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Chapter 618: Absorbing Death Energy

Yellow Fountain Formation, like the name suggested, was a formation to send someone to hell.

The moment the formation was activated, a yellow river surged and crazily absorbed the death energy all around.

Emptiness just needed to stand in it and the death energy in his body would be sucked dry.

Without it, he would live once more.

Of course, as a formation that had been lost for so long, Yellow Fountain Formation’s strength couldn’t be underestimated. To fully activate its strength, one needed large amounts of resources.

Li Xiandao didn’t need such a large one, he just needed a portion of it so as to absorb the death energy from Emptiness’s body.

So Li Xiandao walked out of the Bank of the Universe and came to Lu Mountain. he looked at the giant mountain ranges around, those many tombstones. They were of people from the four factions.

The death energy here was really thick and it far exceeded what he expected.

“Maybe I can absorb all the death energy here.” Li Xiandao muttered.

He had his goal and didn’t hesitate. There weren’t many here guarding and recently North Nether Region had many matters which attracted the attention of the four factions.

There were only two True Celestial old men guarding the cemetery, one in front and one at the back.

They couldn’t stop Li Xiandao. Li Xiandao was at Heaven Celestial Realm now and he could avoid being noticed unless he made a lot of noise.

Under their eyelids, Li Xiandao started to draw many talismans and formations. He shot them deep into the ground and once he activated them, they would start to work.

One after another they appeared and were shot deep underground. Without alerting the guards, Li Xiandao shot 999 talismans down, following the requirements of the Yellow Fountain Formation.

For the other three cemeteries, Li Xiandao did the same. He shot the talismans deep into the ground and connected them. As long as he activated them, they would come alive.

After doing all that, the color of the sky dimmed as night descended. The sky looked like it was in flames, it was red and seemed really beautiful.

Li Xiandao stood at the center of Lu Mountain and looked around calmly, “It is time to activate the Yellow Fountain Formation.”

Although it was simplified, in essence it was still the same thing. Although it only inherited a portion of the formation’s ability, it was no different from it, unlike other formations.

“Master after you activate it, you need to be careful when absorbing death energy.” Book of War was worried.

“Don’t worry.” Li Xiandao smiled confidently. He had totally memorized and trained in that technique and he didn’t need to worry at all.

“Emptiness, come out, I will help you chase the death energy away.” Li Xiandao instructed,

Within the Bank of the Universe, Emptiness jolted and rushed over towards Li Xiandao.

He exited the Bank of the Universe and came to Li Xiandao. He looked at the tombs around and asked curiously, “You are going to chase away the death energy here?”

Li Xiandao nodded. He pointed at the center and said, “Just stand there. Don’t go anywhere else and don’t control the death energy in your body. They would be sucked out by me.”

Emptiness stood where Li Xiandao told him to and waited for his next move.

He was looking forwards. What if the death energy was removed, would he regain his memory?

Li Xiandao told Emptiness what to do and he came to the source of the formation. It was a hill without tombstones where he stepped down on.


The entire Lu Mountain shook and then a huge wind blew. Lightning flashed and at the depths of the four cemeteries, talismans started to flash and connect with one another.

Hong long long!

Layers of death energy were being swept and under the small version of the Yellow Fountain Formation, they started to explode out into the air.

Death energy which was grey spread around. The True Celestials guarding the tombs were shocked. If they sucked a breath in, they themselves would be unlucky.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know. It was okay before, why did this happen now?”

“This is death energy and it is really thick. I can’t see things five meters out. Wasn’t the death energy suppressed deep down, how did it explode?”

“I don’t know, the only thing I know is that we have to report it and ask them to send people over to deal with it. This death energy is too terrifying. When I breathe a bit of it, I feel like a third of my lifeforce is gone. I am a True Celestial…”

The True Celestial Realm expert ran away in fear. They didn’t have the courage to head into the cemetery to take a close look.

At that moment, the four cemeteries were empty. There were no living people, only dead.

Even Li Xiandao became a dead person.

Who knew how many people were buried here. Moreover, they were quite strong, the weak ones couldn’t be buried. There was a celestial meridian here and the death energy would only explode at a specified date.

But today wasn’t that so-called special day.

The death energy exploded all about but fortunately, Li Xiandao’s body was strong enough. He sat cross-legged like a buddha made out of the mud. He didn’t say anything and gave off a majestic aura. Li Xiandao directed the death energy into his body and they instantly suppressed his life energy.

This was why Li Xiandao was also a dead person too.

The difference was that as time went on, Li Xiandao’s life energy started to recover. The death energy also had a place to go, which was Li Xiandao’s finger.

Only then did Li Xiandao heave a sigh of relief and he looked towards Emptiness, “You can relax now.”

It wasn’t simple to refine a Finger of Death. This was only the start. Li Xiandao absorbed the celestial energy from the grade six celestial meridian to raise his strength.


In the next second, balls of death energy exploded from Emptiness’s body. All of them followed the formation and entered Li Xiandao’s body. They were then gathered towards his finger.

Finger of Death, this was more like it.

“Emptiness’s death energy is a little thicker, much more than those in the four cemeteries. But in terms of quality, Emptiness’s one is far weaker.” Li Xiandao exclaimed.

Didn’t you have a lot of death energy?

I lack death energy, I want all that you have.

Spit it all out!

Li Xiandao opened his eyes. His eyes turned grey and he looked really weird.

Hong long long!

From within Emptiness’s body, layers of death energy exploded and broke free from his body. The Yellow Fountain Formation separated the death energy from his body.

After the death energy left, Emptiness’s life force started to recover.

Li Xiandao opened his mouth wide and absorbed all of the thick death energy.


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