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Absolute Choice – Chapter 581: Plan For The Generational Legacy Bahasa Indonesia

China, Dragon team base—a state organ dealing with secrets of the highest order.

Marshal Red Goatee, who once led the three military services and currently the leader of Dragon team, and Tyger Li, who was deemed emperor of the world of politics, were undergoing a series of confidential discussions.

These two powerful figures who could easily shake China with a mere tremble of their feet never saw eye to eye with each other. There had been more than one occasion since Marshal Red Goatee publicly mocked the head of the Li family who was not very old, but more cunning than an old fox.

Although Tyger Li had never said any words of disrespect to the old marshal, he seldom interacted with the old plebeian he viewed as crude.

Today, Tyger Li had made an exception to visit the old marshal at Dragon team base. They were naturally discussing an important matter that would influence the entire nation.

After a brief silence, Tyger Li spoke first. “This Emperor has heard that you plan on activating the plan ahead of time tomorrow?”

Marshal Red Goatee narrowed his eyes and said, “Ever since the two towering trees appeared, the calamity fiend army, the Astral Calamity Beasts, the aliens, the Abyss, Heaven, Sea King Ream, and Beast King Mountain have been stirring. This is absolutely no coincidence. These two trees are likely the call to arms for the invasion of the human world by other species. Now, we require more strength to deal with the incoming war. We have no choice but to bring forward the plan.”

Tyger Li said with a deep voice, “The plan to select the most outstanding geniuses from the organization and academic factions in the name of competition so as to put into effect the ancient legacy which has passed down to date was personally examined and passed by This Emperor. Therefore, This Emperor will not oppose this plan. However, to bring forward the plan to tomorrow, wouldn’t this do more harm by jumping the gun? There are extreme risks involved in that plan. Without sufficient preparations, you will destroy the twenty genius rookies if you were to do so!”

Marshal Red Goatee said without expression, “Extreme times call for extreme measures. I am acutely aware of the cruelty of war. The enemy will not be benevolent enough to give you a breather. Once war erupts, the world will be pulled into unending combat and slaughter. Wouldn’t it be a little too naive when you wish to implement that plan by then?

“Besides, although the plan carries extreme risk, the returns are extremely high. If the twenty genius rookies can tide over the difficulties and gain that ‘strength,’ they would have the absolute means for self-preservation in the war. Otherwise, with their Psionic Mortal Realm strength, they will probably perish in a particular corner in the war. As compared to sitting idly for death, why not take a risk? Those young elites probably do not wish to live abject lives under the protection of experts and offer nothing. They will definitely agree to the plan.”

Tyger Li fell silent. After a long while, he said once again, “Don’t you forget that we once attempted to implement the plan thirty years ago. Back then, the country selected a hundred Psionic Mortal Realm genius rookies, but ultimately, only one person obtained the power of the legacy. The other 99 ended up either dead or crippled. With a 1% chance of success, this isn’t a risk, but sending them to their deaths. Wasn’t it a result of our inadequate preparations back then that resulted in such a catastrophe? Do you plan on repeating the same mistake?”

Marshal Red Goatee said with a deep voice, “How much higher would the rate of success increase if we make adequate preparations? One or two more? You are too naive. The reason why only one person succeeded back then wasn’t because the success rate was 1%, but because that person was the true genius among the hundred people. To the geniuses who can succeed, their success rate is a hundred percent. As for those who are lacking, their success rate will forever be zero regardless of how much preparations are made!”

Tyger Li said with a cold voice, “This Emperor doesn’t care about the life and deaths of those rookie geniuses, but This Emperor’s son, Speechless Li, is also within your plans. This Emperor is unable to oblige you in such a huge gamble.”

“I never expected the cold-blooded Li family’s tiger who will even betray his wife actually cherishes his son’s life that much? Could this be the saying that even a vicious tiger will not eat its cubs?”

Marshal Red Goatee scoffed and continued, “This isn’t a huge gamble of mine, but for the life and death of all humanity! Thirty years ago, the only rookie who inherited the legacy’s power has now grown to be the S Class Hero, One-Pun! People extol him for his impressive sword arts, and call him Moon Reflection Sword Master, but who knows that the power he received thirty years ago is all sealed in his fists!

“Have you seen that power? I have. When One-Pun throws out his fist, the colors of the world would seem to fade and the mountains and rivers shake. He can be described as a god. In this battle that determines the survival of humanity, we need to possess such power. The more, the merrier. By betting on these children, it isn’t a plan of generational legacy, but for the future of all humanity!”

One-Pun’s father was a swordsman with impressive strength. He had been trained in swordsmanship by his father from a young age, and he demonstrated stunning talent in swords.

His father had placed all of his hopes and dreams on One-Pun, hoping that his son could inherit his sword and one day challenge Jian Xilai to make up for his terrible defeat and regret of not earning the title of the God of Swords.

Thirty years ago, One-Pun was still a fifteen-year-old youth. As a rookie of Gaia, he had been selected to participate in a secret plan made compulsory by the nation.

There were 99 other geniuses from other organizations that participated in the plan. However, he was the only one who succeeded among the hundred people. Thus, he gained the “power” of people’s dreams.

Ironically, this “power” was hidden in his fists and not his sword.

Compared to his still inchoate sword arts, his fists were able to produce terrifying “power.” The young One-Pun earned a fortuitous opportunity to soar instantly as though immense wealth had fallen from the sky.

One-Pun had never forgotten his father’s regret at his deathbed ten years ago. Becoming a God of Swords was his father’s life pursuit, and it also later became his dream.

Having sparred with the God of Swords, Jian Xilai, for ten years, he went from suffering a narrow defeat to coming to a draw. Now, he was just a step from victory.

However, if One-Pun were to use his fist, even the God of Swords was no match against him.

In the exactly thirty years since that day, the number of times One-Pun had used that “power” could be counted on one hand. Despite having this “cheat” that could make him enjoy a meteoric rise, he worked without bluster and ostentation from the Psionic Mortal Realm. Step by step, he honed his sword techniques and used his own hard work to become an S Class Hero.

One-Pun proved that he didn’t need that “power” to succeed. Although he held to his principles, he was not a fool. He would still put down his sword when the time to use his fist came.

However, such pressing situations were rare. The enemies that could force him to seriously use his fists in the past thirty years numbered only three. And these three enemies were reduced to smithereens in just one punch without exception.

At this moment in time, Tianjie would become the fourth “victim.”

The strength and ambition that Tianjie had shown made One-Pun come up with the judgment: “This guy will bring a calamity beyond S Class.”

Therefore, he wouldn’t be stingy when it came to his fist.


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