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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 86: Pulling Off A Miracle Bahasa Indonesia

” Okay, if any of you have a plan, now might be a good time to share it”. Asiva said as she clutched her daggers tightly.

Max jogged his brains on what to do, however, found nothing useful. But it was at this moment that Drax gave Max some extremely valuable advice.

‘ Boy their intelligence value is at 140, a little over what you can control at the moment, however, there is a fair chance that there are low level undead in the forest that you can brainwash into fighting the durahals.

The best strategy that you can take at the moment is to flee to the forest and send every single undead that you can control to fight the durahals, and leave the defence of the base to your friends ‘.

Max heard Drax’s words as a shine came to his eyes.

The plan Drax suggested was suicidal, because without Max the already weak forces of the group against the durahals would be weakened even more. But if by some miracle they managed to hold-on for a few minutes, Max could potentially turn the tide by hired help.

” Fuck it, guys you’ll have to trust me, Defend like hell, stay alive, I’ll come back with a bang soon!

Give me 5-10 minutes at least please “. Max said, hurriedly as there was no time to explain his plan in depth.

Using a fire blast between two durahals, Max created an opening between the two and rushed through the fire that could not harm him to get past their encirclement and into the woods.

One of the durahals chased after him, but Max created one flame wall first and another 10 seconds later to stop him in his path and create enough separation for himself to be off in the clear.

” Did he just flee? “. Sebastian asked with shock in his voice

” No I don’t think so, there must be some plan ” Asiva said, confident in Max’s character.

” So we have to hold out for 5-10 minutes eh? Nice… ” Sebastian said in a tense voice as he stood with Asiva shoulder to shoulder.

It was not going to be an easy five minutes at all, as four durahals charged towards the duo.


( Meanwhile Max )

‘ Run! Run ! Run! Run! Run! , Run damn feet RUN! ‘. Max said to himself as he charged through at a blistering speed through the forest, his senses being in overdrive as his night vision eyes scanned the surroundings for signs of undead.

” Bleghhhh “. Max heard a faint familiar sound as he kicked off a tree and readjusted his course towards the direction of the sound to find an undead attacking a player.

” Please don’t kill me, please “. The player was sprawled on the ground as it begged the undead for mercy but to no avail.

[ Brainwash ]

Max used the skill on the 99 intelligence creature but unfortunately it failed.

‘ Fuck ‘

Max punched the damn dead with his bare-fists drawing attention to itself as he used it once again

[ Brainwash ]

This time it was a success and the undead fell under his command.

” Go kill durahal, there “. Max pointed towards his base and instructed the undead who shouted ” Ughhhbleh ” And charged with urgency in the pointed direction.

” Than-thankyou for saving me good sir, the undead was sca- ” the player that Max saved thanked Max profusely, however, Max coldly chopped his head off in response as he eliminated his team in the process for the player he killed was the last Survivor.

Continuing on his mad speed run, Max ran with all his might behind his foot, as he scoured the forest for more undead that he could control.


( Meanwhile back at the base )

Asiva tethered at a very low 30% HP while Sebastian was only slightly better at 36%.

It had not even been 3 full minutes since the battle had started and despite Anna’s aerial cover, the duo was man-handled by the dead.

” We’re going to die a hopeless death, Ravan will be too late “. Sebastian cursed in negativity

” No! Since he has asked for 5 minutes we have to hold for 5, no options there “. Asiva said with conviction as she defended a blow from the durahals sword with her dagger, and was sent flying in the process.

” Bleghhh! “.

At this moment an undead came charging out of the forest, looking extremely angry as it charged towards the base.

” Agh, perfect more undeads “. Sebastian cursed his luck, as he borderline gave up on the fight.

But at this very moment, a miracle occured as the undead instead of attacking the human, attacked it’s fellow undead the durahals!

” Bleghhhh! “. The undead shouted as it swung it’s bone club towards the horse of the durahal, damaging the beast and knocking the plated durahal off his mount in the process.

” Fuck me sideways, it’s a miracle in the undead land “. Sebastian said as he grinned from ear to ear.

With the addition of the undead the pressure on Asiva and Sebastian reduced a little as the level 150 undead was a better match for the durahals.

Soon, 2 more undead charged out shouting from the clearing and joined the fight against the durahals, as the battle reached a deadlock with Sebastian and Asiva surviving at a razor thin red HP bar.

” What in the blue hell is happening? Is Ravan a necromancer now? ” Sebastian said, panting, as he was actually laughing now.

” Nope, he’s just that guy who gets the job done ” Asiva said laughing.

Every passing minute then one more undead joined the fray, as soon there were 9 undead attacking the four durahals.

The tide of the battle changed significantly after that as after ten minutes of intense battle and with a loss of 6 of the 9 undead lives, the durahals were finally defeated!

” HAHAHA WE DID IT”. Sebastian said as he smacked the shoulder of an undead in joy, dislocating it’s shoulderbone in the process.

The undead glared at Sebastian with its hollow eyes as he nervously grabbed the bone from the ground and presented it back, as the undead popped it back to its place.

” Sorry …. ” Sebastian offered his condolences.

A few seconds after, Max entered the clearing outside the forest, before falling on his knees from exhaustion 20 metres before reaching the base.

Asiva and Sebastian instantly rushed to get their teammate back to safety, but looking at his muddy and sweaty skin and laborious breathing they understood that Max was suffering from his stamina bar being below 10%.

Whatever means that he had used to save the group, had taken a big toll on his body.


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