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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 89: The Subtle Art Of Lying Bahasa Indonesia

( After 90 minutes of torture )

Max’s mind nearly blanked out after suffering 90 minutes of torture.

Uptil now he had all 20 of his nails removed. It was extremely painful and he felt like he had become incapable of gripping objects properly after the process.

However, with gritted teeth and unwavering willpower he continued to take the abuse.

” You will suffer until you break hound! So it’s better to spill the secret now because next we are going to have to remove that mask of yours and then start to pluck your teeth from your mouth”. Roy Kingsman said with exhaustion as he began doubting if he could torture the man into submission.

Alarm bells started to ring in Max’s head upon hearing that his mask would be removed as he mustered his acting skills and said ” Well, if , if I tell you, will you stop the pain and just kill me? “.

Roy Kingsman smiled brightly, it seemed like he had finally succeeded in breaking the hound, as he said ” Yes, the pain will stop and I will give you a painless death! All you have to do is tell me the secret”.

Max pretended to be in a lot of internal turmoil as he struggled intensely against his bonds, but eventually slumped as he said.

” The rumour is that Roy Kingsman’s sun is setting ….. “

Roy : ” What do you mean the sun is setting? It’s midnight out here you dumbfuck “.

Max : ” The flowers have started to wilt “.

Roy : ” What do you mean flowers have started to wilt, there are no flowers here… “

Max : ” The once straight pillar of rocks has now crumpled … “.

Although Roy Kingsman did not understand the meaning behind Max’s words many of his subordinates now got what he was trying to say as they chimed in

Subordinate 1 ” Do you mean to say that master Roy’s fishing rod is broken? “

Subordinate 2 ” Do you mean to say his once sharp sword is incapable of penetration? “.

*Other Kingsman subordinates including Keane Kingsman gasped at this revelation*.

Roy Kingsman who was thick by nature said ” What fishing rod, what sword? My sword is still as sharp as ever you bastard! “.

Subordinate 3 : ” It’s okay master Roy, my elder brother also had this problem, but he found a cure in the old lady’s herbal tea, although it’s bitter, it will make old machine parts work well again “.

Subordinate 4 : ” Indeed master, I’ve taken the old lady’s herbal tea myself “.

Keane Kingsman : ” Stop talking in riddles men…. “.

Keane Kingsman : ” Brother, I had no idea that your penis doesn’t work anymore …please accept my condolences”

Roy Kingsman who finally understood all the references blushed in deep red said ” What nonsense! My sword is as sharp as ever! Who spread this nonsense about me? “.

Max grinned a little under his mask, seeing Roy Kingsman suffer this embarrassment offered him a little bit of joy.

” Hound! Tell me who spread these lies about me, I must silence them once I get out! “. Roy Kingsman said in anger

Subordinate 1 : ” He wants to silence the rumours, so it’s true “

Subordinate 2 : ” Can you blame him? If it were me I’d be embarrassed to death “.

Roy Kingsman : ” It’s untrue! This is slander! There is no substance behind these claims “.

Max : ” Okay if it’s untrue then it must have never happened that you went limp while doing the act ….. “.

Roy Kingsman : ” I HAD TOO MUCH ALCOHOL THAT NIGHT! damn it Gloria! “

Roy Kingsman accidentally exposed himself, uptil now whatever Max was saying was utter garbage, but now with Roy Kingsman’s own admission the story gained an element of truth and everyone was shocked.

Keane Kingsman lovingly placed his hand over his brother’s shoulder as he said ” it’s okay big brother, we will find a solution together “.

Roy Kingsman wanted to desperately cry at the developing situation, although the rumour was only partly true, looking at the expressions of his subordinates he knew that no matter how much he would appeal his case now, it would be pointless.

” Gloria that bitch, I even paid her 40,000 gold the next morning to keep her mouth shut, but she still slandered my name… “. Roy Kingsman cursed as he dug a deeper hole for himself.

In the eyes of his subordinates he had become from a fearsome boss to a disabled master now, as he lost their respect.

Max knew that he needed to continue the rumour churning for as long as he could, as now that the cat was out of the bag, the moment their attention turned to him he would die so he said

” So the rumour is that because the Kingsman scion can no longer make women bend knees, he bends them himself and allows other men to have their way “. Max said, drawing attention to him once more.

The entire group collectively gasped when they heard this remark, as even Keane Kingsman stepped a bit away from his brother when he heard this.

” W-what nonsense! “. Roy Kingsman said aghast at what the rumour mill was churning out, because if his father got a whiff of this rumour he would most likely be house imprisoned and disciplined for an act he never committed.

” At first, even I thought it was garbage, because you are afterall a noble from the Kingsman clan, a reputable clan under the vampire king Regus Aurelius, but then I saw that subordinate longingly looking at your ass when all of you descended the hill to kill me, it’s at that exact moment that I knew that the rumours were true … “. Max said as all eyes turned towards subordinate 3.

Roy Kingsman looked at him with murderous eyes as he spoke his name ” Jerry? “

Jerry subconsciously took two steps back as he said ” T-this is slander, lies! All lies! “

Max smiled calmly as he said ” Okay, Jerry since it’s a lie, we can do a simple test to know if it’s a lie or not “.

Jerry confidently said ” Okay, I agree! “

Max said ” Okay describe Roy Kingsman’s ass for us “.

Jerry became uncomfortable listening to the question and it was not just him, everyone became uncomfortable hearing the question as an awkward atmosphere was created.

” It’s, umm round, and it’s firm, and it’s pretty average sized “. Jerry replied, trying to honestly give his opinion without offending his master with some unintended insult.

” Very good, but now tell us, how can you describe it, if you have never stared at it before.

As I see it, Roy is facing you and his bum is facing me, so how can you describe it without having memorised it first? “. Max said

Jerry’s eyes widened in shock, he had been utterly cornered by Max with this question, and no matter how he tried to defend himself now, there was no right answer left for him to say.

As everyone realised that what Max said made sense, their gazes towards Jerry turned a little hostile, however, none more so than Roy Kingsman himself who shouted with a murderous voice ” Moth****** “.

Jerry turned and ran with all his might, and the group instantly followed.

Although he repeatedly shouted that he was innocent, nobody believed his words.

In the end he died a horrible death at the hands of his own teammates.


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