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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 111: Volume 7 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 7, Chapter 0: Hero Summoning, Part 2

The girl before them was wearing a black and silver dress that sparkled like a starry sky as she moved.

Long hair, like shining golden threads shone upon her head.

It was as if a God had took all of the negative traits from the cold beauty of a doll, but the four Japanese children, rather than being impressed be her beauty, felt fear.

It brought home that they were truly in a [Different World].

The beauty filled the space with her presence and all of them felt like they had been dropped into ice cold water, their hearts stopping.

However, before the spirits of the four were taken past their limit…

*Fu…* The golden eyed girl smiled gently at them and they were released from their spell.

When the black cat the beautiful girl was holding let out a meow, the children finally felt able to breathe, and Mizuki fell down as if she had locked her knees for too long.

The golden girl gently held out her hands.

“Welcome [Heroes from Another World]. It’s good to meet you.

With these words, the reality of the situation was confirmed, Futa knew for sure that they were Isekai’d as he looked at the girl before them.

Daichi was still stunned, and Mizuki was unlikely to be useful as she was staring at the realistic eyes on the stuffed animals and black cat.

“… So this is really a different w-world?”

At Touka’s words, the girl gives a slow nod.

“You are correct. You have been summoned as “Heroes” from another world-”


Futa interrupted the girl’s speech.

“Why did you summon us? Are you a ‘Princess’ or something?”

He didn’t know whether they were simply asking them or whether they planned to treat them like slaves, but if they kept going without considering the other party, he wouldn’t take it lying down.

However, even with how rude he was, the little girl smiled a little, while the servant’s faces were stone blank.

“U-umm, well, I have been called that before.”

The girl seemed to be shy based on her expression… taking in that image, Futa shook his head to dispel his distraction before looking at the girl again.

“Futa-kun… that girl’s voice… it’s just like that one I heard back then.”

“…as I thought.”

Futa nods to Mizuki, who had whispered to him, before speaking to the golden girl once more.

“How do you think anyone in our position would feel about this? This is a kidnapping.”

It’s going well, this line of thought is working, Futa thought to himself.

For the time being, they would listen to her story, but it was his job to make sure that they made it through this negotiation without crossing any lines. While he thought he failed on his first impression, it seems like she wasn’t as judgmental as was possible.

Futa was thinking about how to get the best conditions from this situation, but the words from the golden girl were rather unexpected.

“Actually, the summoning can’t force anyone to come that doesn’t agree, you know?”


A dumbfounded sound comes from his mouth at the unexpected development.

“If it’s a mindless creature, you can force it to obey with magical power, if it’s animal-like, you can force it to a certain extent, but you can’t summon an intelligent thing like a human without the other’s consent.”

“… Buut, we were summoned without our permission!”

“The consent from the summoned party is not limited to [words], it can be taken from their psychology and past behavior. If you see the magic circle and step in while recognizing it as such, then it is considered consent.”

“Don’t treat us like idiots! We never did that!”

“So… you never wanted to go to another world?”

“Of course, we want to be in the real world… and that’s that…”

Touka had raised her voice, glancing at Daichi.

I see, so “I don’t want to study today” or “I don’t want to take an exam” or “I want to go to a dream world without worrying about everything” … you’ve never thought things like that?”

“…Th-that is-“

To think there was a rule like that, Touka disapproved.

“Such a… such a dumb… saying that we’re responsible! If you never did the ‘Summoning’ none of this would have happened!”

Still trying to protect his friends through negotiations, Futa’s head fell, the anger filled eyes he looked at her with seemed to cause the little girl to smile deeper.

“You should be careful what you wish for… with something like a summoning to a different world. Once you move forward, it will come for you regardless. You really should accept it and move on. That’s how ‘adults’ work.

“Bullshit! This is your fault…”

“Oh? You would put the responsibility on me?”

The girl looked excited, and the followers to either side of them were smiling like demons.


Feeling the anger that suffused her words, it felt like the earth and sky itself was closing in on them, keeping their eyes looking at her.

The smiles of the residents of this new world kept steady, not changing a bit, even as the anger spiraled around them.

Just when the thread of tension seemed about to snap…


The large door in the room began to open with a sound, and light began streaming in.

“I am the second princess of the Seiru Kingdom, Bianka von do Seiru. It’s a pleasure to meet you, [Heroes from Another World] “

What appeared in the doorway was a light blonde haired girl of about 16 years of age with a knight be her side, who claimed herself as the ‘princess’ of this country.

Now knowing that this person seems to be the ones who had summoned them, the four Japanese children blink in surprise.

Naturally, Bianca was surprised by the atmosphere of the place, as well as the amount of people, which was much more than they planned. Not to mention the rounded eyes on the aristocratic looking girl which was different form all of the heroes that had been summoned up till now.

The four Japanese people seemed to be looking alternately between the little girl and Bianca’s stunned face, before Bianca and them said the same words at the same time.

“““““… Wait, who the heck are you…!?”””””


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