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Chapter 285 Blood God Stone Jade Pendant and Black Death Fungus Armor

Chapter 285 Blood God Stone Jade Pendant and Black Death Fungus Armor

  Hidden clumsiness?

  Xu Yuan looked a little weird, and glanced at the plump breasts of the woman in purple gauze.

  If Bai Muxi is as clumsy as Li Qingyan, then this scale is unimaginable.

  Cough, just kidding.

  Concentrating his thoughts, Xu Yuan stood by and watched the scene in front of him, without any intention of stopping Li Qingyan.

  Watching women fight is the most interesting.

  Of course, the premise is not to affect him.

  However, what is this drama in front of you?

  The domineering wife taught the unruly docile little maid?

   But the problem is that there is nothing between him and Bai Muxi. Before that, he just tapped his chest, rubbed his head, and pinched his face.

  Besides, Xu Yuan didn’t think that Li Qingyan would make such a fuss about flirting with his maid.

  Before Beifeng City fell, he and Li Yunqing went to Goulan together and she didn’t say anything.


  Li Qingyan is referring to Li Xing?

  Looking at Bai Muxi who was “wall-dong” on the wall by the princess, Xu Yuan’s eyes flashed with interest.

  Thinking about it afterwards, Bai Muxi chose the timing of speaking a bit strangely.

  Before she spoke, the atmosphere in the stone hall was already very clear, even clear-cut.

  The four high-level officials in the dungeon,

  Zi Sha commanded allegiance, Qin Yuan Yi Kui was adopted as a dog, Li Xing was already isolated, almost beheaded.

  Anyone with discerning eyes should know what Xu Yuan wants to do.


  An obedient dog not only has bones, but also meat.

   Those who are disobedient have no scum.

  But in this clear situation, Bai Muxi made a choice that he knew would not have any results.

  She asked for a bone for the only rebellious dog on the field.

  This is actually nothing.

  Regardless of past life or present life, in Xu Yuan’s impression, Bai Muxi is a quiet and gentle person, and sometimes even a little bit of Xu Xinyao’s temperament can be seen from her.

  That’s why Bai Muxi didn’t think too deeply about Li Xing’s search for exercises.

  After all, according to the content of the original transaction, he really needs to give Li Xing exercises.

  But later, Bai Muxi, who pleaded for Li Xing, didn’t speak out again when Qin Yuan started.

  There was a gap of more than ten breaths from when Li Xing was attacked by Qin Yuan to when he was completely burned into coke by Qin Yuan’s black flame.

  As long as Xu Yuan ordered him to stop, Li Xing would be seriously injured, but with the vitality of the great master, he could survive.

  But Bai Muxi didn’t intercede anymore, she just watched from the side, watching Li Xing being burned into charcoal in pain with cold eyes.

  So, what she said was to make him focus on Li Xing.

  In the silent silence of the corridor,

  Xu Yuan walked slowly between the two girls, raised his hand and patted Li Qingyan’s wrist that was pinching Bai Muxi, signaling her to put it down.

  Li Qingyan pinched Bai Muxi, and sick red marks appeared on her white and smooth neck:

   “Why, do you feel distressed?”

  Xu Yuan glanced at the princess, with a helpless tone:

  ”Smart women will pretend that they are not smart, can’t you learn from others?”

  Li Qingyan threw Bai Muxi down casually, glanced at her on the ground, looked back and said indifferently:

   “This palace is Li Qingyan.”


  Xu Yuanbai took a look at this self-righteous woman, and turned to look at Bai Muxi, who was thrown on the ground, who was pretty and pitiful.

   “Ahem. Hahoo”

  Bai Muxi collapsed on the ground, rubbed her neck and let out a deliberately suppressed cough: “My lord.”

   “Shut up.”

   “.” Bai Muxi shut up.

   Squatting down in front of her, Xu Yuan looked at her soft cheeks and asked:

   “Do you want to kill Li Xing?”

  ”.” Bai Muxi’s weak movements froze.

  ”If you still choose to lie at this time, then you are not smart, but stupid.”

   After a few breaths of silence, Bai Muxi put down the hand rubbing her neck, slowly raised her eyes, and said softly:

   “Well, Mu Xi really wants to kill him.”

  Xu Yuan touched his chin in thought:


  Bai Muxi’s eyes were bent, and her voice was crisp and clear:

  ”Because he has unreasonable thoughts about Mu Xi and has a strong desire to control.”

