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Became an Academy Spearman chapter 173

173. academy studio


The agitation is bigger than expected.

Adelia inadvertently realized her heart. He said he was shaking more than expected.

And it seemed to feel even bigger because it was a ‘weekend’. For officers and instructors, weekends were originally a very precious time.

But spending time together like this on the weekend… .

“Agar Castle. You too… have a good heart, don’t you?”

In the middle of my thoughts, I was stopped at the sound of an irritable voice.

Unknowingly, inadvertently, I turned my gaze to my chest.

A chest that is greatly swollen and always has a protruding front island compared to others. Although I always feel that my breasts have an overwhelming presence compared to other women.

‘I never thought I would hear such words from the mouth of a mere cadet.’

It was a bit ridiculous, and I didn’t even want to get angry.

Even an officer of the same position would not dare to say it. To hear Cadet Glessia speak so nonchalantly, originally, even if I shouted loudly and responded coldly, it would not have been enough.


And my impression was the same as Erpe in front of me.

narrowed eyes. Even so, she glanced at the table next to her, as if she was asking me with just her eyes.

Can I pay attention to myself? No, his eyes were trying to do more than that, but I inadvertently shook my head.

“… … .”

It’s ridiculous, but I was curious about what the Glessia cadet was trying to say.

“What does that mean?”

I listened a little more to Cadet Han Chun-seong’s embarrassed voice.

gulp. Even as I brought a piece of steak to my mouth as if nothing had happened, I was more focused on the sound than ever.

“I think I’m taller than my older sister… .”

…Then, at the strange voice I heard, a silent laugh inadvertently leaked out.

Something. I felt like I was suddenly out of breath.

It’s just that it’s not as direct as it is now. He had experienced countless cases of actions or words similar to those of Cadet Glessia.

All of their words that seem to be conscious of me.


He exhaled lightly and shook his head.

I realized that even the agitation in my heart was disappearing with a strange sense of victory.

‘I thought my breasts weren’t good.’

Due to being abnormally taller than others, there were countless cases where they felt uncomfortable. Why the hell am I the only one who’s grown up like this… To the point where I resented my parents for nothing.

But it felt different now.

A clear sense of superiority. The fact that I was more attractive as a woman settled in my mind.

A foolish mind that I, as an instructor, feel superior to mere cadets.

But I didn’t like it.

“…Instructor Adelia?”

Then, I calmly opened my mouth to Erpe, who carefully asked me for my opinion.

“done. It’s the weekend, so I don’t want to make a fuss.”

I wanted to pass on light words.

He didn’t even want to raise his voice or approach Cadet Glessia’s words.

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Just with this for now… .

I just want to make a further promise to meet Cadet Han Chun-seong next week.



I felt the weight of the iron in my hand. The feeling that it is heavier than iron of the same weight. While that gave a strange sense of satisfaction, the studio’s unique metal sound continued to resonate softly in my ears.

Kkang-! Kkang-! Kkang-! Kkang-!

Along with that, the hot heat that hovered around the workshop seemed to gradually reach me.

Now that I have arrived at the academy studio to order a special window, my heart flutters like never before.

“If you coat the entire window with a special alloy material and strengthen its durability, the weight will go up even more than it does now. It is also natural that the production cost also goes up, but if only the blade is made of a special alloy, the price and weight do not change much from the basic unit price.”

I nodded cautiously at the voice of the man from the academy studio who calmly explained.

“In that case, I will order only the spear blades with a special alloy. I want you to hand over the recipe right away.”

“It looks like this is your first workshop, so make sure to write down the length of spear you want and the shape of the spear blade in fairly detail in the recipe, and make sure to clearly specify the cadet’s name and class.”

Even as I received the recipe that was handed over right away and calmly wrote down the items, a deep regret arose in my heart.

First of all, I lack the funds I have.

The money I currently have is a little more than 1 gold, and even if I live sparingly, there is no way I would have a lot of money in my 2 month car.

Moreover, if even Changsin were coated with a special alloy and increased in weight, I doubted whether I would be able to properly handle it.

In addition, the weight of the armament was surprisingly the biggest part that directly touched me. If the weight of the spear suddenly changed greatly, it was also a big variable, so it wasn’t good for me now.

Sasak… .

From the shape of the creation, the desired length of the creation was carefully written in the recipe, but I felt a different perspective.

“why. Are you short on money?”

I naturally shook my head at Glesia’s calm voice.

“It’s not like that. I want to coat Changsin, but I still think it’s too much for me. I don’t think I can handle the weighted spear very well.”

Even if I could adapt to the new weight of the spear, it wasn’t for a short period of time.

So it didn’t work.

“I see. If you’re short on money, tell me. Because I can do enough for you to lend me.”

“Thank you so much for your words.”

As I felt great gratitude for her casual voice, another sense of relief gripped my heart.

‘Somehow it went well.’

Even when I was not far from Instructor Adelia at the restaurant, I felt like I was sitting on a cushion of thorns, but it went beyond my expectations.

I just reacted awkwardly when Instructor Adelia passed me by as if passing by.

And I felt that maybe that was the natural result.

Instructor Adelia and I were not in any relationship right now.

It’s just a relationship between an instructor and a cadet.


