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Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough – Chapter 817: Traitor Among the Independent Sects Bahasa Indonesia

Deciding not to use the Random Teleportation Talisman, Xuan Hao carefully placed it inside his interspatial ring. Afraid that he would end up accidentally activating the talisman and end up getting send into a dangerous location on the Ewaria Continent.

“That was far more nerve wracking than I expected…” Letting out a sigh as he said this after safely having put away the teleportation talisman, Xuan Hao did not stay around for much longer before resuming his journey back towards the Star Shattering Sect.

The small city below was unfortunately not in the same peaceful state of mind that Xuan Hao currently found himself in. Instead, all of them were looking up towards the air where Xuan Hao had been standing just a moment ago filled with fear.

“J-just who was that terrifying expert that appeared above the city just now? Even the cardinal who has reached the Soul Ascension Realm is not that terrifying!” Even the Peak Eighth Stage Nascent Soul Realm Expert in control of the small city was no different, as he muttered quietly muttered this to himself while staring up at the empty spot in the sky where Xuan Hao was only a few seconds earlier.

The reason for all of this, was that when Xuan Ha had redeemed the system reward and allowed it to improve his physique, it had unknowingly caused the inherent aura of the physique to leak out in the surroundings. Terrifying everyone in the city below him who suddenly felt petrified and unable to move when faced with the terrifying aura belonging to Xuan Hao’s special physique.

“I-I have to inform one of the Archbishops, no, the Cardinal, about this!” Feeling that something big was about to happen in the Sky Empire due to the terrifying existence that had suddenly appeared above his small city for a short moment, the Peak Eighth Stage Nascent Soul Realm Expert did not dare hide this as he quickly left the small city. Leaving in the direction of the capital city as quickly as possible.

Even if it would be hard for him to meet with someone like a Cardinal given his strength, he still understood that if he did not try, he would end up dead when the Cardinal ended up finding out in the future and learnt that he had not come to inform him!

Of course, all of this happening was unknown to Xuan Hao, as he had not discovered the fact that the aura belonging to his special physique had leaked out when he redeemed the reward from the system. Having been far too focused on the sudden increase in strength and comprehension he had experienced after the improvement had finished.

A few days after Xuan Hao had unknowingly caused an uproar in one of the small cities under one of the three religions, Xu Bao and the group of elders and disciples from the other independent sects came to a stop in a small opening.

“I think some of the major sects are chasing after us, looking for an opportunity to strike the moment we split up to return to our own sects.”

“Senior Xu… Are you sure about this? If the major sects really followed us all the way out here, it will be quite hard for us to deal with them if they don’t first show themselves.”

“Yes… Unfortunately, the chances for us being followed is rather high from the few signs I could pick up, I think the best way for us to deal with is for me and Elder Scarlet Flame to stay behind and delay them for some time while the rest returns to their sects. Even if it gets dangerous, it should still be rather easy for both me and Elder Scarlet Flame to escape from them if we want to.” Nodding his head as he said this, Xu Bao looked towards Elder Scarlet Flame to see his response.

“I understand, I will be more than happy to stay behind and buy them a bit of time…” Understanding that this would be the only way that the disciples and the elders from the weaker independent sects that had only reached the Nascent Soul Realm to get back to their sects safely, Elder Scarlet Flame didn’t hesitate in agreeing in what Xu Bao said.

No matter how dangerous it was for him to fight with the Domain Lords from the major sects, he understood that he would be able to escape safely due to his large number of escape techniques that would even render a Seventh Stage Domain Lord Realm Expert helpless in catching him!

As for Xu Bao getting out safely, Elder Scarlet Flame understood far better than anyone present just how strong this old man was, even if an Eighth Stage Domain Lord showed up, Elder Scarlet Flame doubted that it would be enough to deal with him.

The older the cultivator, the more trump cards they would have… And with this in mind, Xu Bao had already lived for several thousand years and could be considered an old monster that had countless trump cards up his sleeve. Dealing with someone like this was not something anyone wanted to do if it was possible to avoid. This was also one of the reasons why the major sects had not dared to group up to try and kill Xu Bao…

“We understand… I will make sure everyone gets back to their sects safely, Elder Scarlet Flame, Senior Xu, thank you for your help once again!” Knowing that it was best not to waste any time, one of the remaining Domain Lords stepped forward and said this before starting to leave while caring part of the Nascent Soul Realm elders and disciples present together with him.

Considering how long the major sects and the independent sects had been fighting with each other, this was far from the first time something like this had happened… And Xu Bao would normally always be the person who stayed behind to make sure that the major sects wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Although, different from the past, the number of experts from the major sects present this time around was sure to be far more compared to the past.




Following the first Domain Lord taking the lead to leave first, the rest of the Domain Lords did not waste any time, as they all carried a group of people with them before leaving. Not forgetting to thank both Xu Bao and Elder Scarlet Flame for staying behind to ensure their safety first.

“Looks like it’s just us two now… I really wish that senior was still around, it would be far easier for us to deal with the major sects if that was the case…”

“Indeed, it would be far easier for us to deal with the major sects if that was the case, but the reason why they showed up now is likely due to the fact that they found out that senior is no longer travelling together with us… But… Considering how strong senior is, I don’t think they would have been able to observe us from afar without getting discovered by senior and they should know about this as well…”

“Wait- Do you mean-“

“Yes… I think there is a traitor among the independent sects, someone informed the major sects about the fact that senior left. If I’m not wrong, this traitor should most likely be someone from the Stone Horn Sect…”

“This…” Not knowing what to say after hearing what Xu Bao said, Elder Scarlet Flame could not help being filled with killing intent upon thinking about the fact that someone among the independent sects had turned on them and secretly provided the major sects with crucial information that could severely harm all of the independent sects.

Even if he understood that the culprit was most likely not the entirety of the Stone Heart Sect but only a few people or maybe only a single person from the Stone Heart Sect. Part of him still wanted to catch up with the people from the Stone Horn Sect and find out just who the traitor among them was… But in the end, he understood that this would be useless. The major sects already knew about their current situation and location. Killing a traitor would at most bring a short moment of happiness before the major sects showed up to ruin that moment.

For now, Elder Scarlet Flame understood that staying behind to stop these major sects was far more important than catching the traitor hidden among the Stone Horn Sect’s people.

Thinking about it, Xu Bao had already understood this fact far earlier than him, but had still decided not to mention anything about a traitor to the rest of the independent sects.

He most likely already has an idea as to who the traitor is and at the same time also has a way to deal with the major sects that are chasing us.

Shaking his head as this thought appeared, Elder Scarlet Flame could not help smiling wryly as he suddenly understood that the major sects were very likely about to enter a trap…


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