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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 97: Thor Meets Rudra Bahasa Indonesia

Thor arrived at the university and was greeted by nervous teachers and staff who were extremely polite while inviting him in.

There was a red carpet laid out for Thor and everyone around him had big smiles plastered all over their faces and a subservient attitude towards the leader of the thunder nation.

Behind Thor was Gunrir, a fat dwarf and his personal assistant. Although he was fat, having a massive belly, Gunrir was a tier 5 powerhouse himself and not to be trifled with.

Behind Gunrir were the thunder legion elites. 12 of them to be precise, who walked in absolute formation matching each other’s step for step.

” Why has the principal not come to greet me? “. Thor asked, his tone extremely arrogant

The head teacher cowered at the question as he said ” Mighty Thor, sir principal is busy with the tournament preparations and sends his apologies for not being able to personally greet you “.

Gunrir the henchmen became angry at this as he said ” How insolent! The principal needs to know his place! How is the tournament more important than greeting Thor? “.

” GUNRIR! “. Thor roared in anger, as the dwarf dropped to one knee

” Of Course the tournament is important, my son fights in it! Let the principal do the preparations, I don’t mind “. Thor spoke as the teachers collectively breathed a sigh of relief

” Well said wise master, I had not thought about the young master “. Gunrir apologised like the dog that he was and Thor accepted.

Thor strolled through the university grounds with a big smile on his face, as he scanned the area for beauties to pursue until his eyes landed on one waiting in the parents’ stands.

” Exquisite “. Thor said, looking at the woman as he ran his hands through his beard, making sure he looked sharp as he made his move.

” Good Afternoon most beautiful human, I am Thor Odinson” Thor said as he extended his right hand

” Ohh…. I’m Naomi Rajput “. Naomi said shaking his hand with a smile

” Let’s discuss more about today’s tournament in my private quarters. I have the VIP box allotted to me “. Thor said with a big smile, flexing his status on Naomi

Naomi was completely unmoved as she said ” Haha, no thankyou Mr Odinson, Ill rather enjoy the match with my husband in our VIP box “.

Gunrir frowned hearing this as he said ” Insolent woman, do you even know who you are talking to, he is T- “

Before Gunrir could ever complete his sentence, his neck was sliced apart by a sword attack from afar as Thor immediately summoned his hammer, the legendary mjolnir alarmed by the speed and suddenness of the attack.

The teachers around Thor were absolutely horrified at the scene of watching Gunrir being decapitated without even a slightest hint of an attack, as they watched an extremely handsome man with blonde hair and blue eyes walk domineeringly towards the group, with an extremely angry expression on his face.

” Nobody talks to my wife in such a disrespectful tone… NOBODY”. Rudra said in a powerful voice causing many teachers to piss in their pants.

Thunder trickled all over Thor’s body, as rage erupted in his heart seeing his loyal subordinate die like this infront of him.

” How dare… “. Thor wanted to get angry, however he saw an incredible scene before his own eyes at this instant, as Rudra tore through space at speed impossible for even a tier 8 god to move through, as he dodged Thor’s hammer stab and placed his sword over his throat, pausing just before taking his head.

Blood trickled down the side of Thor’s neck as Rudra said ” It’s a wild zone, the death is not permanent, I will give you compensation for your subordinates death, but if you are a honourable man you should understand that I cannot take such a tone being used against my wife lying down “.

Thor’s breathing became rapid, he felt tingles all over his body as he realised that the man in front of him was not a mortal but a god, and a very powerful one at that, as he smiled and said ” Ofcourse, I Thor am a great lover of women, if one talked this disrespectfully with any of my 215 wives I would probably do the same “.

Naomi snorted when she heard the number, for her tolerating her husband’s NPC love back in Omega was difficult enough, but she would never share him with 2 other women, much less 215.

Rudra retreated his sword as he extended his hand and said ” Shakuni Won Knight”

Thor matched Rudra’s handshake giving him a firm grip as he said ” Thor, Odinson, Ruler Of The Thunder Kingdom and the patron god of over a 1000 planets across the universe “.

The tension in the air dissipated after the handshake and even Gunrir revived after a few seconds passed.

” Who the hell dares to attack me! Come forward if you are a man, you sly litt- “. Gunrir wanted to rant as soon as he was reborn, however, Thor landed a powerful punch straight to his head flattening him on the ground as he said ” Kowtow to God Shakuni, how dare you talk to his wife disrespectfully “

Gunrir being the obedient dwarf that he was, immediately changed his tone as he said ” I’m sorry god Shakuni, I could not recognise mount Tai and talked in a high tone with your wife.

Please punish me for my stupid actions, I promise it will never happen again “.

Rudra chuckled seeing the cartoon character apologise, he knew he was not sincere but he also knew that he harboured no ill feelings against him or Naomi and that he was just a simpleton, so Rudra tossed him a pack of 12 perfect grade mana potions, with the value of each individual potion being 4 million gold coins.

” For the experience loss ” Rudra said as Gunrir became extremely happy to see the gift and immediately bowed even lower, this time because of genuine respect.

Thor stroked his beard and smiled as he said ” See you in a while God Shakuni, while you have a beautiful wife to accompany you in your room, I just have Gunrir, you must excuse me till I find a suitable partner, I will surely meet you afterwards”.

Rudra shrugged his shoulders and smiled, as the two god’s parted ways much to the relief of the school management.

If an actual fight did break out between Rudra and Thor, the entire Asteroid that the university was built upon would Shatter after a single strike exchanged between the two, so it was a huge relief for them that the matter was settled peacefully.

Naomi happily tugged her arms between her husband’s as a huge smile was plastered on her face.

She absolutely loved it when her husband showed his possessive side over her, and how domineering he could be at times.

If it were another man, they would think twice before offending a god with the stature of Thor, however, not Rudra.

He was one guy who did not give a f*** about who it was if they crossed his family.

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