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After Returning, My Abilities are Infinite – Chapter 163 Bahasa Indonesia

Episode 163. The User (3)

The Traveler sat on the cliff at the end of his world and looked at the scenery below. It was an empty world where nothing could be seen. Originally, it wasn’t like that back in the path. There was no such thing as a subordinate, who stayed in that world together since he had walked down the Path of Domination, nor family since he had been living without raising any successor since ‘that incident.’

However, it was full of superb views, such as the dense forests and lakes he saw while traveling. Other Transcendents often came and admired it from time to time. They sat alone and enjoyed the atmosphere leisurely. However… currently, all of that wasn’t there.

“… She left without staying longer, huh.”

The woman, surprised to see his wounds, didn’t stay long and quickly returned to her residence. After that, the Traveler stayed and was looking at only that sight. The reason was that he remembered a bad memory since he revealed that scar.

No, he couldn’t say that it was bad. That experience gave him a new purpose in his unenthusiastic life and started to burn it again, but it was still vivid for that moment. It wasn’t very pleasant every time he thought of it.

-The Akashic Records user, you say? Are you dealing with that even though you’re just a mortal?

At first, it was just interesting. He was walking around the world below, and when he ran into him, he said that without even thinking. It was amazing that the mysterious collection of the Akashic Records moved by borrowing only the body of a mortal.

So he followed that guy and watched him, and by the time he lost his interest, a question arose. A great collection that moved only by borrowing the body of a mortal. If so, was it a passive being that couldn’t get anything on its own? Wouldn’t it value the defined existence of its user very much?

So the Traveler made a move. Out of mere interest, he mistreated the user of the Akashic Records and pushed him to death, and in the end, he saw that final moment.

-Why… Why… Aren’t you… my helper?

-I’m worried that the image might’ve been damaged when mortals thought so. I’m glad that now I’m wearing the appearance of an old man and an insignificant modifier.

-What do you…

The previous generation of the Akashic Records user, who fell apart, spoke hard. The weak mortal didn’t last long and lost his breath. The Traveler sighed as if he had lost his pulse while he checked on it.

Despite numerous trials, the Akashic Records didn’t move. It didn’t give them any special power, nor did it save the users with its powers. It was just watching and collecting information. The question ended in a trifle.

-What an… interesting fellow.

No, it seemed to end on a whim.

-The pain my users suffered… I also recorded all those terrible feelings I couldn’t record before… These are the feelings. However… It was very unpleasant.


-It felt like… losing a child. Thanks to you, I got to know. What are the feeling of cherishing something and the feeling of losing something precious? It will be a shame if it continues like… this. Both for you and myself… I feel like I have to take something away to relieve my anger…

Mysterious voice. At that moment, the Traveler felt as if he was looking at something indescribable. A library of a mysterious concept? It wasn’t something like that. That was… that was something different.

The dead user’s body opened up widely, revealing its teeth like a monster. Along with that, the Traveler saw the universe. In the beginning, when everything was floating like dust. The universe served as its background.

The Akashic Records was the universe. The Traveler who faced the universe was fascinated and felt something taken away from him inside. However, he couldn’t resist. The appearance of the universe was so beautiful, and he was fascinated by the sights he encountered for the first time in his life.

-This… I will eat it. Keep on living… as you also feel these empty feelings.

-Faceless… King. I hope you won’t ever do anything cheeky again.

It had the power to wipe out all the worlds of the Transcendents, but before that, it became very small in front of him. The user’s body soon drooped and evaporated. However, the Traveler knelt before him and touched his side. From the bottom of his chest, the ribs were completely torn off. With that, he completely lost the landscapes that made up his world.


At that moment, a picture came to the Traveler’s mind. An ‘interesting plan’ that could be accomplished with that great thing. What could he do if he used it as a long-term partner? What could he conquer?

That was the essence that made him up. To conquer and dominate something. The Traveler had such an idea even at the moment when his precious things were taken away.

“… I got it in my hand. Pretending to be a helper while trying not to offend it.”

The Traveler’s eyes moved.

“A little bit more… That way, I can get my hands on the Akashic Records and the user as my chessman. A hungry predator that can devour everything. That will become mine.”

The Akashic Records wasn’t a passive, do-nothing library. It hadn’t interfered with Transcendents in the meantime since they weren’t good food for it.

The Traveler gave Jeong Si-woo the sweet power of Transcendent, and the user strongly influenced the Akashic Records that treated the user as its own child.

If so… Of course, it currently saw the Transcendents as its prey.

“Awaken your appetite and… begin to see the Transcendents as your prey as well. At that moment, I will conquer everything by using you as my long-term partner, just like in the early days.”

