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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 115: Volume 7 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 7, Chapter 2: I became a Saint Again, Part 2, Part 2

It’s bad to show all these ugly scenes to good children, so I cast some holy magic. It seems that holy magic activates properly even in this world……

As the soft and gentle light expanded, the bustling knights stopped running around and their jaws dropped with a *pokan* as they were stunned into silence despite their caution.

The magic I used this time has high entertainment value, the [Elixir] that combines both high-level healing and high-level regeneration.

As the light faded, the knight’s limbs were set properly, his missing teeth returned. He checked his own body, and then his eyes went as wide as saucers looking at me.

As I put down the black cat that I was holding (Rinne), with a [Tadaa~h] motion, I slowly walked forward, holding the hem of my black and silver dress up above my feet, and bowed gracefully.

“Nice to meet you, Princess Bianca. I came from a different world, [Atra], from the Holy Kingdom of Tariterudo, the granddaughter of the 22nd generation King, King Verusenia, the daughter of the Verusenia ducal house of the same name, 6th in line for the throne of Tariterudo, Yurushia Ra Von Verusenia.”

When I received my title as the [Saint of the Holy Kingdom], I also received a succession right to the throne and a [Von] (TL note: German; like the title) as a member of the royal family. Formally, it should have come into effect when I turned 13, but when I was travelling in other countries, Grandfather (His Majesty) permitted me to use it up to my discretion.

Well, when I became a daughter-in-law it would become effective too, but should I use it……? I thought so, so let’s put it to use this time.

But why am I the sixth in line……? Well, Father is fourth in line. And my older sisters…… Well, they’ve got many issues, okay.

But now, I used my ‘Name’, which was rather significant, even though I didn’t plan to.

Princess Bianca too had a ‘Fond’ as princess, like in Tariterudo, but the manner of kings and nobles was far too similar to ‘Earth’.

Perhaps, it’s due to the influence of ‘otherworlders’ who have flowed over, and if it was the case that both worlds were being affected this would not be a problem, but if only the knowledge of Earth was being spread, I feel that it’s somewhat artificial.

In my mind this was a good idea, but I also wanted to confirm the degree of infiltration by expressing my ‘position’.

“……eh, ah…”

As I suddenly expressed my gratitude as a noble, Bianca took a while to reboot.

“……Excuse me. I am the second princess of the Sail Country, Bianca Von Do Sail…”

“Eeh, I have already heard you before, Bianca-sama. I’m sorry for having you introduce yourself twice.”

“Is t-that so…”

As I gave her a faint smile, Bianca looked like she had forgotten that she had introduced herself already, but after a moment’s frustration she lifted up her eyebrows and stared at me.

“……Another world’s …… ‘Princess’…?”

That was the mutter coming from the knight that was still sitting on the floor.

If they were to misunderstand here, then it would get noisy again when it hit everyone.

Are you still confused?

“Oh, you are most welcome.”

What would it be like to be holding the royal family of another country in such a place? …… As she made a troubled face and tilted her head in thought, a knight that seemed well-informed went to her, whispering something in her ear.

“…… T-that’s right. Yurushia…-sama, please, follow me. My father…… I will seek an audience with His Majesty the King of the Sail Country.”

As Bianca said so, she didn’t apologize at all or explain anything that happened here regarding the summoning, but turned away after saying her piece.

It’s good enough for me, but……

“Please wait a moment. What is going to happen to them?”

As I spoke, I pointed at the four of them who had been summoned from Earth.


At my words, Bianca who had completely forgotten in her fluster accidentally let a noise slip. Well, more than half of this is my fault.

The four of them cowered as they caught my gaze, but they had a look of relief that they weren’t about to be ignored in this unfamiliar kingdom.

I also don’t intend to just neglect them.

Anyway, I think the only four people that I could believe in in this castle were these four.

Even if it wasn’t everyone, this country is dubious. There’s that particular sweet smell that’s peculiar to aristocratic corruption.

An audience with the king…… I think I’ll enjoy it for a while.

This country, it will slowly be ‘eroded’, no?

“Yaa, pretty Princess-san, are these the people who were summoned this time?”

A person called out to us from the large door that was still open.

Wearing dark blue tailored clothes, was a tall man dressed partially in an iridescent armor, with black hair and brown eyes that were close to black and a yellowish skin, completely unlike anyone else in this world, but remarkably close to the four of them who had been summoned.

Maybe……… is it Japanese?

He looks to be about 30 to me. One of the knights next to him approached and quietly listened to him, and then he nodded slightly, walking towards me.

……Hey, this person……

“Forgive my manners, Princess of another world. I am Kidou Kyoji. ……Please, call me Kyoji.”

…… Who the heck are you?

Author’s Notes:

Do you remember how many pieces of bread you’ve ever eaten?

Next time, meeting with a king that’s a little more than usual.


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