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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 119: Volume 7 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 3, Chapter 5: The Brilliant Daily Life of a Saint, Part 2

That year, the great power Sail in the east announced that it had successfully summoned a [Saint].

Not much information about the Saint had been disclosed, but from the information that seemed to have been intentionally leaked from the officials, the Saint was not summoned from [Terra], but had been summoned from a different world for the first time in hundreds of years; a person with strong magic.

The reason why it had been deliberately leaked was because Sail wanted to keep the information about the Saint from the other countries as a whole, only wanting to give information that would be beneficial to them without getting questioned by the other countries.

A few decades ago, [Information Sharing Magic] had been developed by one of the otherworlders and was somewhat similar to a simplified version of the modern internet. This careful leak limited information about the [Saint] had been instantly spread through human society.

Summoning from another world…… Moreover, summoning that many people at once, Sail was showing to have a slight advantage over the other three countries, and if it was capable, then their influence would also increase.

Every country had begun to search for information on the magic of the [Foreign World Atra] from which she had come.

As the spies of the various countries had gathered at Sail’s borders, contacting within and those who were in charge, from the little information that they were able to glean, they knew that she was going to be called the [Golden Saint].

As for the saint, she was studying the various nations on this continent and the magic of this world at the library in the castle. Among these things, she was most interested in [Heroes], and was looking for information about them, especially the special magic that they wielded. However, the hero of water had instructed them not to disclose anything to her yet, and those in the castle with this information were being kept away from the [Saint].

“Yurushia-sama, it seems that they’re trying to keep the information hidden.”

“Ah, as expected?”

Several weeks have passed since I’ve come to this different world, [Tess].

Somehow the higher-ups in the castle don’t approach us at all, and since I can’t get permission to leave this area of the castle, to accomplish my goal I had no choice but to investigate the library.

So, with the butler Demon Noa leading them, my followers were searching the library.

The only exception being my escort Nea, who was drilling the four others in simple ‘human’ magic. The magic of this world is similar to that of Atra’s, but it’s also somewhat different, so it’ll be good to go and visit some of the magic teachers here. …… Well, it’s not suited for that girl to investigate things, though.

Me, well, since I’m not going, I’m just here drinking tea. The same is true for Rinne too, who’s stuck at the table. It’s hard to read books with paws.

Arranging several books in front of us, Noa began to explain.

“As Yurushia-sama sensed, the four major powers on this continent are about the size of the Holy Kingdom. Unlike Atra, though, there are about 30 smaller states which have lesser territories or so?”

“Are there any elf or dwarf countries?”

“There are in some of the countries, but it seems that in the region called the Great Forest in the far west there are a number of small villages of various demi-human races, including Elves and Dwarves”


In Atra there were only human beings, elves, dwarves, beasts, and demons, but it seems that here, there are more ‘races’.

And…… I yielded to temptation and examined the unique proper pronunciation of [Elf] in [Tess], it turns out to be [Sukashi (watermark)]. …… Why does you sound like Japanese, you bastard? Some transmigrator who had come through from Japan must have been involved in the name.

“Mistress, in this era, it seems that each of the four great nations have one hero each.”

So said Tina, as she brought a platter of sweets from somewhere, arranging them on the table. By the way, the sweets were various types of small cakes, and looking at all of them, they seem to all be recipes that the ‘otherworlders’ had taught them to make.

People who’d come from Earth seem to live unexpectedly comfortable lives…… I don’t know, but it seems a bit different.

So, what this means is that it’s basically the end result of the [Knowledge Cheat] for people coming to this otherworld [Tess].

It seems that a lot of adults who were not heroes but had knowledge had been summoned, and their knowledge cheats had been used all the time.

Papermaking and modern agriculture. Industrial tools and products. Food, cakes, pizza, pudding, and mayonnaise had already been done, so the knowledge of high schoolers who had been recently summoned was worth nothing in this harsh environment.

It seems that both guns and bombs that were intricately engineered could not be made with their level of industry, but there were similar things, and magic was faster.

The people living in this otherworld weren’t stupid, and they’d developed magic instead, and had thought things over themselves.

Oops, I’d digressed again.

“Anything in regard to Yuuki-kun’s information?”

“Yes. However, he seemed to only have been called as a new Hero just two years ago as a successor.”

“If that’s the case, then we can exclude him for now.”


As I said so, Tina and Noa lowered their heads.

