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After Returning, My Abilities are Infinite – Chapter 162 Bahasa Indonesia

Episode 162. The User (2)

“… He’s not that great despite his grand appearance, huh?”

Cough, cough.

I coughed up a couple of times and ran past the man who resembled a fallen black shadow. It was disadvantageous to face the Boss at my level at that time. It was best to circle around there and catch him off guard. To do that, it was good to get out of the chase and hit the back of the Boss, who somehow had to proceed with the Game to save his face. I ran as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“O-oh, my God… The Shadow… at once…”

“What the hell is going on… just now…”

Ignoring the astonished voices coming from behind, I ran that way.

* * *

“It is said that the Shadow was defeated.”

Those words shook the Boss’ eyes. He couldn’t believe it. The One Who Lives in the Shadow was strong enough to be ranked second even in his group, which was filled with numerous strong men. The power to see through and destroy the inside was so powerful that it made even himself reluctant.

However, he was destroyed so easily in a short time to that little rat.

“… Tell all the subordinates to stop pursuing him.”

The Boss, who was confused when he heard a sudden report while playing the Game, turned his body after those words. That was shocking news, and the power loss was also large. However, that feeling shouldn’t be expressed. There, he had to be the dominant figure, the one who led the atmosphere.

Jeong Si-woo, who made a mess and ran away, had already firmly rooted in their heads. As all of them were Transcendents, the price of Jeong Si-woo had to be exploding in real-time.

I shouldn’t be shaken more. The main character of the Game was me. The topic shouldn’t turn around.

“… That’s not a good thing. Can I proceed with the Game again? It’s a non-trivial situation. I’ll take care of this on my own.”

The Boss, who said it wasn’t a big deal, continued to explain the world that would be the entertainment at that time. However, while pretending to be fine on the outside, he couldn’t help worrying about him on the inside.

He was the guy who killed the Shadow. None of those underlings would be able to handle him. The only way to kill him was by himself, but he had to finish the Game now. He shouldn’t let their gazes change. He could no longer develop Jeong Si-woo’s power. The attention he had to himself shouldn’t be changed.

‘I will leave you for now, but…as soon as the game is over, you face the worst.’

The Boss’s face wriggled stickily. His anger boiled up. That guy extinguished his subordinates, and he lost his second-in-command, who had been with him for a long time. It was a miracle to put up with it on the surface.

Fortunately, it wasn’t difficult to get the cheers back from the stupid Casino customers and changed the mood.

‘A user of the Akashic Records found by the Faceless King… Yes, that’s why even the Shadow couldn’t match with him. The Shadow that sees through the inside of his shell mustn’t be able to hold up the vast thing….’

The name of the Akashic Records had been famous since ancient times. It didn’t show great power or influence, but no Transcendent dared to look inside.

When it came to information, the Akashic Records were invincible. It didn’t exert any influence on the outside, but the things that came inside itself were devastatingly extinguished. He must’ve been struck by it.

Yeah. It wasn’t like he got beaten by that kid. His subordinates had to be struck by the mysterious collection of information.

‘… The Akashic Records that the Faceless King wanted so much. Of course, the user who took my subordinates away. I will kill you. Without leaving any trace!’

While rationalizing that, the Boss continued to explain in a dry voice.

“The Shadow… I heard he even was defeated.”

“What? How the hell… Was it true that the Faceless King was behind it? How does the guy who looked like a brat…”

Not even realizing that the name Jeong Si-woo was spreading all over the place much faster than he expected.

As a result, his price was growing at an explosive rate in a short time without knowing it.

As the whispers continued, it wasn’t that he got a little stronger. Jeong Si-woo’s power was soaring that even the Boss couldn’t easily see it.

* * *

“I heard there was a man at the Casino named the Support for You. Is it true?”

“Support… Ha, that guy. I went out because it was frustrating, but in the end, it’s all done.”

“I guess it’s true.”

The woman who asked the question sighed. Given the Traveler’s response, the reports heard were absolutely true.

“As I know, the Faceless King wouldn’t train a successor after that incident, but was I mistaken?”

“No, you’re right to know that.”

“Then… how about the rumors?”

“It’s true with a support, but it has never been a successor.”

“What do you…?”

“Just now, are you throwing up at my words?”

At that moment, the woman’s mouth closed. She asked again without realizing it since he was looking like an easy-going old man. However, the moment she met the old man’s glance, she recalled who she was facing at that moment. If she had just spat one more letter, she would’ve perished without a trace.

“… I apologize.”

The Faceless King. The society created by the Transcendents and the dimension they created as relaxation could be turned into ashes with a few tapping of his fingers. The woman bowed her head when she felt his unpleasant mood. The Traveler, who looked indifferently at the scene, opened his shut mouth again.

