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Tang Shaoyang could tell it was hostility because he received it often when he met the people from the other factions. He could easily detect the hostility, which was masked with a smile. The confusion hit him for a moment, then he tried to think of the cause of the hostility.

‘Is it because of the beastmen? Or the elf?’ Tang Shaoyang thought Moonsong or Aleesa and Virion might be the root of the Divine Church’s hostility, assuming the Divine Church has something against the non-human race. The Divine Church might be a belief that detests non-human races since religion could really have extreme commandments.

“I am grateful for accepting the federation’s invitation.” Redvers took over the conversation after Saintess Marisha finished. “As everyone knows, there are another twenty-one worlds in this Sky Tower, making it up to twenty-five worlds, including us. We have a lot of competitors, and I am thinking of reducing those competitors.”

It was something that everyone was aware of, but no one interrupted Redvers. “First, I want to talk about the alliance. I propose we establish an alliance, no fight between us, as we cooperate in fighting the other worlds. Why an alliance? Because I don’t want us, from the same starter city, to fight each other. If that happens, the other worlds may use that chance to destroy our city. If our city is destroyed, we will lose our foothold and might lose our chance to get further to the upper floor.”

“Of course, it’s not easy to destroy the starter city. Usually, no one has an interest in destroying a city because they have to pay a huge price to destroy a city, but again, if we fight each other, the other worlds from the other cities might use our infighting to destroy our city. In order to prevent that from happening, I propose an alliance. The alliance does not mean we share the resources we got. We are still rivals, and we still compete for resources, but we will use a special way to resolve the conflict if that happens. This way, we will reduce the casualties. We don’t fight to the death if we fight for the same resource.”

Zhang Mengyao and Virion observed the other representatives. None of them had any reactions, indicating they should have known about this before the meeting. The explanation was meant for those who were the first-timers for the dimensional tower.

“Before we talk further about the alliance, like how we resolve a conflict for the resources. I want an answer for each of you, whether you agree or not, about the alliance. If you are against the idea of making an alliance, there’s no use in continuing the talk. So how is it?” Redvers scanned the others, waiting for their responses.

Arnor Ollsen was the first one to raise his hand. The young man sat next to Augusto Thamsen, meaning he held some responsibility for the Giteron Dynasty’s side. “I do agree if three of us, The Giteron Dynasty, The Divine Church, and The Federation of Allurion, establish an alliance, but I don’t agree to include the Tang Empire into the alliance. I don’t believe they have any use for us if a battle breaks out against the other starter cities. Instead of making an alliance with the Tang Empire, I would rather we look at the other starter cities and make an alliance with them instead. They are too weak to stand equal with us.”

Arnor Ollsen was targeting The Tang Empire for sure, but he was not blindly speaking out without reason. His reason was rational, and the fact that Augusto Thamsen did not stop Arnor indicated the old man agreed with Arnor. However, the Giteron Dynasty did not expect how the federation to respond to the objection.

“The Tang Empire will not have any use for the alliance? Can you elaborate more, Sir….” Redvers paused as he looked toward Arnor. Arnor did not introduce himself yet before, so he did not know to whom he spoke.

“My name is Arnor Ollsen of the Duke Ollsen.” Ollsen twitched his lips a little when Redvers asked his name. He felt like he was embarrassed even though his family was of higher status than the Thamsen Family. “Do I need to elaborate on why the Tang Empire is useless for the alliance? I think we all know that this is the Tang Empire’s first dimensional tower. That means they don’t have the same resources as we have. I do believe our magic knowledge, equipment, and skills are more advanced than theirs. They are much weaker than us, and I disagree with establishing an alliance with the Tang Empire.”

Redvers nodded, acknowledging Arnor’s reasoning. The Prime Minister then glanced toward Saintess Marisha instead of responding to Arnor. “What about the Divine Church?”

“We agree with the Giteron Dynasty, but we don’t mind establishing an alliance with the Tang Empire, but we have conditions for them to join the alliance. First, If a battle against the other starter cities breaks, the Tang Empire will be the vanguard whether we are defending or attacking. Second, the Tang Empire had to share fifty percent of what they got from the eleven floors with us. Third, If any of us happens to compete for resources with the Tang Empire, the Tang Empire has to give up the resource. The Divine Church must have priority over the Tang Empire. If the Tang Empire agrees with those three conditions, then the Divine Church agrees to establish an alliance.”

Tang Shaoyang looked toward the Saintess with a bewildered look. There was no way he would agree with those absurd conditions, which meant the Divine Church also did not want the Tang Empire to join the alliance. It was just that the Divine Church did not blatantly reject the Tang Empire into the alliance. If this was the old Tang Shaoyang, he would no longer remain in his seat. He would leave the meeting directly, but that was not how an emperor should act; at least, he thought so.

Tang Shaoyang remained silent as he looked toward Redvers. He did not want to say anything until he heard the federation’s response first. If the federation agreed with the other two factions, then there was no reason for him to stay here any longer. He would not join the alliance if there was no benefit for the empire.

“I see.” Redvers nodded once more before looking toward Tang Shaoyang with a smile. “Unfortunately, I have to agree with them, Sir Tang. Are you willing to join the alliance with those three conditions?”


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