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Chapter 284 Exam Questions

Chapter 284 Exam Questions

  In the rustle of burning,

  The figure wrapped in black flames wanted to struggle, and the majestic source of energy scattered from his body, setting off bursts of hurricanes.

  But unfortunately, all this is in vain.

  Black flames stick to his body like maggots attached to the bones, constantly devouring his vitality

  No one saved him,

  A look of regret flashed in Yikui’s eyes, but there was a smile on the corner of her lips.

  Bai Muxi lowered her eyes a little unbearably, but she didn’t speak.

  As the striker, Qin Yuan just knelt down quietly and waited.

  The three dungeon executives silently watched Li Xing burn in the black flame.


   Li Xing in the flames fell.

  He glanced in Bai Muxi’s direction with difficulty, as if he wanted to raise his hand, but he had no strength left.

  Everything is calm,

  Only the still swaying fire light floats gently in the silent and empty stone hall.


   staring at the coke of the human figure for a few breaths,

  Xu Yuan took a deep breath and smacked his lips lightly.

  To be honest, what happened in front of him surprised him a bit.

   “You seem a little surprised?”

  Li Qingyan’s voice rang softly in his ears.

  Hearing this, Xu Yuan looked back to meet her cold and calm eyes.

  Looking at each other for a while, Li Qingyan asked:

   “Isn’t this the result you want to see?”

  Xu Yuan sighed in a low voice:

  ”What I said just now does have a hint in it, but it’s more about setting up exam questions for the three of them.”

   “Exam questions?”

  Li Qingyan murmured, a pair of red pupils flickered, and he reacted quickly: “Obedience training?”

  Xu Yuan nodded and admitted: “It counts.”

  The exam questions he set for the three grand masters who stayed behind in the dungeon were indeed an obedience training.

  Bai Muxi’s side, he has the perspective of God from the past, and knows her feelings for the people of the dungeon, so he can use this as an excuse to manipulate her and guarantee her loyalty.

  But the other three people, Xu Yuan, don’t know. Although they say it nicely, who actually knows what’s going on?

  By using Li Xing’s emotional stimulation and ridicule towards Bai Muxi, it was just an introduction.

  Li Xing is not only his exam paper, but also a candidate for the exam.

  Although this guy refuses to accept him because of his feelings for Bai Muxi, he only wants to be his subordinate’s subordinate.

  But Xu Yuan doesn’t really care.

  People’s personalities are all kinds of strange, even the old man who can cover the sky with one hand can’t guarantee that all the people under him will be loyal and grateful to him, but this does not affect him in the slightest. People still use it.

  What’s more, the subordinates’ subordinates are also his subordinates.

  Nominally you don’t have to listen, but in reality you have to do it.

  Xu Yuan wanted to see how Li Xing, who had been irritated, would choose after he left.

  Choose to hand over power rationally, or choose to disobey when you run out of emotions, or make small moves in private behind your back.

  If Li Xing chooses the former, it means he can still be used.

  If it is the latter two, then this obedience training test question is aimed at Qin Yuan and Yikui.

  Did they choose to collude with Li Xing and resist orders, or follow his instructions to find a way to force the palace to let Li Xing surrender power.

  The way of handling the conflicts that broke out during this period will be turned into the content of the assessment of the two.

  As a result, someone has already handed in the paper before the person who made the question left.

Thinking, Xu Yuan looked at the stern man with his head bowed and half kneeling, a thoughtful look flashed in his eyes.

  Grow up together, practice together, and overthrow the rule of the so-called “sacrifice”. After so many years of like-mindedness, if you say kill, you will kill it.

  This Qin Yuan is very interesting.

  For a while,

  Xu Yuan exhaled, and hooked his hands towards Li Qingyan and Bai Muxi:

   “Problem solved, let’s go.”

   After finishing speaking, Xu Yuan walked out of the stone hall.

  Seeing this, Bai Muxi immediately got up and followed the two of them. The footsteps of the three of them echoed in the grand stone hall.

  Looking at the backs of the two leaving from the upper realm, Yikui slowly lowered her eyes and let out a soft breath.

  But the next moment,

  The footsteps in the stone hall suddenly stopped.