  Xu Yuan smiled dumbly and said:

   “That’s it? What does this have to do with me?”

  Bai Muxi slumped forward slightly, kneeling on the ground, with her hands on her plump thighs, staring at the man in front of her with bright eyes:

   “Mu Xi has already given everything to the young master. Whether it’s his cultivation, his own life, or his decent body, if someone covets the young master’s things, Mu Xi will naturally get rid of them.”

   “Hahaha what I said”

  Xu Yuan laughed lowly, glanced at Li Qingyan at the side, and asked with a smile:

   “Princess, do you mind if I take a maid?”

  Li Qingyan smiled with her phoenix eyes:

  ”I don’t mind in this underground palace, you are the coach, and I will listen to you for all decisions.”

   “Part of the plan?”

  Xu Yuan murmured, shook his head boredly, turned to look at Bai Muxi in front of him, and said with a light smile:

   “I am a little moved by what you said, but it is not enough.”

   “Not enough?” Bai Muxi was stunned just right.

  Xu Yuan’s finger waved in front of her eyes, and then pointed to himself:

  ”I have already said my attitude towards the people under me. As long as it is useful, even if I hate me to the bone, I will use it. You should not understand.”


  Xu Yuan’s voice was a bit cold:

   “Tell me the real reason.”

   After a moment of silence, Bai Muxi let out a breath, the expression in her eyes was very calm:

   “Mu Xi really can’t hide anything from the young master. If I insist on saying it, it should be because of Li Xing’s character.”

  ”Li Xing has been very strong since he was a child. He likes to be strong and fierce, likes to compare with others, and likes to get angry after failure. Because of his character, the Seven Cities League has paid a great price.”

  ”For the survival of the citizens of the dungeon, he will most likely choose to compromise, but with his character, there is also the possibility of not compromising.”


  Xu Yuan’s long and narrow eyes showed a smile: “Are you going to use what I can say to induce Qin Yuan to kill Li Xing directly?”

   After getting along for a short time, Xu Yuan got a general understanding of the personalities of several people.

  Qin Yuan needless to say, he is a ruthless person who is so rational that he is almost cold-blooded.

  Yikui is a bit inferior. Her temperament is not tough.

   Xu Yuan can see these things in a short time.

  As the most powerful owner of the dungeon, Bai Muxi has worked with the three of them for decades, so she must know more about them than he does.


  Bai Muxi did not deny it, her voice was gentle:

   “Qin Yuan is extremely rational. With you, son, you only need to give him a reason, and he will never allow Li Xing to continue living with this variable.”

  Xu Yuan stared at Bai Muxi and became a little excited, as if looking at a baby:

   “And at the same time hide yourself?”

  ”Superior people probably don’t like the women around them too scheming.”

  Bai Muxi’s voice was soft and gentle, and her beautiful face as quiet as snow lowered gently: “It’s just a pity, Mu Xi overestimates herself, Your Royal Highness is far smarter than me.”

  ”You really think too highly of yourself.”

  Li Qingyan suddenly let out a chuckle from the side, looking at Bai Muxi below, his eyes were a little funny: “I don’t care about your scheming at all, if your scheming can train him well, I don’t even mind being with you.” You cooperate.”


  Xu Yuan’s eyes twitched, and he was about to open his mouth to complain, but the scene in front of him stunned him.

  Li Qingyan took a step forward and leaned over, his white and slender jade hands directly inserted into Bai Muxi’s plump and upright purple gauze chest.


  Fumbled for a while.

  Bai Muxi knelt on the ground without any resistance, letting the woman’s hands grope, her face flushed a little, but she didn’t know if she was showing her true feelings.

  Xu Yuan suddenly coughed lightly:

   “Cough, Qing Yan, what are you looking for, why don’t you let me help you?”

   “Shut up.”

  Li Qingyan glanced back at him coldly, took out the blood god stone jade pendant from the slightly open softness, held it in his hand, and stared at Bai Muxi with a cold smile:

  ”I couldn’t sense it before, but after absorbing the fungus armor in the secret room, I suddenly discovered that this blood god stone jade pendant can affect the consciousness of the blood armor to a certain extent.

   “Si Ming, what are you trying to do by hiding this?”

   This chapter is to make up for yesterday, and that chapter may be later

   Maybe around two in the morning




  (end of this chapter)


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