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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 124: Volume 7 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 3, Chapter 9: I Became an Adventurer, Part 1, Part 2

“This is the royal quarter…… isn’t it?”

Mizuki misunderstood as she got off the carriage in an unlively place, seeing the town of a different world for the first time as she was.

Well, from her speech alone, she sounds like a bumpkin.

The streets were lined with white buildings in the Mediterranean style.

Since it was close to the sea too, it really gave off that impression.

There were plenty of pale-skinned people walking about, but here and there were a few with darker skin tones and a few yellow-skinned ones.

Still, there was a slight sense of incongruity thanks to the colors of their hair and eyes, but this was a different world, after all.

We also got looks from the residents, who glanced and stared at the five girls.

Mostly the guys.

Rather worried about the gazes, Touka spoke up.

“…… Hey, Yuru-chan…Our outfits aren’t strange, right?”

And also, for some reason, I’m being called [Yuru] again here.

Am I going to end up becoming laid back again here? … Putting those thoughts out of my mind, I lightly smiled at Touka who was worrying about her clothes.

“Isn’t it alright? They’re looking because Touka is so cute.”

“Even if Yuru-chan says that……”

She certainly has the right figure, though I think the rest of us may be scary for those who aren’t used to seeing the external appearances of us [Demons].

Touka and Mizuki are rather cute.

Somewhat rounded faces, but since the rest of the residents were of mixed heritage with the otherworlders they had a somewhat delicate appearance.

Mizuki was older than I was and she’s a little taller and gave off the impression of a small animal, but her sense of style was pretty good, and I knew that the knights’ gazes were moving up and down every time she moved her body while training.

Touka was a little more intimidating, but her overall figure was great, so she had a certain beautiful atmosphere about her. I don’t know how far the culture of earth has penetrated, but someone in the castle saw her and muttered “Tsundere get!”

Although, right now, Touka was looking like a little kid in beginning adventurer’s clothes. Anyways, since we were dressed in the castle, it feels like we’re a bunch of rich kids going into the city.

Like usual, I look like a wealthy heiress, complete with a wide hat to hide my face.

“…If we’re able, would you guys like to change clothes?”

“Eh… then I couldn’t wear my sword.”

Nea is wearing her escort knight dress. Even though I say knight, she’s not wearing armor, but it still seems utilitarian.

Two servants with me make me uneasy, unsurprisingly.

Although Nea would follow common sense to an extent whenever she was separated from me, when close by, it suddenly disappears. It’s mostly harmless, but she’s the first to move.

On top of that, Tina is well known for overlooking things. If I don’t say something every time we pass by thugs eying us and I don’t notice, a few seconds later they’re always dead.

It may have been wrong to bring these two along for the trip.

The knights from the castle said they would escort us, but maybe it would have been better if we had politely refused. It would be better if there were less witnesses whenever we do something…

As such, I was forced to put up with this atmosphere, with everyone trying to win over Nea.

The knights are all training around us, since they know that Nea is (Due to Clumsiness) a damsel.

“Heey~ Yuru-chan, Touka-chan, what is that street food? It smells so good!”

“Oh, what a nice smell… is that grilled meat?”

Mizuki said with her light voice while looking to the stalls.

Things that wouldn’t normally interest you always seem more appetizing when you go sightseeing.

I’m a Demon, though, so I don’t feel drawn to the fried fatty food.

“Let’s both get some, so that we can share.”


“But… I wonder how I should talk to them…”

“It’s okay, you can bring someone from the castle to help translate, you know?”

Obviously, Japanese isn’t the native language of this world. We automatically translate everything since as demons we can use the [Spirit Language], but in in addition to that, we were acquiring [Language Skills] since we came to this world.

Unlike the Spirit Language, this is a skill that lets us use the native languages of this world like we are fluent. At first, I was speaking in Japanese, but as I listened to Bianca, it seems that switching to the native language just happened.

This skill is more convenient than I thought… However, it’s impossible to bring it to Atra.

“Let’s buy some.”

Given her nature, it’s surprisingly Challenger Mizuki who take up the bat.

“We might as well… What does Yuru-chan’s group want?”

“We’re fine, enjoy yourselves.”

I say to Touka with a smile that doesn’t quite fit, before they nervously moved away from me and went over to the stall to grab their attention.

A few minutes later…

“Here, Yuru-chan, we got you some”

“Yeah, I told them it was my first time eating this, so they gave us a discount!”

The two held out their meat skewers with excited smiles.

“Yeah, we both did good!”

Why am I, the youngest, in a guardian’s position…

Everything is an experience, but those two really are Challengers, huh.

… No way, I think Touka didn’t see the words “Orc Meat” written on the side of the stand, unless the taste of humanoids is a new middle school girl diet?

Is Orc meat low in fat? It’s been minced and wrapped around a wooden stick, though. We waited for them to finish eating before we moved on to our destination.

Today, our goal is the adventurer’s guild.

… I wonder if this is Karma?

Author’s Notes:

Next time will be the church and the guild.


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