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Became an Academy Spearman chapter 172

172. You too… You have a good heart, don’t you?


ㅡ weekend.

Most of them were the words that everyone thought of rest.

And it wasn’t much different even for the academy instructors.

The intense, blood-stained front line, the heinous environment, and the tension that cannot be let go even for a moment, make most officers exhausted both physically and mentally.

And in order for such people to catch their breath for a while, they return to the academy and have a period of teaching cadets.

For them, staying at the academy itself was a concept like a kind of rest, especially on weekends.

Even high-ranking officials in the academy do not want to interfere with instructors, and do not even make minor contact on weekends in order to be considerate as much as possible.


But as there are exceptions everywhere. There was an instructor who spent time at the academy even on ‘holiday’.

The two women walking down Academy Avenue were like that.

Her emerald-colored hair bathed in the bright sunlight, making her beauty even more dazzling. Adelia was even smiling a little as she took a step forward.

And next to Adelia is a woman with a similar appearance, but with a much calmer complexion. Her assistant, Erpe, was keeping pace.

“Erpe. Do you have anything you want to eat for lunch?”

“If Instructor Adelia likes it, I’m fine with anything.”

“Don’t answer in a funny way, and since it’s the weekend, you can express your opinion. Because I feel really good right now.”

When Adelia smiled brightly, Erpe pondered for a moment and then nodded.

“Then… I want an Esley steak.”

“yes? great. Let’s go to Esley’s restaurant today.”

As Adelia, who readily accepted it, started humming her nose and moved on, Erpe quietly watched her from behind.

‘You seem to be in a good mood today.’

Compared to usual, Instructor Adelia felt brighter.

Saturday I wasn’t there. Did something good happen to the instructor?


It wasn’t long after I moved on that I was able to arrive at a restaurant within the academy.


Seeing the unique white logo reminded me of my childhood and warmed my heart.

The Esley restaurant, which I visited with my family, remains as a good memory even now, well past my adulthood.

with my daughter!

As soon as I opened the door and entered the restaurant, I was just delighted with the neat white interior of the Esley restaurant.

“Take a seat by the window. I’m going to wash my hands for a while.”

“Yes. All right.”

My heart fluttered even as I separated from the instructor and sat down in a suitable window seat.

‘I think today will be better.’

Instructor Adelia is a warm-hearted person, so it was always nice to be with her, but today she seemed in a particularly good mood, so even I was excited.

You can enjoy a good meal in a bright atmosphere.

Isn’t that just a kind of happiness?

‘Since there is not much time left to become an assistant… .’

I had to engrave the time I spent with Instructor Adelia in my heart.


As I picked up the menu board placed on one side of the table, I saw several steaks and side menus.

A tea that I wanted to make as a simple appetizer.

“There really is a place like this.”

“Agar Castle. Are you new to the Esley restaurant?”

“uh. I never thought there would be a place like this in the academy.”

When I heard the familiar name, I inadvertently blinked.

‘Cadet of Hancheonseong?’

Thinking about it, I gently turned my head to the side, and I could see two cadets seated at the table right next to me.

One cadet was a cadet named Han Chun-seong, whom I was familiar with by now, and the other cadet was a beautiful female cadet with long blue hair. I wondered where I’d seen it.

Above all, I was a little surprised by the pure white cadet uniform that symbolizes Class A.

Class A rarely gets along with class C cadets.

“Oh, how are you? Assistant Erpe”

Then, perhaps feeling my gaze, Cadet Han Chun-seong recognizes me and greets me, and he nods his head in a daze.

“…Yes. hello. Cadets of Han Chun-seong.”

I’ll meet you here It was a very strange coincidence.

“Assistant Erfe seems to be alone. Are you here with Instructor Adelia?”

“Yes. I came with Instructor Adelia. Right now, the instructor said he would wash his hands before returning, so he was away for a while. Cadet Han Chun-seong… did you come with a female cadet?’

…While answering, his eyes went to the woman sitting across from Cadet Han Chun-seong.

I realized it belatedly when I saw the name Glesia on my name tag.

‘I’ve seen it before.’

Somehow, I thought that the appearance was familiar, but it was one of the cadets who visited Cadet Han Chun-seong two weeks ago.

“Oh, Glesia is my friend. She is helping me in many ways… How did I come to a restaurant like this?”

I didn’t ask anything, but I thought it was strange that Cadet Han Chun-seong was answering by himself, but I thought so.

Having left the infirmary anyway, he was now just one of many cadets.

It wasn’t something very special to meet like this.

After exchanging greetings lightly with a glacier cadet. The conversation was cut off abruptly.

If the opposite sex came to the restaurant in the first place, there was only one answer.

date. heterosexual dating.

‘Because I can’t interfere.’

I stopped talking because it wouldn’t be nice for me to interrupt their time.

“… … .”

Afterwards, let’s finish ordering a simple appetizer from the waiter. I saw the instructor coming out of the distance as if shaking his hand.

As I slowly raised my hand as if I was here, the instructor smiled, and my heart warmed a little with that smile.

‘Come to think of it, Instructor Adelia would also like it if she saw Cadet Han Chun-seong.’