Since it might end up being a battle, I needed more information, but what I absolutely needed was information about the other three “Heroes from another world”.

However, there was almost no such information. Even in Sail, where Kyoji was, there was no information about him, were they trying to intentionally keep it from my eyes?

“Yurushia-sama, I got a little of it~”

This time, it was Fannie who was bringing me sandwiches as snacks.

…… A snack right after cakes?

“Why is it all coming with food?”

“Well, While I was walking about the castle the maids gave this to me.”

“Ah, that’s what happened to me too.”


Were we being favored by unknown people?

“So, what did you get?”

“Un, the power of darkness seems to be not much different from Atra’s demons. It seems that dark elves exist. Ah, that’s right, there also seems to be a “dragon” here.”


It’s great. Atra was fantasy-like but there weren’t any Dragons. …… in exchange, there were elephants and hippopotamuses attacking travelers.

In short, this world, [Tess], is a world of fantasy that anyone can easily imagine.

But, the knowledge gains have almost come to an end.

“Also, there’s information about the northern Gamble country.”


“There was a massive zombie incident, Gamble took the brunt of it and now it’s headed south.”


What? Did you get lied to?

“Hey, Rinne. Is there any relation between the “earth attribute” and zombies?”

[…… Do you think it might have something to do with the hero of earth?]

Rinne, who was busy swallowing bagels sandwiched souls, raised his face to look at me.

“Something, well, you see… I got the impression that zombies sprouted out of the ground…”

[Hmm…… if you created a large amount of them together, it might be easier to do so if you had the earth attribute.]

“…… only to that degree?”

Would it not be possible to link it as the weakness of the hero of earth? I wanted to traumatize them like what happened to Yuuki-kun when he was killed if I can……

“But, I’m a little worried.”

[Why don’t you go check it out if it bothers you?]

“I want to do so, but if I do, this country will be annoying……”

Although the fault is mine, once I’d announced my status as the [Saint], it’s become surprisingly difficult to make a move.

“Rinne, could you go?”

[I want to go there as a dark power. I’m interested in seeing dark elves for the first time.]

“Like tasting them……?”

[The texture is also important.]

It’s the appetite after all, huh. Well, it seems that even after eating the demon of another dimension he’s not recovered yet.

“Yes yes, Yurushia-sama, I want to go out.”

“I will take care of Mistress and stay by her side.”

As Fannie raised her hand asking for permission, Tina wanted to stay next to me.

“Well then, Tina will stay here…… then about Nea? Is everyone else going out to check it out?”

As I suggested, everyone else nodded lightly, and it seems that everyone else can go freely from the castle.


“Geas says that he’ll follow Rinne-sama.”

Fannie was interpreting Geas’ words as usual. To be following Rinne, do you have something between you fellow Demon beasts?

“What about Onzada-kun?”


“Staying here, then.”

It seems that they have differing personalities, and Onzada-kun chose to stay. Well, Onzada-kun made a [Pact] to protect me.

And so, we chose to split up like this and investigate each country.

Rinne and Geas were headed towards the forces of darkness, while Noa was going south to explore, and Fannie was going in search of the zombie incident that was heading from the north.

…… I wonder. I have this uneasy feeling. I wonder if it’ll be okay to leave these children be this time.

The Demons decided to head out after properly obtaining permission from Sail.

Although there were four of them with Yurushia, from the perspective of Sail, as it was only the butler and maid going out to see the country, they couldn’t deny them.

Still, a number of knights from Sail were deployed and were supposed to watch them under the name of escorting them, but the moment the pair left the kingdom they lost sight of them, that was when they realized the power of the followers of the [Saint].

Remaining in Sail was Yurushia, Tina, Nea…… and Onzada.

[(trod trod)]

With a gait like an infant in an old Saturday evening cartoon, the 50cm long stuffed toy rabbit was walking about the castle lightly.

Although Onzada’s memory as a human was ambiguous, he properly guarded Yurushia and moved of his own will.

Although he’d become a Demon, since his soul wasn’t dyed black like Geas’, his behavior was close to a human’s.

The young accompanying maids that were watching this rabbit walking about were wriggling. Mizuki, who was on her way back from the toilet, was also twitching together with them, and couldn’t endure it, tailing Onzada.

Although the sight of a little girl walking and tailing after a rabbit was a pleasant sight, she was clearly stalking it.

“A, uhm, Mr. Rabbit?”


