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Age of Cosmic Exploration – Chapter 476: Miss Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 476: Miss

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“God tier space civilization, Mo’s illusory space, here we present the soul brand of our leader. According to calculations, the soul brand of an Immortal is more than enough to suppress a high level Demon…

“Our race’s demand is… to turn back time, to return to the Time Node that will change history. The candidate selected to prevent the formation of the Great Academy is him…

“Wang Shao Yun!”

The man woke up from his dream, but he had forgotten everything about his dream, or rather a magical energy prevented him from remembering his dream. The feeling was curious. He had experienced it and he had the memory, but he couldn’t access them. The feeling was oppressive.

The man’s brain was about to explode from trying to pinpoint his missing memory. An inexplicable reason made him stop and start to observe his surroundings. He seemed to be in a hospital room. The walls were all white and there were multiple devices in the room, but everything looked outdated… Hmm? Outdated? Why would he feel everything was outdated?

Suddenly, the man realized he was strapped to the bed. He was angered by this mistreatment, but on the surface, he was calm because he noticed there were at least 27 weapons hidden in the room, and eight of them could demolish his physical body in an instant. Two of them were so fast that he wouldn’t even have time to use his psychic power… But wait, how did he know about the hidden weapons in the room? What was psychic power? The man returned to his contemplation.

Several minutes later, his face suddenly changed and he glanced at the room’s entrance. The door opened on its own and in walked two Black Star Troopers wearing space armors. The man’s eyes widened even though he had no idea why he was being so excited. However, when he saw these two Black Star Troopers, a warm feeling surged through his heart and tears fell from the corners of his eyes even though he couldn’t tell for sure why he was crying…

(Two Homo Evolutis, it’s really two Homo Evolutis, there’re two of them… Hmm? But why am I so excited and happy? And what is a Homo Evolutis… How do I know about them?)

The man was filled with confusion. He must have lost his memory, and he discovered that he couldn’t even remember what his name was, nor what his identity was. If not for the fact that he could tell he was a man, he probably wouldn’t remember his gender either… This was deep amnesia. Other than language skills and common knowledge, he really couldn’t remember anything else. This was sad.

Thinking about this, the man stopped hesitating. He turned towards the two Homo Evolutis to ask, “Who am I? Why am I here? What is happening?”

The two Black Star Troopers glanced at each other before one of them stepped forward to say, “Your name is Wang Shao Yun, can’t you remember that anymore?” The voice belonged to a woman.

Shao Yun was shocked because he managed to remember his name instantly. Yes, his name was Wang Shao Yun… but what about the rest? Why couldn’t he remember anything else?

The female voice continued, “My name is Ming Ji Jie, do you know who I am?”

Shao Yun was confused. When he heard the name “Ming Ji Jie,” an indescribable terror overwhelmed him, and the phrase “the Fallen” cropped up in his mind… but why? What did that mean, and why would he react so negatively to these words? The terror he felt from this name was greater than death, but he couldn’t tell why that was. The situation was too confusing.

Ji Jie studied Shao Yun’s expression closely and she speculated, “You know me? Or do you remember me from your future?”

Right then, the Black Star Trooper beside her immediately said, “Vice-captain, that is a confidential topic…”

Ji Jie was silent for a moment before she smiled. “Of course, I’ve misspoken… Wang Shao Yun, I will confirm three things with you now. One, you are indubitably a human being. Be it from the genetics or soul, you are a real human being. This was confirmed by our technology and the Animas. Since you are a human being, you don’t need to be guarded around us, because humans will never harm humans, so we will not harm you.”

Shao Yun sighed in relief when he heard this, but at the same time, he had a hard time believing the statement. Humans will never harm humans. However, again, he couldn’t tell where that feeling came from. Regardless, when the two visibly relaxed, he too put down his guard…

“Two, Wang Shao Yun, we’ve put your name through all of our databases, but you do not exist in any single of them. You seem to have appeared from thin air. According to all the evidence, you definitely do not belong to this human civilization…

“Three, the formula that you wrote before you fainted was far more technologically advanced than the metallurgy technology we currently have. It is something we humans cannot research or design at the moment. However, the formula does serve as a great inspiration, and it was thusly that its validity was verified…”

When Ji Jie paused after reading all three points, the Black Star Trooper beside her added, “Therefore, we can confirm two things. One, you’re definitely a human being, and two, you’re not a human being from this human government. There are too many unknowns surrounding your origin, so now we would like to ask you, is there anything you wish to tell us?”

