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Demon King – Chapter 173: Heavenly Conquest – 4 Bahasa Indonesia

Heavenly Conquest – 4

A pale blue light chased away the white light and filled the heavens. Subsequently, there was a loud sound like a building collapsing.


Most of the angels fell to the ground in distress. I wondered if it was because of the damage directly inflicted on the core of this world. Two silvery beings floated in the air before me, not giving me time to consider it any further.

[You who summons disaster upon yourself.]

[It would have been nice if it waited for us.]

The blackmine was effective, but that heavy hit couldn’t be enjoyed in earnest. Two archangels, Michael and Raphael, now stood before me. Well, three if you count Gabriel in my weapon.

“Wait? For death? I hated that, so I came here.”


I felt the heavenly will begin to move, locking onto me. It felt like I was a prisoner. From the underground, it was impossible to eradicate the heavens. If you came directly to Heaven, your strength would be reduced. It was a garbage level found in the last mission of a game.

“Fate, what will you do? Aren’t they Lucifer’s brothers?”

“Here, they’re stronger than Lucifer.”

“Then aren’t we doomed?!”

“We’re much stronger than before, so show some confidence.”

“Fate?!” I wasn’t paying attention to them.

[Wake up, warriors. Evil has arrived before us.]

[Take up your sword now. This is the reason you have been empowered.]

“Remove them, and mankind can rise.”

“It’s the Demon King…!” Michael and Raphael summoned their legions forward. Among them were the humans saved (or so they thought) by Heaven.

“Devil. I will kill you and save Earth.” It felt a bit ironic to see the humans approaching me, several of them being famous people I recognized from the old world. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“It was funny when I found out you were rescuing humans to make an army, but when I see the results…”

[They are different beings from you, who have dirty blood running through you.]

“Hoh.” The stronger of the two angels responded coldly to deny my existence, but it was just funny to listen to. I wondered if he was talking about the human race as a whole, or these chosen humans specifically, but now, I didn’t even care to ask.

“If you surrender, I will send you to Earth.” I declared to them. Rebellion and the demons were fighting the angels around us. Even so, my voice cut through the noise to reach the humans.

[You think they’ll fall to such shoddy means?]

“Do you mind? You wouldn’t want me to mess with your brainwashing, do you? Besides, I’ve had enough of killing humans.” I didn’t want to kill them anymore. It was undeniable they were in this situation because of me, who created the Battlefield.

[You are too weak, Baal. This is why the underground will perish!]

[They stand here of their own will, you filthy devil. It is impossible to trample on the noble will of man!]

The angels just laughed at me like that, and the humans treated my words as mere ramblings too.

“Even elementary school students wouldn’t fall for such a trick!”

“Only by killing you will bring peace!” I thought it would be possible to persuade them given my encounter with those self-proclaimed warriors, but was that just because they fell to Earth?

“Then, you have no intention of surrendering?”

“If you surrender your head, I will lay down my weapon!”

“Devil! If you have any guilt left, take your own life!”

[Your destiny has already been decided. It cannot be overturned!]

“Destiny.” How annoying. It was like they denied my efforts to create the Tower of Destiny, and everything else I had achieved.

“At first, I misjudged the heavens. But you have also misjudged me.” I let out a brief sigh as the angels and humans gradually closed in on me. What were these humans thinking? Did they view themselves as the main characters of a novel, special warriors chosen to confront the Demon King?

“Whoo.” I could tell that I couldn’t reverse what Heaven had done to them. I had no choice but to embrace all my sins and wrongdoings. I had to keep that in mind to protect what I cared for.

“If so, then die.” I exercised my power immediately. I imparted the power of Greed and Gluttony to my closest subordinates, doubling their power. Amimon was the fastest among them, roaring like a beast as he lifted an angel up into the air with a blow. It landed in the center of the warriors.


[Follow him!]

[Tread on them, kill them!]

[Let’s punish those who have rejected the great Demon King’s mercy!]

It was impeccable timing. The angels attacking the group fell away as they rushed forward like a runaway train. Raphael and Michael tried to stop them, but it was impossible against my soldiers who were strengthened by my powers.

“That’s mine! If you eat Michael, you’ll get stronger!”

[You idiot, that’s my prey!]

[King, what about these profane humans?]

One demon turned to me as the rest ran amok.

“Kill and devour any who are trying to harm what I’m trying to protect.”


The tide of battle was quickly changing. The warriors who had been training in this heavenly world were now becoming prey for the demons. The strongest among the humans was taken out by Cain, who was stomping about with abandon.

[This is…how…?]

[Ridiculous, these lowly demons!]

Michael and Raphael were overwhelmed by those they believed they could easily dominate. They didn’t understand the situation. They thought we came here to sacrifice ourselves. They thought we were afraid.

“There is one thing that you were firmly mistaken about.” It wasn’t just for the angels, but also for the demons under my command. I was afraid they were right. But it wasn’t of a legion of humans or an angel with absolute power. Now that I had devoured the black moon and claimed the title of Satan, the only thing I feared was the heavens themselves. But should I be afraid?

“I am here to devour only one thing.” As I finished speaking, Belphegor grabbed onto Michael’s neck with his chains.


Raphael turned to aid him right away. Amimon was too swift and placed his fist right into Michael’s chest as Raphael moved in to save him. Gremory and Lilith’s power suppressed him before he could reach out to him. The two angels were suppressed; it was a decisive attack, enough to make the heavens feel desperate.


[Such a monster…!]

“Monster? The same goes for you. I’m already a bit past that.” I smiled and shook my head at them. Already, many angels and humans were lying down on the ground. The demons had done their part.


“From the beginning, you weren’t my enemy.” Killing these angels was by no means our victory.

[Foolish life, we will return to the beginning.]

An overwhelming presence of pressure and weight found nowhere else in the world opened its eyes.


[This can’t be beaten.]

[Hold on!]

My main dish had appeared. What I had dreamed of from the moment I looked up to the sky from the underground. I felt a divine presence. I muttered quietly, trembling with the fear and joy it brought me.

“Thank you for this meal.”


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