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Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration – Chapter 877: 877 Divine Investiture Board’s Fragment (2) Bahasa Indonesia

877 Divine Investiture Board’s Fragment (2)

The so-called Mortal Immortal was actually not a real immortal.

It was because he had cultivated to the limit of a mortal and could prepare to transcend mortality and become an immortal at any time.

In ancient times, Qi Cultivators could refine their essence into qi, refine qi into spirit, and refine spirit into the void. This was probably the peak of the Void Refinement realm.

It was roughly equivalent to the level of a top-notch Earth Immortal in the current cultivation world.

To the current Jiang Li, if not for the status bar, he would almost not have sensed the slight increase.

However, this power would have been top-notch in the continent of the Nine Provinces a few weeks or even a few days ago.

If a mortal was lucky enough to obtain these two Golden Immortal remains, they would really be able to ascend to the heavens in a single step! They would obtain power at the peak of the Nine Provinces!

Of course, whether such power could be used was another matter. However, this was already an exaggerated effect.

In all his years of wandering the Nine Provinces, Jiang Li had never seen a treasure that could allow people to ascend to the heavens in a single step.

What would happen if he obtained the remaining ten remains?

What huge power was contained inside?

One had to know that although Jiang Ziya, who had eleven remains, could not unleash his strength, the strength he possessed was actually not inferior to the current Jiang Li.

If he gathered all the remains… wouldn’t he have power several times stronger than his current strength?

Under the influence of the two remains, his soul could not help but feel greed and desire for the power of the twelve Golden Immortals.

That desire made him involuntarily stop. He still wanted to reach out and accept the remaining remains.

Fortunately, his mental will was firm.

In the next moment, he woke up and his soul was instantly retrieved.

The two wooden spikes in his palms were suddenly pulled out of Jiang Ziya’s head.

The Nine Nether roots that stretched out from above pulled and pulled, bringing out lumps of black brain matter.

After shaking off the brain matter, he sensed something else. He immediately kicked his feet and retreated quickly for a moment.

Jiang Li’s speed was very fast and his reaction was timely. Sure enough, with a few puffs, the remaining ten balls of light quickly darted out from Jiang Ziya’s eight eyes.

It also pushed out the last eyeball of Jiang Ziya, causing this evil god to lose all his vision.

“You actually chased after me!”

“It’s fine if you didn’t move, but now that you did, I won’t dare to touch you anymore.”

The Golden Immortal remains seemed to have a temper that liked the new and hated the old. They abandoned the completely crippled Jiang Ziya and chased after the current Human Emperor.

However, Jiang Li did not dare to accept the Jade Void inheritance that delivered itself to his door!

He stepped on the Nine Nether Immortal Steps and retreated repeatedly as the golden light chased relentlessly.

After retreating for more than ten thousand miles, he could not shake off these ten balls of light.

Even if Jiang Ziya had such speed previously, he would not have lost so quickly.

After repeatedly failing to dodge, Jiang Li could only throw out the Yin Burial Coffin and smash it towards the ten remains.

The Yin Burial Coffin, which had already passed the heavenly tribulation and successfully advanced to an immortal artifact, was naturally no longer comparable to before.

The ten remains were very smart. They turned around and were about to bypass the coffin to continue flying towards Jiang Li.

However, the coffin instantly transformed into an Armored Kun. It opened its mouth and erupted with an endless suction force, capturing the ten Golden Immortal remains that were chasing after him. It was already too late to turn around, and they were all sucked in.

The ten balls of golden light were still dishonest inside and wanted to come out.

However, after becoming an immortal artifact, the artifact space in the coffin was no longer ordinary.

It was like like one of the eighteen levels of hell, a small world with its own rules!

In there, everything was controlled by the current Human Emperor.

It was true that the ten Golden Immortal remains flew in one direction, but as long as Jiang Li was willing, a straight line could also be a circle.

They could never fly out.

Coupled with layers of imprisonment, the speed of the ten balls of light became slower and slower. Soon, they completely stopped and were sealed, unable to move.

Jiang Li could sense that the remains contained shocking strength.

If he had all twelve remains, the power he could unleash would probably surpass all his current cultivation.