Looking back to face the voice, Mizuki was looking at the rabbit (note: actually, a middle-aged man) with glittering eyes as it tilted its head, and Onzada, seeing that she wasn’t moving, moved off again, and Mizuki hurriedly called out to it again.

“W-wait, I’m sorry.”


When Onzada stopped and nodded, Mizuki who was running over hugged him to her (surprisingly big) chest.

“Uhm…… where are you going?”

“(Hyogo hiyo)”

As if answering Mizuki’s question, Onzada pointed out the direction of his travel with his rounded hands.

“Over there…? Is that the cafeteria?”


In that direction was the soldiers’ and knights’ dining hall that Mizuki also used.

When Onzada started to walk, Mizuki, thinking that the rabbit was going to get “snacks” for its master, walked right behind it.


She really wanted to hold him, but Mizuki endured it since she had been carefully instructed by Touka not to touch the rabbit without permission.

It was crowded with people in the dining hall during meals, but surprisingly enough, it was empty at other times.

However, today only a few hundred of them could eat at any one time in the dining hall, and several soldiers were eating with tired faces after their duty shifts, and noticing the walking soft toy that came in, they were all staring with shocked faces.

Onzada didn’t pay them any heed and headed towards the kitchen, and feeling the stares, Mizuki nodded and followed after it.

“Oh, you’re here again.”

From the kitchen, a good-looking middle-aged woman called out to Onzada as she saw it.

“You, little one…… you’re one of the ones from another world, right? What’s the matter?”

“N-nothing, it’s just Mr. Rabbit…”

“Ah, this little one comes by often. Hold on a moment.”

The woman called out to Onzada and retreated to the back of the kitchen.

Mizuki looked at the kitchen counter above, and there, there was a long-lasting sweet that she took by her own convenience, handing one to Onzada.

“Will you take this to your mistress?”


Onzada showed off a troubled look after taking it from Mizuki,

“Oi, you, you’re one of the people that came with the Saint!”

The soldiers surrounded Mizuki and Onzada before they noticed.

“That’s true, but…”

“You guys are coming here all the times for meals, you’re causing a lot of problems you know”

The soldiers were in charge of cracking down on people who were trying to find information about the [Saint], and even so, because the saint’s followers had just left the country under the pretext of ‘investigation’, there was an upsurge of spies, and their time to eat and rest had been cut down.

Although she understood their irritation, Mizuki was just a bystander caught in the middle, from the view of the soldiery though, she looked like one of the Saint’s companions.

“Oh, what’s wrong?”


As the lady returned from the kitchen, she called out to them, and the soldiers fell silent at her matronly attitude.

“What are you guys doing…… Here, I’ve brought it.”

As the lady handed over the bottle, the soldiers’ face grew strained.

“Is that liquor?”

“It’s liquor in the daytime.”

“Hey, you, this is…”

“You stay out of it.”

Thinking that Mizuki was trying to drink in the day, the soldier shouted at the woman who froze, and reached out for the shoulders of the small Mizuki.


Mizuki inadvertently closed her eyes at the soldier’s anguished expression and exhausted spirits.



The hand of the soldier was caught in the small hand of the soft toy that sat on Mizuki’s shoulder.



When Onzada twisted his hand, as if the laws of physics themselves had been twisted, the soldier’s body twisted around his head, dancing and tossing in the air, even as Mizuki felt no extra weight from holding him.

“…o, OI!?”

“What the!?”

The soldier’s friends raised their voices with an incomprehensible look rather than anger.

[(hyoi hyoi)]

“Eh…… ah, here.”

Onzada took the bottle of wine from the lady who had a look of blank surprise, and opening it dexterously, began to drink and swallow with a gobble.

As Mizuki and the rest of the soldiers were stunned at the sight, Onzada took the bottle that was about 70% full still and handed it to the soldier who he had tossed.


While being puzzled…… the soldier who was in a state of confusion took up the liquor bottle despite still being on duty.




And again, receiving the bottle of liquor, the rabbit poured the liquor into its mouth and enjoyed itself with a very middle-aged gesture.


After that, the soldiers and Onzada began a drinking party on the floor, and even after being found out by the captain and reproached, their faces were surprisingly cheerful.

On this occasion, Onzada came to be accepted by a portion of the soldiers, and was from then on called: [Rabbit Boss].

Author’s Notes:

Next time, the actions of the demons away from Yuru.


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