The cadet he treated is living such an ordinary life. As a person who treats someone, is there anything that feels as good as that?


“Erpe, did you wait long?”

“no. The appetizer order is finished.”

“Nice job, it’s the main menu, so you just have to choose.”


A small smile leaked out as I looked at the instructor sitting across from me.

It seems that he didn’t see Cadet Han Chun-seong, who was seated at the table next to him because the angle was cleverly turned, but he wanted to tell him directly.

“Instructor Adelia.”

“yes. why?”

“There is an agar cadet at the next table.”

“…at the next table?”

I said it, thinking that he would be very happy, and the instructor instantly brightened up.


But that was only for a moment. Seeing Instructor Adelia’s expression harden rapidly after confirming Cadet Han Chun-seong, I couldn’t help but hesitate without knowing why.

“That…that’s right. You were with another cadet.”

“Yeah. I am living a completely normal life.”

I tried to praise Instructor Adelia that the treatment of the agar cadet was perfect, but… .

“…yes. That’s right.”

Strangely, Instructor Adelia didn’t seem very happy.


I was sure Instructor Adelia would like it more than I did. It wasn’t the reaction I expected.


“Excuse me.”

Then, as the waiter slowly began setting the appetizer food on the table, our conversation ended.

good. good.

Looking at the food being placed, I was a little excited. Instructor Adelia’s eyes were not on the food.


He kept looking at the table next to the cadet Han Chun-seong, and just in time, I saw that the cadet Han Chun-seong turned his head, as if conscious of Instructor Adelia’s gaze.

“… … .”

“… … .”

There is no dialogue to be had. The two pause and lick their lips.

A series of… sights seemed very foreign to me.

‘why… … ?’

I remember that Cadet Han Chun-seong and Instructor Adelia had a very good relationship.

It didn’t feel like that at all.


How does it feel to be sitting on a cushion of thorns?

Ironically, as I sat in the padded seats of a high-end restaurant, I felt exactly what a cushion of thorns felt like.

Inconvenient, intrusive, and bothersome.

As soon as I wanted to leave this place, I couldn’t focus on the taste, no matter how delicious the steak was.

“Agar Castle.”

“…uh. Glesia.”

At the sound of calling me, I blankly met Glesia’s gaze.

“Why are you so unnatural today? Did you feel so bad that I was late for an appointment?”

“Glesia. It’s not like that. Why should I feel bad for being only 10 minutes late? I’ve been late too, and I really don’t mind.”

“I’m glad you said that. You look really strange today, not like usual.”

Glesia, slightly frowning, expresses a small dissatisfaction, but… I had no choice but to do so.

Even now, I could feel the dark gaze toward me.

In that gaze, I couldn’t casually savor the steak.

glimpse. When I glanced at the table next to me, I saw two women calmly eating.

It looked like the same emerald-colored hair, but the color saturation was different. One woman in particular I was conscious of, even though both women were beautiful.

Instructor Adelia was not far away, and only yesterday I was sure of her heart.

that you have a heart for me


Even as he took a piece of steak into his mouth, he could barely taste the meat.

‘Am I dating another woman right now in front of a woman who likes me… ?’

Then, inadvertently, I became aware of my situation.

Glesia said she was sorry for being late and brought me to this restaurant to buy me a nice lunch. From the third person’s point of view, it was not strange to enjoy a date and misunderstand.

So I couldn’t be more conscious.


Adelia gives me a soft look.

I know why she looks at me like that, why she looks so uncomfortable and gives me such deep eyes.


Then, I was startled by the cold sound of putting the tableware down.

“Agar Castle.”


When I stopped thinking and looked straight ahead, Glesia was now openly frowning.

“You seem to keep looking at Instructor Adelia right now, but that is very rude. Why are you so conscious?”

“That’s it… It’s nice to meet the instructor in a place like this, but it’s also awkward. It doesn’t mean anything.”

“Even so, it is. Instructor Adelia might be uncomfortable too. As it is the weekend, we should be considerate of the instructor.”

Seeing Glesia say that my attitude was wrong, I let out an awkward laugh.

Glesia, who spoke clearly, was talking a lot differently than usual.

It’s not so good to give the instructor attention, and since it’s the weekend, we shouldn’t interfere with each other.

So I just wanted to finish this place quickly.

The situation was extremely ambiguous to explain to Adelia, who was probably misunderstanding us, and I didn’t want to proceed with the meal while receiving her strange gaze.


I thought it would be better to eat the steak and leave quickly.

As I tried to ignore Adelia’s gaze, I saw Glesia staring at me as she finished her portion of steak.

‘When did he finish eating?’

Or did I not focus on the meal that much?

“Agar Castle. You too… have a good heart, don’t you?”

Then, at Glesia’s voice asking, I almost choked while eating the meat.


The moment I passed the food, I felt like my throat was choked, so I hurriedly drank water, but it was ridiculous.

“What does that mean?”

But despite my words, Glesia was carefully caressing her breasts.


Then, when her white hand gently pressed her swollen breasts, the scene of the student uniform entering smoothly… … .

For a moment I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“I think I’m taller than my sister…”

When Glesia spoke with a glance, he averted her gaze for a moment.


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