“He’s not a successor. It’s just that what he has is helping me with the picture I’m envisioning.”

“What he has?”

“Akashic Records.”

“… Oh, that’s what you mean.”

Akashic Records. It was something the woman knew well. It was impossible for a Transcendent who had lived for a long time not to know about it.

“There are a lot of great modifiers attached to it, but… It’s not that great, is it? It doesn’t have any influence unless you try to look into it, and it doesn’t have that great of stories.”

“Hah, every Transcendent I met said something like that. Foolish things.”


“You’re saying that because you don’t know the nature of the Akashic Records.”

What did that mean? The woman thought so. They weren’t a match to the Traveler, but she was also a Transcendent who had lived for countless hours. She was a living witness of history who had survived the years of regret. In that, she also naturally suffered incidents related to the Akashic Records.

She had concluded that Akashic Records wasn’t that special, and the other Transcendents were the same. The Akashic Record was just a record book. There was a peculiarity that it could never be looked into. Still, most of the information recorded in the Akashic Records was information that could be obtained by giving money in Utopia.

Therefore, a library that maintained only a mysterious concept without anything special. That was what the Akashic Records were called by experienced Transcendents.

But to say that they didn’t know its nature…

“Do you remember when I was wandering around the mortal world for a thousand years with the insignificant modifier ‘Traveler’?”

“I remember. Didn’t you say that you have nothing more to do and that you are going on a short trip? Then you fell in love with mortals and spent a thousand years.”

“Yeah, it’s known that way, but it’s not really about the mortals. I fell in love with the Akashic Records. To the fascinating being.”

The woman raised her eyes at those words. The fascinating being? It was a word that didn’t go very well with the Akashic Records, and before she could say anything, the Traveler untied the coat-string that wrapped the old man’s body. Hard muscles that didn’t fit the old body were revealed.


However, it wasn’t the body that the Traveler intended to show. When the clothes were pulled open, and the body was completely naked and exposed, the woman’s face hardened and turned white.

“T-that, what?”

The chest of the Traveler underneath. The area where the human ribs were to be located was empty. To be exact, there was a wound that seemed to have been eaten by something. It was as hideous as a fierce beast bite.

“The Akashic records. That’s what the great library did to me.”

In response to the answer, the woman’s expression became even harder.

No way the Akashic Records would do that.

“What you know is not all of the Akashic Records. No, rather, you guys don’t know anything. What it is and what its users can do. You’ll never know.”

The Traveler laughed bitterly as he said it. The scar on his body wasn’t a lie. It wasn’t the kind of wound he could make himself. Only that wound didn’t feel exactly like the Traveler. Someone really bit it.

‘What the hell…’

The woman gulped at the sight of the Traveler with a meaningful smile.

There was no way of knowing what the hell that great being was up to.

* * *

At some point, the movement that pursued me stopped. Using the structure of the building’s interior, I hid inside the wall and slowly escaped. The atmosphere had changed. It was bloody before, but currently, it had become a festive atmosphere again as it was back to the original Casino.

People spun slot machines, betted chips, and gambled. It was no different from the humans. I put on the robe made out of a mirage and changed the modifier.

-The Man of Reversal-

No one recognized me for that alone. After all, the energy that radiated from me was completely different from before, and other phenomena also played a part.

‘From the inside… something seems to be overflowing.’

When the Shadow was killed and the pursuit stopped, a certain power was explosively growing. I didn’t know when I was hiding in the wall, but I could see why after walking inside the Casino.

“They said he killed the Shadow.”

“Oh, my God, how the hell?”

“I heard that the Faceless King favored him… As expected, did the Faceless King create a monster?”

It was thanks to my name being known and my image being more firmly engraved. I walked slowly between the stairs going down from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor while I was staring at the Boss talking hard about something.

“Now that you’ve got a good understanding of the world… how is it? Even if the scale is smaller than before… I think the foreword inside is enough. So, let’s get started.”

There were screams from all over the place. I was waiting for a moment while adjusting the mirage.

‘Not yet.’

Expectations didn’t come up to the end. When it was so exciting, and the atmosphere was completely heated up. Only then, when an unexpected situation occurred, the atmosphere became chilly. From the host’s point of view, the chilly atmosphere was like putting a knife in his throat.

‘Today, you’re going to die with all your men.’

He seemed to be thinking that he would never die just by looking at the Game progressing confidently. However, I was sorry, but I could see it just by looking at that explosive power and smoothly flowing plans.

The body of the self-proclaimed Boss twisted and dying in front of the audience.

‘You are already dead.’

That son of a bitch.


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