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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 117: Volume 7 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 7, Chapter 3: I Became a Saint Again, Part 3, Part 2

We finally reached our meeting place after heading through a considerably long white passage. I was a little tired.

When the knights opened the door, I saw the figure of the king sitting on the throne in the back of the great hall.

“Ooh, are these the heroes at last?”

The King of Sail had solidly-built physique, and looked at us from his seat, and spoke far too loudly.

The castle’s size felt somewhat similar to that of the Holy Kingdom (Tariterudo)? It was a similar castle, but the people surrounding the king who looked rather minister-like were rather extravagant-looking.

“You insects, in front of His Majesty the King, you dare not kneel?”

An old man next to the king who was wearing the most pompous armor out of everyone stood up, and the four of them started to kneel, but I stopped them with a gesture.

“Oh? Why, though?”

“You bastard!”

Why is that…… I feel he’s got the same smell as that knight that got beaten up just a while ago. When I saw that knight’s face turn green, I wondered if he would be calling for reinforcements. ……Aah, now that I look at it, their faces look similar too.

“Good, good, unlike the usual visitors from [Terra], it seems we have a princess from another world. Indeed, you’re very young yet beautiful……”

The King of Sail stopped the old knight as he looked at me, a broad grin on his face.

Aah, I see. It was rare for there to be nobles. A person who only based impressions on the reputation, and not on the age or sex.

“This is the first time we’ve met, King Sail. I am Yurushia Ra Von Verusenia. I am the granddaughter of the King, but since I’m actually the daughter of a Duke, it’s a little embarrassing to be called [Princess].”

“I hear that you’re also in line to succeed the throne, too. Although we conducted the summoning to save our world, I would like to hear the story of your world. I welcome you as a guest to our castle.”

“What about me…?”

“Nn? Your aides will also be treated similarly.”

“Then, what about them?”

When I turned to look at them, everyone present turned their eyes towards the original protagonist characters who were summoned to this place, and they trembled under the combined gazes of everyone.

“……Oh? These were the people summoned from Terra, huh. In that case, then, I welcome you all if there are any of you who have the capacity to be a [Hero].”

King Sail spoke haughtily, waving his hand as he finished speaking, and several civil-official-like people were approaching the four.

“Geas, Onzada-kun.”

[Gau] […(Kokun)]

This time, I told my attendants to remain spectators as much as possible. The two of them, who were soft toys, jumped out at that moment and blocked the way of the civil officials.

“Princess Yurushia…… what do you mean by this?”

King Sail’s smile disappeared from his face. What do I mean?

“You were still in the midst of telling me, no? So, what are you going to do if they don’t have this capacity?”

“That’s not something for Princess to worry about. Take them away.”

At King Sail’s words, one of the civil officials grabbed the arms of Touka.

“Wait a minute, it hurts-”

“Oi, what are you trying to do?”

“Resist a little.”

I knew that ‘people from another world’ that had just come to this world had little power. In order for them to take away the girls, the soldiers aimed their weapons at the boys who tried to get in their way.

“You bastard! Come here at once. That’s His Majesty’s order…*guho*”

Onzada-kun struck the civil official mid sentence and knocked him flying. No, I told him to only match his ability to their power.


As someone muttered out, the surroundings that had gone quiet suddenly burst out in an uproar.

“What are you doing, you bastard!”

“Knights, arrest them!”

“Come quietly and do not resist!”

I had a feeling that more than half of the country was like this.

But I guess it can’t be helped now that things have come to this. Neither these people nor King Sail were problems, the only person who could do something would be the [Hero] Kyoji.

“Acid Cloud”

Without a pre-cast aria, something like a fog cloud struck the four of them who had been summoned, but not me.

Kyoji suddenly cast such an incredible spell so maliciously.

“[Let there be Light]”

I too instantly deployed the holy magic [Greater Protection] and guarded the four of them who were huddled together in fear from their first battle.





The knights who approached us writhed on the floor as their skin burned.

That magic…… as expected, it was [Acid Cloud], huh. It was an advanced-level water magic that could corrode metal, but it exerted outrageous power against biological creatures. Still, taking aim at those who were weaker in an attempt to involve them, doesn’t that say a lot about King Sail?

“…[Healing Hand of Water]…”

But what Kyoji cast next was an advanced-level recovery magic.

The skins of the knights who were suffering healed bit by bit. Well, I don’t think they’ll die from that.

“Everyone, have you calmed down?”

As soon as Kyoji released his battle state, he spoke out as if nothing had happened.

“Kyoji! What are you doing!”

King Sail is truly angry. Well, now, let’s see what kind of excuses he’ll be making for this.

“King Sail, it’s unwise to fight here. I’m sorry that I had to step in and be slightly rough while arbitrating.”

“……h-, humph.”

As Kyoji bowed awfully obediently, the king looked taken aback.

But mediation, huh…… I think they would have died if I hadn’t protected them, but Kyoji seemed to have placed greater emphasis on knowing ‘which side’ I was on compared to the children’s lives.

“I knew that Princess Yurushia would protect them. I know how helpless one feels after being summoned from another world.”

Kyoji had a slightly lonesome look on his face, and the whole atmosphere of the place began to change as if it was natural to keep listening to Kyoji’s story.

“How about doing it this way, then. Princess Yurushia seems concerned with those four, so why not leave entrust their care to her? Princess has a wonderful power and seems rather familiar with the knowledge of other worlds. That knowledge can help this country.”


This guy, is he trying to use the four of them as ‘deadweights’ on me?

I won’t go so far as to let myself be fettered by them, but I think that I’ll change my interactions with them depending on whether I would protect them. I won’t protect my enemies, so he must have had the confidence that he beat me with his poor knowledge. And if I protected them, he would use them to bend my will.

Was that his ‘quality’ as a person? Besides, I wasn’t summoned by chance – and it seems that he knew that I knew of other worlds when I came here.

…… Well, I understand what the circumstances are, so I calmed down, and didn’t ask them anything at all.

“Is that so…… Certainly that’s some good luck. As expected of Kyoji.”

The King seemed to have something he wanted to stay that he held himself out on, but he still supported Kyoji. Was he trusted because he was a hero, or was it out of fear?

Perhaps, because he’s a [Hero], it’s about preserving the honor of the nation?

The bloodthirsty air eased up, and this suited Kyoji perfectly.

The ministers and civil officials too followed up and praised Kyoji. …… such safe people.

“…[Let there be the light of healing]…”

As I spoke, a soft golden light glowed out.




They were on guard. They were surprised. In the midst of the dumbfounded, I spread out my [Brilliant Wings] like an angel on the spot and healed the knights and soldiers who were unable to stand.



The knights muttered under their breath as everyone’s gaze went from Kyoji to me.

I smiled quietly as the scattered golden light began to fade and the light became feathers that fluttered like snow.

Author’s Notes:

Next time, what does Yuru learn about the circumstances of the world?


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