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As An Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills – Chapter 380: This Sword Will Kill All (3) Bahasa Indonesia

A simple and unadorned sword aura appeared and cut the bloody palm in half. It brushed past the two sides of the body and blasted into the void behind.

“It’s the sword maniac! He finally made his move!” Huai Mei looked at the horizon. Before her, a young man had appeared out of nowhere. His hair was half-gray and his face was plain. He was wearing a set of faded green robes. He was looking at Jiang Ming calmly.

“Who is this person?” Most of the geniuses were shocked.

“What an exquisite sword technique. To be able to neutralize Zhang Shan’s attack like this is quite a wonderful move.”

“He seems to be a genius of the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven. However, I’ve never heard of him before!”

“This Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven has such a terrifying foundation.”

Although this person had only attacked once, those who could reach this place had extremely sharp eyes. They could all tell that this person was probably not weaker than Mo Feng.

Even the other geniuses of the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven looked as if they had seen a ghost. They knew that this guy was obsessed with the path of swordsmanship and was called a sword maniac. However, they never knew that he was so powerful.

For some reason, when Wu Hen saw this person appear in front of him, his expression suddenly became ferocious. He could not help but roar, “Who let you out? Get down!”

The gray-haired youth’s expression froze. He tilted his head slightly and sighed. “Wu Hen, before I came, the sect master instructed me not to let Mo Feng die here. Please leave first.”

Then, he looked back at Jiang Ming and said sincerely, “Fellow cultivator, please hold back. The Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven has withdrawn from the battle. All the spiritual light can also be given to you. Please show mercy and spare Mo Feng’s life!”

“Your technique is not bad.” Jiang Ming was expressionless. “However, no one can stop me from killing the person I want to kill. If you want to die with him, then come with me.”

The gray-haired youth was stunned. After a moment, he said helplessly, “In that case, I understand. It seems that Mo Feng’s luck is bad. It’s difficult for him to escape this calamity today!”

Jiang Ming could not help but smile. This guy was really interesting. His words made it seem as if standing up for Mo Feng was his mission. However, he gave up at the slightest obstruction.

“However, before that, I would like to ask if you’re willing to give me some pointers in swordsmanship,” the gray-haired youth suddenly said without thinking.

Below, Huai Mei was secretly shocked. She knew how terrifying this sword maniac was. If it was not for him being obsessed with the path of swordsmanship and not paying attention to the ways of the world, the young master of the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven would definitely be him.

It was rumored that although this sword maniac seemed gentle and low-key, he was actually extremely arrogant and was only devoted to the path of swordsmanship. He was usually gentle because he did not like trouble and could not be bothered getting involved with other people. He was like this even when facing the mighty sect master of the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven.

However, when he met Zhang Shan today, why would he show such an attitude?

Jiang Ming was also stunned when he heard that. Then, he realized something and nodded slightly, revealing a smile. “There are many cultivators on the Saint Cultivation Platform. Only you are worthy to be called a prodigy. In that case, I’ll give you some pointers. However, you’ll have to bear the consequences!”

Many geniuses were stunned, and anger rose in their hearts. However, when they thought of Zhang Shan’s previous performance, they could only suppress their anger and did not dare show it.

The grey-haired youth had an expression of child-like joy on his face. He cupped his hands and said, “Thank you! Even if I die, it will be worth it! May I know a little bit about your sword?”

Jiang Ming was stunned for a moment, then he pondered for a moment and said, “This sword has killed countless enemies!”


The geniuses below were confused. What was going on?

However, the next moment, Jiang Ming raised his hand and sword aura gathered at his fingertip.

In an instant, the Saint Cultivation Platform changed!

Everyone’s expressions were shocked, and their faces paled in horror.


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