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879 Eight Green Lotuses (2)

This outcome was an unbearable loss to both the Netherworld and Jiang Li.

Therefore, after dealing with Jiang Ziya, Jiang Li wanted to see if there was any way to salvage the situation.

“Ten seniors, you know far more about the Nine Nether than me. Help me.”

Jiang Li turned around and politely sought help from the Ten Kings of Hell beside him.

Their help previously had indeed greatly reduced the losses of Fengdu City and the human race.

Jiang Li did not intend to go back on his word. He decided to give them a chance to rebuild the Yama Hall and retain some autonomy in the Netherworld.

However, the right to decide on reincarnation and the 18 levels of hell, and the important Land of Reincarnation could not be given to them.

In ancient times, the ten halls of the Netherworld ruled the Netherworld. Fengdu City could only take the leftovers at the edge of the Netherworld.

However, the Heavenly Court was gone now, and so were the Sages!

Now that the Human Emperor was in charge, everything would naturally be reversed.

In the corner of the Netherworld, letting them rebuild a Yama Hall and occasionally help Fengdu City share some work was already their best treatment.

The Ten Kings of Hell had always been very sensible, so how could they dare to have any objections? They did not even ask Jiang Li for the ruins of the Ten Kings of Hell.

It was already very benevolent of the current Human Emperor to allow them to keep their immortal artifacts.

At this moment, Jiang Li asked them to help because he was actually giving them a chance.

If they did well, he might provide them with some help when they rebuild the Yama Halls.

Or perhaps, he could hand over one of the less important stations of the thirteen stations to them to manage.

Then, their lives would be much better in the future.

“Lord Human Emperor, don’t say that. We brothers can’t be called seniors. With your cultivation, you’re embarrassing us.”

“You’ve saved the world and are also everyone’s savior. It’s only right for us brothers to follow the Human Emperor and do something. We can’t repay your kindness.”

“Lord, you’re benevolent and concerned about the people, right? You want to rebuild Tragic Death City, right? Wait a moment and see our methods!”

The Ten Kings of Hell bowed. Their words were quite comfortable to hear.

They agreed to Jiang Li’s arrangements.

Then, ten heads fell off the body, turning into ten streaks of light that flew into the huge hole after Tragic Death City disappeared.

The battle between Jiang Ziya and the 20 Immortals almost broke through this barrier.

Just thinking about rebuilding it gave him a headache. Especially the special rules of Tragic Death City, Jiang Li did not know how to construct them.

It all depended on the ability of the Ten Kings of Hell.

The Ten Kings of Hell transformed into flying heads and continuously spun around in the huge hole after Tragic Death City disappeared.

Their fierce mouths kept opening and closing as if they were biting and swallowing something in the air.

A few hours later, they flew back to Jiang Li’s side. The ten heads spat out a ball of fluorescent light.

After the fluorescent lights fused together, they slowly transformed into a palm-sized transparent city model.

“Lord Human Emperor, this is the seed of Tragic Death City.”

“With our current ability, that’s all we can do.”

“After that, we need to build a new city and fuse with this seed. We also need to water the Netherworld merit and continuously put in the ghosts to slowly develop the city.”

Through the explanation of these ten people, Jiang Li more or less understood what was going on.

The seed of a city?

In other words, he could “dig a hole and bury some soil” to plant Tragic Death City again.

Although everything had to be started from the beginning, there was still hope.

Jiang Li looked at the mini transparent city in his hand and suddenly recalled that he seemed to have a city that had always been useless.

That was the Chang Le Palace in Zhaoge City below Fengdu City!

As the last capital city of the ancient Human Emperor’s lineage, it had been sealed underground in the past for safety’s sake and to protect its secrets.

However, now that he was already standing at the peak of the world, there was no need to continue hiding.

Jiang Li first returned to the continent of the Nine Provinces and flew to the Prosperous Ox Continent which was still heavily polluted in color.

He had planted this place in the past. Now, he was here to reap the fruits of his labor.

He released the Yin Burial Coffin and let it transform into an Armored Kun. It opened its mouth and an endless suction force enveloped down, stripping away the polluted soil and rocks on the surface of the Prosperous Ox Continent layer by layer and absorbing them.

What was revealed below was normal land.

It took a month to finally clean up the Asura pollution in the Prosperous Ox Continent.

He casually scattered all kinds of seeds on the entire continent and used the power of the Dragon Race to move the seawater to create a storm that swept through the entire continent.

After the rain stopped, specks of green had already sprouted in the bare Prosperous Ox Continent.

In another ten or twenty years, this place would be filled with birdsong, flowers, and green mountains.

At that time, the population of the humans in the Prosperous Ox Continent that he had raised in the coffin should have increased by at least three to four times.

After they moved back and reconstructed their home, the Prosperous Ox Continent could slowly get on track.

After returning to the Netherworld, the Yin Burial Coffin first spat out a large amount of soil and rocks it had just absorbed into the hole, filling it up.

Jiang Li used his great power to directly move out the huge underground palace below Fengdu City other than the five Human Emperor’s Halls.

He dragged the city that covered the sky with one hand and fused it with the seed of Tragic Death City before slowly placing it in the huge gap.

He threw in a blood jade brick and sent it to the seed. There was an endless stream of Netherworld merit and immortal spiritual qi.

In the blood jade brick, the ten million human souls sealed were all falsely revived. At the same time, they were bound by the rules of the city.

However, the strength of the current rule chains was far inferior to before.

If a few experts appeared inside, they might be able to break the chains and escape.

It took Jiang Li ten days to falsely resurrect all the souls. The energy and merit consumed was really quite a lot.

However, according to the Ten Kings of Hell, he no longer needed to invest so much strength and merit after this.

As long as those falsely resurrected dead people lived in this city, they could continuously produce some energy.

Then, they would rely on this energy to slowly strengthen and expand the city and convert new Tragic Death citizens into a virtuous cycle.

As time passed, it would become a city that even the Tragic Death Immortal Soul could not escape from.

Although this city would be slower at the beginning, after spending thousands of years, it could roughly recover some of its power.

However, Jiang Li had never liked to wait, especially for such a long time.

He did not lack spiritual qi and immortal qi to begin with, so the main reason why his speed slowed down was because of merit.

One Merit Green Lotus was too slow, so he would make a few more.

This time, Jiang Li stepped into the void alone.

He already grasped the thirteen Netherworld fragments and the last reincarnation core.

The Dragon Imprisoning Lock swung, and the Netherworld that wrapped around the Village Viewing Platform began to pull back.

The current Human Emperor, who had already become an immortal, was much stronger than before.

He gradually exerted strength and easily pulled the entire Netherworld towards Fengdu City.

What he needed to pay attention to now was not to use too much strength at once. He did not want to shatter this Netherworld fragment even more.

It only took Jiang Li seven days to pull back the first piece of the Netherworld and put them together.

However, the second piece took 16 days. The third piece took 28 days.

This was because the Netherworld fragments were randomly floating in the void. They were not connected in a straight line, but every piece of the Netherworld was very far away from the previous piece.

It would naturally take more and more time.

After piecing together the thirteen stations of the Netherworld, Jiang Li had already spent two years.

However, the Netherworld merit obtained from this already made him have eight green lotuses above his head!

Due to the merit obtained, the Dragon Imprisoning Lock had long advanced to become an immortal artifact.

As such, he was only missing the last Land of Reincarnation, which was the hardest and heaviest place.


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