  Looking up, I saw the footsteps of the brocade-robed young man from the upper realm stopped beside Qin Yuan.

  Xu Yuan just stood beside him and stared at him.

  Qin Yuan didn’t do anything, just bowed his head silently and half-kneeled to salute.

  Everything is quiet.

  In the silence, Xu Yuan once again raised his hand and patted Qin Yuan on the shoulder.

   “Boom! Boom!”

  Without any words, after the two heavy iron-wrapped wooden boxes fell to the ground, the two girls followed Xu Yuan straight out of the stone palace and disappeared into the darkness of the dungeon


   Under the embrace of the princess, Xu Yuan and the three returned to the cliff outside the corridor.


  Xu Yuan patted his robe that there was no dust, and asked casually:

   “How do you feel?”

   “.” Bai Muxi tactfully kept her mouth shut and did not speak.

  Li Qingyan walked into the corridor and asked on purpose:

   “My lord, are you asking Qing Yan?”

  Xu Yuan gave her a blank look:

   “I don’t ask you, am I asking Si Ming?”


  Li Qingyan squinted his eyes, and asked with a smile: “Don’t call her Mu Xi?”


  Xu Yuan smacked his lips, followed slowly, glanced at her side face, and whispered, “You said you weren’t jealous, why did you pretend to be jealous?”

  Li Qingyan turned his face sideways, with a pair of phoenix eyes smiling:

   “How do you know that I am not jealous?”


  There was a moment of silence, Xu Yuan had a strange expression, hooked her slender waist, and said with a smile: “Princess Wu Yuan, who has fought for a lifetime, will be jealous. If you say it, you will probably laugh out loud.”


  Xu Yuan moved slightly closer to her crystal earlobe, exhaled heat, and spoke softly:

  ”And even if you are really jealous, the object will not be Bai Muxi.”


  Listening to the two people’s unabashed conversation, Bai Muxi walked behind them, her eyes lowered and she said nothing, as if the conversation between the two did not involve her.

  Look at each other closely,

  Li Qingyan snorted, pushed Xu Yuan away, rubbed some red earlobes, looked at the darkness at the end of the corridor, and said leisurely:

   “Changtian, you seem to be optimistic about that person?”

   “It’s okay.”

  Xu Yuan lowered his eyes and glanced at the Sumeru ring on his fingertips: “It’s just an investment left behind, and it seems to be a talent that can be made.”

   “It’s really good.”

  Li Qingyan nodded slightly: “If he is under my command, he is a general, barely enough, but if he wants to be the coach of one side, we need to look again.”

  Xu Yuan smiled slightly when he heard the words, and said in a low voice:

  ”Well said, I hope he can fulfill his promise to me.”

  As a general, you only need the ability to do things.

  Qin Yuan’s determination and judgment of the situation, as well as his ruthless methods, have already demonstrated his ability.

  But to be handsome, in addition to the above, you also need overall overall control.

  Only possessing the former, no matter how strong the ability to handle affairs is, no matter how you cultivate it, there is a high probability that you will only be a confidant.

   is considered a smart senior thug with certain power.

  And if both the front and the back are prepared, it will be completely different.

   represents Qin Yuan’s training in the direction of Hua Hong and Lou Ji.

  Looking at the smile on Xu Yuan’s lips, Li Qingyan suddenly said meaningfully:

  ”Changtian, in fact, besides Qin Yuan, there is another plastic talent in this dungeon.”


  Li Qingyan quietly looked at Bai Muxi who was following quietly behind the two of them.

  Bai Muxi’s quiet and slender face revealed a trace of hesitation, and the wide purple gauze sleeves closed to salute, with a crisp voice:

  ”Princess, I don’t know”

  The voice has not yet fallen,

  The red dress flashed by,


There was a muffled sound in the tunnel, and gravel splashed.

  Red sleeves are flying,

  Li Qingyan pinched Bai Muxi’s fair neck with a jade hand and pressed it against the inner wall of the corridor, bending her phoenix eyes and laughing softly:

  ”Hiding clumsiness is a very smart choice, but if hiding clumsiness is for things that don’t belong to you, it will appear stupid.

   “Are you right, Mu Xi?”

   There is a little card text




  (end of this chapter)


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