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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 93: Chaos Bahasa Indonesia

Max and Sebastian bursted with speed as they rushed towards the enemies. Although no words were spoken, both of them knew exactly whom to target from the group of four, as Sebastian landed an overhead slash to one of the lanky looking swordsman who blocked it with great difficulty, however, this made him completely open to Max’s attack as Max stabbed him straight in the heart.

-2400 critical hit!

It was a one slash death as Max’s Bloodsucker blade completely destroyed the players heart and caused him to die.

As one of the players of the group was dead, the rest of them were teleported back to the starting point after painstakingly coming all the way to the centre.

” I have crossed, guys, hurry “.

A shout could be heard from Anna, as Max and Sebastian turned towards Asiva and gave her the nod to go ahead.

Anna stood on the other side of the wooden bridge, her bowstring pulled tight as she prepared to shoot at the first sight of the enemy.

Not even a full minute later, two different groups emerged from two different sides, and Max and Sebastian were locked in a dangerous 3 way deadlock.

‘ Fuck me ‘. Max cursed as he and Sebastian ran towards opposite directions, as they gambled a 4 V 1 fight.

Thankfully, both Asiva and Anna had long range abilities for support, as while Anna covered Sebastian with her arrows, Asiva threw daggers with deathly precision to cover Max.

” It’s the hound, beware! “. One of the Beastmen in the group shouted as he extended his claws out of his fur.

Max faced a group of one Bear-beastman, two Tiger-Beastman, and one Panther- beastman

It was a suicidal move for him to charge towards them, however, under the circumstances he had no other option.

The bear-beastman swiped his claws towards Max’s neck as Max had to roll through to avoid being hit as he tried to stab the bear but was blocked by the tigers.

A claw attack by the bear beastman landed on Max following his failed attempt to stab him, as the claws of the beast tore through his armour and gave Max some injuries on his chest.


‘ Agh shit ‘ , Max thought as he jumped backwards to create some distance as Asiva threw two daggers to create distraction for Max to retreat.

‘ Boy, use the power of flames, you can’t win in a close fight against them, they are physically superior to you. ‘ Grandpa Drax suggested

Max nodded his head and started spamming fireballs at his enemy.

A normal tier 1 mage could never keep up a barrage like Max, as every two seconds Max was able to launch one fireball attack.

Max completely suppressed the enemy using his PVE fire mage prowess as he steadily applied damage.

” Damn it, are his mana reserves in-exhaustible? He has already spammed 100 fireballs! “. The panther beastman groaned in complaint as a part of its fur coat caught fire from Max’s spell.

Max progressively drove his enemies towards the edge of the open area and towards the lake below as although Max was not sure what was in the lake beneath, he was confident that whatever laid beneath must be deadly.

” Fireblast! “.

After spamming a 150 fireballs, Max stepped up his game and unleashed a fireball as the two Tiger-Beastman in trying to avoid the blast jumped from the arena and into the murky water below.


Before their bodies even touched the surface of the water, a large fish jumped outside and bit their bodies in half as it munched on their crunchy bones before entering water once more.

The two remaining team members were instantly teleported back towards the starting point with two of their team members dead.

‘ Bloody hell ‘ , Max cursed as he shivered from thinking about the large fish residing in the murky water.

The sound of bones crunching as blood splattered all across was sure to give him nightmares for many days to come.

There was no time to dally for Max, as he looked across the room to find 2 more groups entering as he decided to fuck it all and started to run across the wooden bridge since Asiva had already crossed.

Max jumped from log-log like an absolute madman, as the rope bridge trembled violently under him, however, Max did not care as in just 2 short minutes he had crossed to the other side.

While the three of them had already crossed, Sebastian was caught in a bloody battle as even with both Anna and Asiva covering him, there were close to 7 teams in the centre now and an all out brawl had broken out.

Currently the other groups were reluctant to cross the bridge, because 3 enemy members were waiting for them if they dared to cross, however, they needed to cross anyhow if they wished to advance. This led to two seperate team members trying to mount the bridge at once as the wooden bridge snapped and broke.

Both the idiots were plunged into water and not even 10 seconds after they splashed in, they became fish food.

With the bridge broken, the only way to cross to the other side was now to traverse through the murky waters and climb the wooden logs that were hanging out of the water to reach the central portion.

However, with the giant fish swimming somewhere on the inside, crossing the lake was next to impossible.

Gears turned inside Max’s head at incredible speed as he thought of a solution to get Sebastian over.

Cutting one end of the rope of the wooden bridge, Max began tying it around his old uncommon steel sword as he tried to make a harpoon out of it.

Max’s plan was simple, he wanted to make a single rope zipline for Sebastian to cross, Rambo style. However, this plan was definitely easier said than done.

Max was close to 400 metres away from Sebastian and even more from the walls of the central room. While for someone with godly strength like this brother attempting this shot might be child’s play, for a tier 1 weakling like him this was an extremely difficult task.


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