

My status was guaranteed by the country of Sail, but since my status is as [Saint] it’d be troublesome to deal with that in another country.

Even if we try to act in secret, I think it’s possible that Sail will see if I register here immediately and see anything that the Guild would call classified.

“Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild.”


The receptionist girl looks like she’s about to cry since I chose her counter.

Why would she do that…?

“I want to register as an adventurer, also are you OK?”


Hold on, what’s with that response.

Did I let out my killing intent by accident? I’m pretty shy, so maybe I’m getting nervous since it’s my first time here.

As I look at the next counter over, I see the other receptionist suddenly freeze with a reddening face, mouth gaping, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be deflected there too.

While thinking about what to do, a male staff member came up behind me and carefully leaned over to speak.

“I’m sorry, will you please come with me out of here?”

“Why is that?”

Maybe it’s because I’m delaying business with my aura, I had to ask.

I definitely didn’t just want to talk to him since he’s a silver fox.

“Yes… our Guild Master seems to want to talk to you.”


Suddenly the Guild Master?

…This better not be confusing.

Author’s Notes:

Next time, the Guild Master


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