The Traveler’s voice quietly echoed in his world.

The shadow reflected behind him in the form of an old man had the appearance of a ferocious beast.

* * *

“This Game is amazing.”

The evaluation of the Game described by the Boss was great. It seemed to me that it was just disgusting, but they seemed to rate it as fun. It was as if they were dealing with a real game.

They played with the world, but it seemed no different from looking at a scenario in an online game and reviewing it like ‘It was great?’ or ‘Let’s see if I liked it or not’ things.

Those were the mortals that I saw as my own food.

I suppressed my anger, and I searched for the timing.

“Let’s start… the game. Now, bring a sphere that shows the world…”

With those words, two men walked with each big bead. Two transparent beads. Hundreds of people were lit up like small miniatures on it. Along with that, the power of empowering the Akashic Records brought information to me.

[The Sphere of Showing the World]

[An object that is also called a miniature version of the world. It contains the core of the world in a bead and brightly illuminates the scene. It has very weak durability and must be handled with care, and the moment the bead is destroyed, the connection with the world is cut off. When the connection is lost, the world loses control, and the world regains its freedom.]

Ah. As soon as I heard the explanation, an interesting idea came to my mind.

After fully grasping the information, I flicked my fingers. At the same time, the stick in my hand sparkled.

[Lord King]

[The King who walks down the Domination. Adjusts the target with a weaker ‘image’ than the user at will. You have only 5 minutes to dig into the will and move the target.]

The power that created the Queen, Han Yeon-soo’s technique theme. There was a penalty of only 5 minutes, but it was a fully utilized force. It was great to manipulate someone as I pleased in that situation where the atmosphere was important.


The foot of the Boss’ subordinate, who was carrying a bead with his finger, was tripping. The bead floated in the air for a moment. The subordinate, who was waiting behind him, jumped and tried to catch it. It was such an important item, so it was obvious that the rear manpower was placed behind it. But I was sorry because that wasn’t enough.



The subordinate, who was running, tripped over the subordinate, who slipped on his foot, and fell even more severely. However, whether there was something else on the floor of that building, the speed at which the bead fell quickly slowed down.

“As expected, did you prepare for everything? But what should you do? There are so many ways to break the beads, even if you do that.”


The head of the falling subordinate twisted, and I adjusted the angle very, very finely. The slowly falling bead hit the subordinate’s head with the full weight and was smashed. Glass shards splashed in all directions with a clinking, cheerful sound. I didn’t stop there.


“Pfft! Pffft.”

Like the audience who watched the slapstick comedy, the sound of holding back laughter rang out. Starting with that, a few Transcendents spat it out.

The world’s core burst in all directions with the clinking sound.

I could tell instinctively that the world was liberated and completely disconnected.

The Boss’ stirring face was distorted. I was convinced, even if he didn’t have any features. That guy was extremely mad.


“Pff, puahahahahahaha!”

I waved my finger again, and laughter popped out from everywhere. The fallen subordinates picked up the pieces of broken beads with their pale faces.

“T-This stupid fucking bastard-!”

At that sight, the Boss moved from the place where he was standing. He then swung his thick body toward the two fallen subordinates. It was a gap created by being unable to overcome anger. At that moment, I kicked the floor and jumped.

Superior Body.

I moved like a gambling man in a slow time. I might jump in blindly and die. Still, that was how I could completely ruin his image. I mobilized all the powers that increased my physical function and retained the momentum as it was.


I kicked the Boss’ head. He didn’t seem to have expected it at all. Even with that monstrous look, I guess he didn’t have eyes on the back.

Along with that, the Boss who couldn’t bear my weight fell forward. At the same time, he fell on top of his subordinates, who were picking up pieces of beads. Even the one remaining bead fell to the floor and made a clicking sound.



Finally, I moved my finger. At the same time, all the Transcendents there burst into laughter. It became a festive atmosphere. The sound of breaking glass in it became a sound effect. The atmosphere of bright tension that the Boss had hoped for. Well, in other words, should I say that the Boss was the clown who brightened up the tension?

“Hey, hey!”

An indescribably terrible voice leaked out of the mouth of the unseemly fallen Boss. He seemed to be mad as hell. At the same time, I tried to create a shield by releasing as much price as possible, but I overlooked one thing.

“This little rat-like bastard…!”

How much was the price of the Boss?

That I went without a proper investigation in advance.

“… Uh, ugh.”

It was a sensation that my whole body was swelling. And for a moment, everything seemed to turn white from the inside of my chest to my eardrum.

The sound of a balloon popping rang out.


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