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Chapter 343 Come as soon as you come, and come with a rainbow fart!

Chapter 343 Come as soon as you come, and come with a rainbow fart!

Following the sound, Lin Beifan saw an unrestrained man in white clothes, and a burly man in coarse linen clothes, who didn’t care about trifles, coming from the sky.

Lin Beifan is very familiar with these two people. They are the long-disappeared Sword Immortal Shangguan Sword Soul and Sword Saint Ouyang Badao.

Looking at the nervous masters of the court, Lin Beifan waved his hands: “Don’t be on guard, this is my friend!”

“Yes, Your Excellency Prime Minister!” The court masters retreated.

In the blink of an eye, the two masters had jumped into the capital and came before Lin Beifan.

“Brother, I haven’t seen you for a year, I miss you so much!” The two laughed.

Lin Beifan smiled and said, “You two brothers, I haven’t seen you for a year, and you finally think of me! You seem to have improved a lot, and your martial arts have improved a lot. Congratulations!”

With a knife on his shoulder, Dao Sheng looked at Lin Beifan and said with a smile, “Brother, I have made some progress over the past year! But compared with you, brother, I’m still far behind!”

Sword Immortal also sighed: “Yes, when I first met you a year ago, you were just a small sacrificial wine! But now, you have become the prime minister, with one person under ten thousand! You are so young! , Became the prime minister, and it can be regarded as shocking the past and the present! I am sure that after a hundred years, there will be few people who know the name of my sword fairy, but there must be few people who don’t know you!”

Lin Beifan said loudly: “It’s not convenient to talk here. The two old brothers will come back with me. Let’s drink and discuss together!”

The two young masters said in unison: “Okay! Let’s drink together and discuss the Tao together!”

After returning, Lin Beifan naturally entertained them warmly.

During the drinking process, they talked about their experiences of the year.

A year ago, they left the capital to go out to experience and play with the world of mortals.

Later, they all realized a little bit, so they practiced in seclusion for several months, and Lin Beifan lost their news because of this.

When they left the customs, they found that the world had changed a lot, and it was all related to Lin Beifan.

Lin Beifan built a majestic city that could accommodate a million people within three months using the magical cement.

Prince Xia Qiong of Daxia led an army of 800,000 to attack Great Wu, but was dealt with by Lin Beifan.

The Jiangnan King led an army of 500,000 to revolt, which was resolved by Lin Beifan.

Wuxi and Dayue’s million-dollar coalition was dealt with by Lin Beifan.

The king of Jibei and the head of the Tianmen sect, Leng Ruochan, worked in collusion and created an army of warriors that threatened the imperial court. They went all the way to the capital and were dealt with by Lin Beifan.

There is also the matter of the keel that shocked the world, which is also related to Lin Beifan.

It was precisely because of all these things that happened and were resolved satisfactorily that Lin Beifan was promoted step by step and became the current prime minister.

The two of them had to sigh, this brother is really an expert at being an official!

At this moment, King Jibei’s rebellion failed, and Leng Ruochan, the master of Tianmen Gate, who possessed the strength of a master, was unexpectedly killed by a young master Ye Laixiang. The two of them were shocked and eager to try.

Considering that Lin Beifan is also in the capital, I came back to have a look.

I happened to meet them on the road, so we came together.

Lin Beifan said sadly: “So, you just stopped by to see me~!”

“Brother, you can’t say that!” Sword Immortal poured wine for Lin Beifan and apologized, “Actually, when I come back, brother, I still come to see you and discuss kendo with you! There are people in this world who know swords like you , almost nothing! Your words and deeds are like the voice of the avenue, the words of a sage, which makes people suddenly enlightened!”

“Brother, I am a layman this time, and I have an epiphany, and I have made some progress in the way of swordsmanship. It is completely inseparable from your advice at the beginning! The more I understand, the more I know my shallowness and insignificance, and the more I know how extraordinary you are! “

Lin Beifan was very pleased with what he heard, and drank the glass of apologetic wine.

“Yeah, the reason why I can make progress this time is because of your advice, brother!” The sword master also sat down, and while pouring wine for Lin Beifan, he said with a shy face: “It’s a pity for me, sir. I’m a rough guy, I don’t know when someone is around, so I went to find others to learn from, wasting a lot of opportunities and time! By the way, how can I describe it in a poem?”

Lin Beifan said: “The crowd searched for him thousands of times, but when I looked back at dusk, that man was in a dimly lit place!”

Dao Sheng patted his thigh: “Yes! That’s the same sentence! So, I’m back, haven’t I? My brother, I hope you will not hesitate to teach me this time, please, hehe!”

Lin Beifan drank calmly: “This is not too bad!”

The little princess and the others next to her were so shocked that their jaws dropped.

The two dignified young masters actually flattered Lin Beifan so much and kept such a low voice?

As for?

Guo Shaoshuai cupped his hands, and asked respectfully: “Seniors, when you were talking about wine, the younger one was beside you! I just feel that what the young master said is specious. It sounds reasonable and full of mysteries, but there is no cultivation. The method! If you want to rely on this to improve your cultivation strength, it seems impossible!”

