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Chapter 286 Bai Muxi

Chapter 286 Bai Muxi

  The words fall.

  The lines on Li Qingyan’s heroic red robe suddenly began to flow, and several silk-like fungi were wrapped around the blood god stone jade pendant.

  Looking to check, gently rubbing the surface of the jade pendant as if playing.

  Bai Muxi knelt on the ground with disheveled clothes and half exposed spring, staring blankly at the Blood God Stone glowing with blood on Li Qingyan’s fingertips.

  Xu Yuan beside him did not say a word.

  In this distorted “Peach Blossom Land” in the dungeon, in order to continue the race, the distorted power system and distorted values ​​make everyone’s humanity strictly suppressed.

  In such an environment, the probability of a white rabbit that is not stained with dust may be similar to the probability of winning the lottery in the previous life.

  In what happened just now, Bai Muxi was dishonest, Xu Yuan could think of this, but he didn’t expect this woman to be so dishonest.

  This woman actually wants to be Su Succubus No. 2?

  Black, really black.

  The surface of the pink and tender little white rabbit turned out to be all black inside.

  But before dealing with this matter

  Xu Yuan suddenly looked back at Li Qingyan, and asked angrily:

   “No, what do you think I mean?”

  The breast-wrapped princess not only examines Bai Muxi, but also glances at him meaningfully from time to time.

  Li Qingyan snorted:

   “Why, I don’t even want to see my son-in-law?”


  Li Qingyan sighed and shook his head, with a smile in his voice:

   “Changtian, using external objects to control this palace, will it give you a sense of accomplishment?”


  Li Qingyan’s long-fingered jade hands spread out, and wrapped in Yuan Qi, the Blood God Stone Jade Pendant flew to Xu Yuan.

  She bent her phoenix eyes and smiled sweetly:

   “If it is, use it.”


  Xu Yuan took a deep breath, grabbed the jade pendant in his hand, and stood up:

   “If I know the effect of this jade pendant and plan to use it on you, do you think I will put it in Bai Muxi’s hands with my character and wait for you to find it?”

   While talking, Xu Yuan put the Blood God Stone Jade Pendant in front of his eyes, looked at it, and said with a smile:

  ”I will find a way to get Bai Muxi to hand over the jade pendant before you can absorb those black dead fungus armors, and put it into the Sumeru ring, so that you can’t detect it at all.”

  He really didn’t know that the Blood God Stone Jade Pendant had this function.

  Bai Muxi’s plot line in “Cangyuan” should have been castrated, even if she was forced to kill her in the plot, she would not explode any equipment.

  The reason why he wanted this jade pendant was because he had seen similar ones in this dead palace.

  On the sleeping morphing ghost, it is a way out of this dead palace.


  Xu Yuan took a step forward, raised his hand to pinch Li Qingyan’s white and smooth chin, and squinted his eyes to stare at her beautiful smile like a flower:

   “Li Qingyan, I, Xu Yuan, want to train you, and I don’t need such obscene things.”


  Li Qingyan let out a “puchi” laugh, opened his hand casually, and licked the corner of his rosy lips with the tip of his tongue:

   “You have a tough mouth, I hope Changtian you don’t just have a tough mouth.”

  The crisis of confidence is temporarily lifted.

  Xu Yuan casually threw the Blood God Stone Jade Pendant to Bai Muxi who was still kneeling on the ground.

   Seeing this scene, Li Qingyan frowned slightly.

  Xu Yuan immediately said to Li Qingyan:

  ”I have a friend who is a ghoul.”

   “I found out that you have a lot of friends.”

   “I’m naturally likable, there’s nothing I can do about it.”


  Li Qingyan stared at Xu Yuan for a few breaths, and chuckled: “I have read the records in ancient books, and the ghost body should be a blissful experience for men, right?”

   “It’s not just men, women are too.”

  Xu Yuan responded directly to the topic: “If you want to experience Qingyan, I can call my friend over after returning to Beijing.”

   “.” Li Qingyan narrowed his eyes.

   “.” Bai Muxi’s bright eyes flashed thoughtful.

   “Clear Flame.”

  Xu Yuan said bluntly: “What I want to say is that this jade pendant should be a means of controlling people’s hearts similar to the method of the psychic body. It can only change the behavior of others by affecting the emotions in the heart. Qing Yan, you should not be trapped by it.”

  The corners of Li Qingyan’s lips curled up:

  ”That is nature, even if you use it to make Ben Gong fall in love with you, Ben Gong will not change anything because of you.”

   “Okay, okay, I got it.”

  Xu Yuan stopped talking to Li Qingyan, and looked at the woman in purple gauze kneeling on the ground holding the blood god stone jade pendant in both hands, her voice was slightly cold:

  ”Actually, when I saw those high-level armors in the secret room, I was thinking about one thing. Since you know that the armors can be continuously fused, you should know that after all the armors are fused , Li Qingyan’s combat power is not something that your dungeons can resist at all.

   “Selling fungus armor to us is equivalent to selling a ghost knife that cuts off one’s own head.

  ”But even so, when I proposed to buy the fungus armor in your inventory, you still agreed.

   “It seems that you started plotting against us at that time?”


  Unexpectedly by Xu Yuan, Bai Muxi’s answer was very simple:

   “Mu Xi really wants to use this to control you and the princess.”

   “You are straightforward.”

  Xu Yuan was not angry at her at all, and looked at her condescendingly: “It seems that you are ready to explain?”

  Bai Muxi put the Blood God Stone Jade Pendant in the palm of her hand back into the soft gully, and while tidying up the open skirt, she lowered her eyes and said softly:

  ”The fungus armor on Her Royal Highness is too low-level, and the Blood God Jade Pendant is not enough to affect her, but you asked for the fungus armor, son, and Mu Xi followed the trend. If it succeeds, not only It can obtain all the resources in the two Sumeru rings, the son and the princess, and it can also add a second-rank combat power to the dungeon.”

  ”This is a gamble worth betting for the Seven Cities Alliance, which is about to be destroyed, so Mu Xi made the bet.”

  During discourse,

  Bai Muxi tidied up her clothes, the soft gully on her chest was covered by a purple gauze scarf, she pressed her white and tender hands on her chest, and said in a quiet voice:

  ”But in fact, when you put your finger on Mu Xi’s chest, son, Mu Xi had already given up on this plan.”


  Xu Yuan remembered the finger he tapped on Bai Muxi’s upturned plump yesterday, and said with a smile:

   “Do you think I know the purpose of the Blood God Jade Pendant?”


  Bai Muxi lowered her eyes and nodded, “Now it seems that the attack was wrong, but in the eyes of Mu Xi at that time, if there is precaution, the risk of acting again is too great.

  ”Besides, you also asked Mu Xi if she wanted to go out, so this plan was abandoned at that time.”

   “Very well said.”

  Leaning lightly on the cold stone wall, Li Qingyan crossed his arms around his chest, tapped his arms with his slender jade fingers, and turned his eyes sideways:

   “But it’s been so long, why didn’t you take the initiative to explain the purpose of the Blood God Stone?”


  Silence for a moment,

  Bai Muxi looked up at Li Qingyan, neither humble nor overbearing:

   “Your Highness, Mu Xi is loyal to the young master, not you.”




  (end of this chapter)


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