Shao Yun was silent for a long time before asking, “I have no comment about everything you’ve just said, because I don’t understand any of them. I can’t remember what I’ve given you, but there is one thing I understand: you’re illegally holding me hostage. I demand to know what crime I have committed. If I remember clearly, the Human Creed states that all human beings that haven’t been confirmed to be chaos-corrupted have the right for freedom. What you’re doing is illegal!”

The two troopers looked at each other. Shao Yun’s statement was loaded. The term “Human Creed” was interesting and what was this “chaos-corrupted?” They needed to find out more.

Ji Jie answered, “This is a unique situation that we have to keep you here. However, we do not have any intention to harm you, or else we wouldn’t be here. If anything, we’re trying to heal you. You have injuries all over your body, and among the human society, only this place has the suitable medical devices to cure your injuries. Don’t you feel much better?”

Shao Yun was confused because it seemed like Ji Jie wasn’t lying to him, but when he thought about it, he couldn’t tell when he got injured, why he got injured, and the extent of his injuries. In fact, he felt that all of this was unbelievable because as the last Black Star Trooper, his training was complete including… including what? By the way, why would he think he was the last Black Star Trooper?

Shao Yun felt increasing despair regarding his own situation, but the long training that had become part of his nature made him calm down. He felt his body and said, “There is nothing wrong with my physical body, but my mental power is still extremely weak. I cannot utilize any of the psychic defensive measures. I need a shot of ZH-317 to recover the mental power and a shot of TTTY-055 to stabilize the soul quotient. Please give me the injection immediately.”

The two Black Star Troopers looked at each other again. Honestly, the Wang Shao Yun had given them too many pleasant surprises, including these two medical shots that they hadn’t even heard of before. They could recover the mental power? And what was soul quotient? These were terms they hadn’t even heard of before… Wait, there was something called soul? Humanity really had soul?

Ji Jie thought about it and said, “I’m sorry, but I need you to focus. We are currently in Human Calendar year 31. What can you tell me about that?”

Human Calendar year 31, humanity had just escaped the Song of Destruction, obtained the Mo’s Ruin, and arrived at this place called the Land of Eternal Shine. A place where humanity called home and a second home planet called Eden. Humanity started building the most glorious mothership in human history called Kun Lun… but Kun Lun will fall due to the Fallen… I can’t remember, but there was a silver war in the year 31, and the great leader formed the blazing trail, and that was when humanity first came across… came across what?

Shao Yun felt like his memory had shattered into pieces, but he still managed to latch onto the key points. “Chancellor, yes, I remember, our great leader, our most natural leader, Chancellor Yao Yuan, is still alive! Yes, he should have formed the blazing trail project around this time, and then… I can’t remember, but I know that the medicine ZH series and TTTY series haven’t been made yet. Yes, I remember that now.”

Ji Jie’s eyes shimmered with disbelief. She suddenly leaned in to Shao Yun to ask, “I’m curious, what is that psychic power you mentioned earlier? Is it related to the psychokinetic cannon or something else?”

Shao Yun answered unconsciously, “No, psychic power is the Black Star Troopers… sorry, I can’t remember.”

Ji Jie smiled with satisfaction. “It’s okay, we have more than enough. Then, Comrade Wang Shao Yun, please rest well to recover the damage to your physical and mental health.” Then she nodded at the other Black Star Trooper and they prepared to leave.

Shao Yun nodded dumbly, but he suddenly yelled, “Wait, wait a minute, I have something important to see the Chancellor about… even though I can’t remember what that was, I have to see him! Now!”

Ji Jie turned to say, “The strangeness of your origin aside, we cannot let you meet the Chancellor because…

“At 10 AM two days ago, the blazing trail unit warped away. You’ll have to wait until they return.”


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