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Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration – Chapter 878: 878 Eight Green Lotuses (1) Bahasa Indonesia

878 Eight Green Lotuses (1)

It was actually not especially difficult for the current Jiang Li and Fengdu City to find the black stone monuments hidden in the corners of the world.

First of all, the powerful cultivators leaders of the forces that covered the Nine Provinces had basically all died on the day the evil god appeared.

Even if Jiang Li saved them and made them become ghost cultivators, they would all be ghosts of Fengdu City in the future.

After losing them, the cultivation world of the Nine Provinces was like a pile of loose sand. They had long fought among themselves.

Wherever Jiang Li’s three million dragons went, all the large and small sects submitted.

The Human Emperor’s decree ruled the world. With a word, it could determine life and death and determine the world’s trends!

After he finally defeated the Evil God and saved everything, the Nine Provinces had already fallen into the hands of Fengdu City!

He had the ability to mobilize the cultivators of the Nine Provinces to search everywhere.

Of course, even so, with the vastness of the Nine Provinces, a carpet search was clearly not a wise choice.

However, there were still clues to find where the black stone monuments were.

As long as he could lock onto a rough range, even if he dug inch by inch, he could still find the stone monument.

The reincarnation of those ancient Immortals and Gods was the best guidance.

This was because they had relied on the fragment of the Divine Investiture Board to survive the Cultivationless Age and survive until today.

The first places they appeared were basically near those stone monuments.

For example, the stone monument in Jiang Li’s hand was found from Ba Xia’s tortoise shell.

As long as he found the place where the reincarnations of Immortals and Buddhas first appeared and searched carefully nearby, he could roughly obtain something.

He placed the stone monument in Ba Xia’s tortoise shell in Fengdu Ghost City and let them know what he was looking for.

According to past practice, his Vice City Lord would help him settle everything from now on. There was no need for him to worry.

At most, he would spend more time waiting for the results.

The current Human Emperor: I feel at ease when you do things.

However, his deputy was finally forced to give up on the endless work. This time, she was a little angry.

Qin Shuman: Young Master, are you polite?

The female ghost hugged Jiang Li’s ‘thick legs’ and did not let him leave.

Jiang Li was used to leaving everything to others, but his assistant was exhausted.

The poor female ghost could not even remember when she last played the illusion role of the entire city.

In the past, before Fengdu City was opened to the public, Jiang Li did not care about her. The free Qin Shuman brought along a city of ghosts almost every day to play with super realistic illusions.

However, ever since Jiang Li became stronger and had the ability to open Fengdu City to the public, the burden on her shoulders became heavier and heavier, and more and more things happened.

The good days were gone forever.

Now that they had finally dealt with the evil god that destroyed the world, could the female ghost not rest?

Qin Shuman expressed her strong dissatisfaction with the unfair treatment she had suffered and hoped that the current Human Emperor could compensate her.

Jiang Li could only blame the current Human Emperor for being too soft-hearted and helpless against her strong protest.

In the end, he could only take advantage of the few days when Shenshan Qiuhua returned to her family’s Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak to visit her.

He made up for it and slept with the Vice City Lord of Fengdu Ghost City for seven days and seven nights.

It was a little unbelievable.

Qin Shuman was the first woman to follow Jiang Li. Her appearance was also top-notch, cold, and beautiful.

Every time she met him, the clothes on her body would always be stuck. The quality of the ribbon on her waist was always poor, and the tied knot was very easy to loosen.

Especially when there were no outsiders around to listen to her report, Jiang Li would definitely encounter a meticulously arranged erotic script.

However, Jiang Li had never touched such a capable and capable female ghost.

In the beginning, perhaps because some of his statuses would burn the female ghost, he could not make a move.

In the end, it seemed that because they were too familiar with each other, it was not easy to do it.

As a result, it was finally what Qin Shuman wanted.

The Yin-Yang Stone disc slowly spun under the tightly connected human and ghost. Invisible Yin-Yang Taiji power enveloped their bodies.

As the current Human Emperor and a dignified Heaven Immortal, Jiang Li’s Yang Essence was not something that Qin Shuman could endure.

Under normal circumstances, if he directly injected Yang Essence into the other party’s body, he would probably burn the female ghost to death.

However, with the help of Jiang Li’s Great Ultimate Principle, this problem was perfectly resolved.

When Jiang Li’s Human Emperor’s Yang Essence poured into Qin Shuman’s body, it immediately rippled with boundless vitality.

The female ghost circulated her cultivation method with the help of Jiang Li’s Great Ultimate Principle, Yin-Yang Reversal, and the Nine Nether Dao Scripture.

Qin Shuman’s soul and body finally completely fused together again, emitting a brand new vitality.

From now on, he should no longer call her a female ghost.

This was because Qin Shuman had finally revived. She was a living person with flesh, blood, and warmth!

After spending seven days helping his Vice City Lord successfully revive, Jiang Li threw everything to Qin Shuman and left in satisfaction.

He led his people past the Back Yin Mountain and arrived at the place where Tragic Death City should have existed.

However, because of Jiang Ziya’s attack and the battle with the 20 immortals, this important Netherworld City was completely erased from the map.

In its city, billions of ghosts disappeared!


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