Not to mention the chance to obtain a Sage Orthodoxy.

Obtaining this could allow him to maintain an extremely fast speed of improvement after becoming an immortal.

Although the treasure was good, if there was anything hidden inside, he would be an unlucky sucker.

Jiang Li clenched his fists and felt the boundless strength in his body. The greed that rose in his heart from time to time was quickly dispersed by his rationality.

He was already invincible now. It did not seem to matter if he obtained this power or not.

Moreover, there was no need to be anxious.

This remains could not escape from his hands. Stability was the priority.

On the other hand, the remains that had already run into his body had to be more carefully dealt with.

Jiang Li closed his eyes. With a thought, he mobilized the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame and Human Fire. The two powerful flames roasted the two Golden Immortal remains that had entered his body from both sides.

He had burned that tooth long ago, but for the sake of insurance, Jiang Li planned to burn it for another 49 days.

As for Jiang Ziya, it was useless to keep him alive. Jiang Li would deal with him today.

He summoned the Reincarnation Yin-Yang Grind again, and a black and white millstone the size of a house appeared before Jiang Li.

He raised the huge rock above and swung it, placing that damned Jiang Ziya in the middle.

As if sensing the power of this millstone, Jiang Ziya’s body began to tremble uncontrollably.

“Is there anything else you want to say?”


This time, Jiang Ziya really wanted to say his last words, but as soon as he said that, the Yin-Yang Millstone suddenly smashed down. Accompanied by the sound of flesh being crushed and flattened, the two huge rocks were seamless!

Then, the 18 Infinite Dao Ghosts pushed the stone mill.

The stone ink slowly turned. After a long time, some red and black smelly blood mush flowed out from the cracks of the stone mill and gathered together through the grinding trough before flowing into a wooden barrel below.

This bucket of blood mud could probably be called Jiang Ziya’s remains.

When the wooden barrel filled, he poured it into the round hole above the millstone again and continued to grind it from the beginning.

Jiang Li was only willing to stop when it completely disappeared.

Immortals were very difficult to kill.

As long as one became an immortal, even if their golden body was destroyed, their three souls were obliterated, and their seven souls were torn apart, they could still maintain a bit of their indestructible True Spirit.

As long as the True Spirit escaped, it would run back to its sect and report to seek revenge, waiting for an opportunity to revive.

Previously, Jiang Li had never had a good way to kill those reincarnations of Immortals and Buddhas.

It was because killing them would revive them elsewhere.

Jiang Ziya had just become an immortal a few days ago and had also become a member of the Tough Life Club.

Unfortunately, this Reincarnation Yin-Yang Grind could do it.

Even the will of the dignified Spiritual Root of Heaven and Earth was ground away.

How could a mere Jiang Ziya who had just become an immortal with the help of external forces withstand such treatment?

After repeated grinding, he did not leave any chance and died completely.

“Did you still want to say your last words? Dream on!”

“In addition, to the last Human Emperor, Senior Di Xin, I’ve already severed the bloodline of the Son of Heaven. Jiang Ziya has also died under my hands.”

“As your successor, I’ve taken revenge for you!”

After dealing with the matters here, he took out another mess.

He temporarily put the Golden Immortal remains aside.

On the contrary, when he used the Nine Nether Soul Search on Jiang Ziya’s soul earlier, the memory that he grabbed from the deepest depths of his soul surprised him.

“Those stone monuments are actually the shattered Divine Investiture Board!”

The Divine Investiture Board was obtained by the Dao Ancestor when he traveled the Primordial World.

Later on, he ordered the child beside him, Hao Tian, to establish the Heavenly Court and rule the three worlds on his behalf.

This Divine Investiture Board also became the foundation for the Jade Emperor to control the gods to maintain his rule.

That also became the reason why the bloodline of King Zhou was completely severed.

Jiang Li did not expect that the black stone monuments left behind by the Sages and the Heavenly Palace to avoid the Cultivationless Age and leave behind a chance of survival were actually built with the fragments of the Divine Investiture Board.

He did not have the ability and did not plan to rebuild the Flesh Jade Void Palace.

However, this Divine Investiture Board might also help him find the Heavenly Realm!


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