Dao Sheng patted Guo Shaoshuai on the shoulder and said with a smile: “Boy, it’s because you are too young, have little experience, and your cultivation base is low, so you don’t understand! You will understand when you reach a high level, and you will understand when you reach the level of a master.” , the most important thing is a word of enlightenment!”

“What the sword saint said is very true!” Sword Immortal said with a smile: “The road of martial arts, there are nine realms subdivided! However, if you carefully distinguish them, there are actually only three realms, namely acquired, innate, and master!”

“Acquired realm mainly focuses on torturing one’s body, training tendons and bones, warming and nourishing meridians, tempering qi, blood and muscles, so as to make one’s body stronger. This is the basis of martial arts practice. Start!”

“When you reach the innate realm, you should focus on tempering your true energy! Let your true energy be more concentrated, stronger, manifested outside, and turned into an extension of the body, with more powerful lethality!”

“But it’s completely different when it comes to the realm of the master!”

“When you reach the realm of the master, it means that you have completed the acquired path and the innate path. All aspects have reached the limit and are perfect! All those who can cultivate to this stage are the proud sons of heaven, and only one out of hundreds of millions of people Martial arts wizard!”

“You say, after reaching this level, how can we improve and how can we distinguish between strong and weak?”

Guo Shaoshuai asked humbly: “I would like to hear more about it!”

“At this time, we should pay attention to comprehension, the comprehension of martial arts, and the comprehension of the way of heaven!” The Sword Master said with a smile: “Whoever has a deeper understanding of martial arts and is closer to the way of heaven will be stronger!”

Sword Immortal nodded again and again: “That’s right, that’s it!”

Sword Master pointed to the silent old monk next to him, and said with some envy: “Look at the old monk Jingtai, he seems to have just broken through to become a master last year, and the time is later than this seat! But now, he is strong and has a deep foundation. , has already far surpassed this seat! The reason for this is because he has been following your young master and enlightened from it, so his cultivation has improved by leaps and bounds!”

Sword Immortal clicked his tongue and said: “That’s right! At the beginning, I saw him as a dignified master, but he was willing to worship your young master as his teacher, and secretly scolded him for being stupid. Only now did he see his true face. He is really a scheming old fox, stupid It’s me, not him!”

“Amitabha!” The old monk recited silently.

Everyone remembered that after the old monk discussed the Dao with Lin Beifan, he wanted to worship him as a teacher with a stern face, and refused to agree if he disagreed. It turned out that it was for this purpose.

It really is an eminent monk!

High, really high!

“But, what he studies is Buddhism!” Guo Shaoshuai said.

“For him, Buddhism is his way!” Sword Immortal replied.

The old monk opened his cloudy eyes, put his hands together and bowed eleven times: “` “What the two benefactors said is very true! The master once said that the Buddha is the way, Amitabha!”

“Amitabha!” Sword Immortal and Sword Master spoke in unison.

“So boy, you have to cherish the opportunity to be by my brother’s side, and pay attention to his words and deeds. You can learn a lot, which will benefit you endlessly for the rest of your life!” Dao Sheng said.

All of a sudden, Lin Beifan grew infinitely taller in everyone’s minds!

Everyone is full of admiration. It turns out that their son (Xianggong) is such a powerful person!

Lin Beifan felt secretly refreshed.

The two old brothers came as soon as they came, and they even came with rainbow farts!



Bring more next time!

“Don’t say anything, let’s continue drinking!” Lin Beifan said loudly.

So, everyone continued to drink and chat.

The sword sage said while drinking: “Actually, I have another purpose for coming this time!”

“What purpose?” Lin Beifan asked.

Sword Master and Sword Immortal looked at each other, gritted their teeth and said, “Brother, you understand this too! One year ago, after the battle between the two of us, we met a young mysterious master outside the city! In that battle, This seat lost so badly that I still have lingering fears when I think about it! So this year, I practiced my sword skills hard, just to find him and take revenge!”

Lin Beifan drank silently, pretending not to hear.

“That’s right, I mean the same thing!” Sword Immortal gritted his teeth and said, “That battle took away all my pride! As a swordsman, I would rather give up than surrender, and swear not to be a human being if I don’t take revenge!”

“But for more than a year, I haven’t heard any news about him in other places. I suspect that he is still in the capital, so I came back! Brother, you are the governor of the capital, do you have any clues about him?”

The sword sage looked over with a bit of anticipation.

Lin Beifan shook his head very calmly: “No! Since you left, there has been no news about him, as if he has never appeared before! Those people want to hide, but ordinary people can’t find them!”

Sword Master and Sword Immortal were very disappointed.

“However, if you want to find Ye Lixiang, I can call it for you!”

“Thank you, brother!” Dao Sheng Jian Xian said in unison.

Less than a cup of tea, Ye Laixiang floated over very chicly: “Master Prime Minister, what do you want from me? Is there any important task that I must do?”

Lin Beifan smiled and said: “Ye Laixiang, let me introduce two people to you! These two young masters are my close friends, the sword fairy Shangguan Sword Soul, and the sword master Ouyang Badao. They want to compete with you!”

Sword Immortal and Sword Saint were full of fighting spirit, and they showed their weapons one after another.

“You are Ye Laixiang? Sure enough, a hero is a boy! Take out your weapons, let’s fight!”

“I would like to see whether your knife is sharper or mine is stronger!”

Ye Laixiang: “Damn!”.


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