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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 114: Volume 7 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 7, Chapter 2: I became a Saint Again, Part 2, Part 1

“How long are you going to ignore me!?”

I cut off my flashback seeing as someone was making noise nearby.

Indeed, it was the Princess of this country who was calling out…… uhh…… Bianca-chan, was it? But anyway, the flashback was almost over. …… She might be surprisingly cute?

“W-why, are you smiling while looking at me like that”

She got frightened when I looked at her gently with a warm smile on my face. How impudent.

“Oi, you peasant, answer Her Highness’ words!”

Among the knights that were escorting Bianca, a man wearing an important-looking armor came out and rudely cut in, shouting loudly.

I wonder if the blood rushed to his head? I’m alright, though, I’m not scared of strangers in another world, and given that I look like a lady who has her own escort knights and followers, I wonder if he’ll suddenly try to pull a sword on me?

Even if he is a knight, he’s really no different from an ordinary person to us. Although I’ll see this to the end, it’s no fun to be hostile from the start even if you are just being vigilant.

However, the moment I notice that sword getting pointed at me, my followers, who are currently watching passively by my side, will disintegrate him in an instant.

Well, what should I do now……

As I thought as much, *swoosh*, someone stepped forward to protect me, stepping in front of the knight.


…… It’s Onzada (rabbit)-kun.

The knight stared with their eyes wide at the rabbit soft toy that was about half a meter tall that popped out.

In this atmosphere, where everyone had been stunned into silence, only one person, one of the summoned little girls, was looking on with shining eyes.

“W-what the heck is this joke item! Some sort of autonomous magic tool, you suspicious magician!”

The knight that returned to his senses faster than I thought turned towards me in alarm, but he still turned his sword at Onzada-kun with a somewhat stupid face.

Heeh…… So there are “autonomous magic tools”. Was it some sort of golem that incorporated a Lesser Spirit? Or did they develop things like artificial intelligence.

Nevertheless, against the knight that was pointing a sword at him, Onzada-kun took up a position like a kenpo fighter, and tried to motion with his fingers…… but he’s a stuffed toy, so he couldn’t bend his hands for this, as he tried to provoke the knight.

“……This guy!”

The knight fell for it beautifully and his face went red.

The other knights with him all had troubled faces, but I don’t think that’s because I’m smiling, but rather, as knights with pride, they couldn’t tell if their leader was being mocked or if she was angry.

If it was the latter case, then if these one-track-minded people had high statuses as knights, then this country was a small one……


As the knight approached Onzada-kun, he swung his sword about in a casual manner.

Hmm…… Although it seems that his brain is made of muscle, it seems that his sword is pretty good, and so are his swings. Was it a magic sword that had been enchanted? It was of a poorer quality than the swords that I gave to my escort knights.

Putting aside if it was powerful, his sword was surprisingly fast.

The moment its straight tip came into contact with Onzada-kun, Onzada-kun put his hands on the core of the sword and gently turned it aside.



Before the sword had even struck the stone floor, Onzada-kun’s hands had struck out at the knight’s face.


Onzada-kun leapt up onto the knight who had been staggered back and knocked flying and began to rapidly hit the face of the knight who hadn’t yet come to terms with what had happened.

“*GUHO*!? Wait, *GUHA*, this… *KAAH* O- “

In front of this somewhat heart-warming sight, Bianca and the knights were mostly stunned, while several of the knights were grinning, some wore severe grimaces……

“*guhiii* Stop, *kuho*… Y-yo… *gaa*… *higu*, *guooo*, *goho*… o”

*bash bash bash bash bash bash bash bash bash bash bash bash……*

Because it sounded like that, there wasn’t quite the feeling of urgency, but as the blood splattered and his teeth broke, covered in blood, the faces of those observing gradually paled and cramped up.

The four people summoned by Bianca, who had no resistance to this gory scene whatsoever, looked like they were about to vomit.

“Onzada-kun, come back.”

When the knights finally recovered from their daze to reality, and pulled out their swords, I stopped Onzada-kun and recalled him.

I think he was probably going easy on them because the other party was a human, but if Onzada-kun, who held the power of a Greater Demon, continued to beat him up, it would start getting awkward soon.



As Onzada-kun returned, Geas seemed to be saying something to him by going “Gaugau”, but I couldn’t exactly tell what he was saying.

In such an atmosphere, that child named Mizuki that had looked like she was going to vomit a little while ago was making a wonderful set of *kirakira* eyes at the rabbit and bear’s conversation.

…… though Onzada-kun still returned blood-stained.

“Someone get a healer!”

“Hurry up, or he won’t make it!”

The knights began to raise a ruckus and the older ones gave instructions to the junior knights. While a few of the knights were rushing about hurriedly, our side that was next to them was rather calm, and it was excellent that they didn’t panic despite their rush.

Ah…… could it be? Is this proud knight hated?

And that knight, whose face had been so beaten up that he couldn’t be recognized, was on the floor, his limbs thrashing about, twisted in strange directions.


“…[Let there be light!]…”


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