After listing all the items in the recipe, I finally looked at the recipe meticulously one more time.

The production cost was 1 gold and 30 silver, so it was expected that the basic special alloy spear I ordered would have much greater destructive power than the existing iron spear.

As it is an academy workshop product, its performance is guaranteed to some extent.

The spell I added there is ‘strength increase correction.’ There was only one.

I would have to spend all of my living expenses now with that option, but I have no regrets. The investment in windows is really worth nothing.

In addition to that, I carefully handed over the recipe with both hands after checking to see if there were any omissions or incorrect entries.

“I wrote everything down.”

At my words, the man who checked the recipe once looked at me indifferently.

“yes. If this is enough, there is nothing wrong with what was written, and the reservation is over with this. You should be able to come to the studio around noon on Tuesday and pick up the supplies.”

“…does it come out that fast?”

“At this level, the order is a basic order. The process itself is not difficult.”

Seeing the man answer with a smile on my face, I was excited for no reason.

“thank you.”

I thought that if it took a week or so, I would inevitably have to borrow a training spear from Kali, but that wasn’t the case.

I only had to wait two days.

“Then the next cadet.”

My hands were already itching as I slowly moved away from the man’s resounding words.

new window.

They said that they couldn’t make mithril spears because the conditions weren’t right right away, but even so, they wanted something just to order a new spear.

“This is what the Academy workshop felt like.”

“sorry. Glesia. Suddenly I changed direction.”

“No, it was quite a different experience, so I wasn’t bad at all.”

Looking at Glesia, who quietly stood by my side, I was a little grateful that she wasn’t offended.

Originally, it was time to go to the training ground as promised, but I realized belatedly that I had forgotten about the custom-making due to thoughts about Adelia.

It felt like my heart sank when I left the restaurant, but I was relieved to have finished ordering like this.

“Then Glesia. Let’s go straight to the training ground. I will proceed as promised.”


Seeing Glesia answer meekly, I was also a little excited.

maybe today she might not reach.

Because the Glesia I looked up to was also not stagnant in growth.

It didn’t feel like the 4th level was that far away. And if so. It was very likely that I would reach it.

right at level 5.


Class A training ground.

Not long after entering the training center, we found Avalanche, the A-class training center instructor.

It was to request a Dalian observation, and Instructor Avalanche readily accepted and allowed the Dalian. Afterwards, Glesia and I were able to face each other at the training ground prepared on one side of the training ground.

Sarah La La Rock!

As I warmed up lightly along the spinning spear as if drawing a huge circle, Glesia, who was facing me as if I were fighting against it, was no different.


As if a small wind was raging, it was gently enveloping Glesia’s new model. In addition, when I saw the slight airflow of wind in her sword body, it felt distinctly different from facing Leonhardt.

‘Maybe it’s harder than Leonhard.’

I am confident in my skills.

However, Glesia’s characteristic is the guidance of the wind, an elemental characteristic. Then it couldn’t be seen as a melee armed confrontation.

…Of course, it meant that the fierce agreement with Leonhard would lead to a completely different aspect, so I couldn’t help but be nervous.

“It’s amazing to think about it. Han Chun-seong, it’s my first sparring with you.”

When Glesia spoke calmly, I also nodded.

“I see. It feels like we’ve known each other for quite some time.”

Considering that I’ve been hanging out with her for quite some time, it was strange that it was literally the first time I had sparred with her.


When I stopped the window as it was, Glessia was staring at me with completely cold eyes. Just by looking at her eyes, I could feel that she was sincere in this couple, and I also slowly calmed down.

“Looks like the preparations for the sparring are complete, so before we begin, let each cadet reveal his/her name and characteristics. First, the Glesia cadets.”

When it rang out before the start of the courtesy match, Glesia reacted immediately.

“My name is Glesia. The attribute’s name is Guidance of the Wind. Its rank is Uniqlo, its attribute level is 3.”

I caught my breath at the calm voice.

As soon as Instructor Avalanche’s gaze reached me, the voice rang out again.

“Next is the cadet of Han Chun-seong.”

And unlike the first time I had given me a worried look in the sparring with Leonhard, now I opened my mouth with confidence while receiving the instructor’s gaze with obvious expectations.

“Agar Castle. The name of the attribute is spearmanship, the rank is common, and the attribute level is 4.”

I, too, have become so strong that I can’t even compare to that time. More than anything, I could say that I now feel a grounded confidence in myself.

“Coupling begins.”

With the voice announcing the start, I kicked the ground without hesitation.

ㅡSeon Gong.

Beyond realizing the difference in reach between the sword and the spear, I had no intention of seeing Glesia below me right now.

So, go ahead first.

As I quickly closed the distance by activating mana at once, Glesia suddenly pointed the tip of her sword at me.


I had to hurriedly throw my body to the side in the momentary storm of wind.


The wind narrowly missed me, and my hair fluttered wildly, decorating my vision.

And it didn’t just end once.



Glessia calmly and calmly pointed the tip of her sword at me, manifesting the power of the wind.

And even that expression didn’t even have any swings. I am only shooting the wind with the tip of the sword aimed at me.


Even as I was blowing my body without a break from him, I felt it right away.

From the start of Dalian… … .

That the texture is already completely different from Leonhardt’s sparring.


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