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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 74: Choices Bahasa Indonesia

” Hmm, what skills should I choose? ” Max wondered

” What sort of a skill is ‘ Leap’ that’s an absolutely useless skill? What does the system think that ‘I’ , ‘ Ravan’ the mighty can’t jump?

Such an insult! “

” SYSTEM! , I choose the skills Sword Intent and Overhead slash! “

[ System Notification ] – Basic skills have been confirmed, please move-on to choose class specific skills.

” Hmmm, class specific skills” Max murmured, looking at the options

” SYSTEM! heed my call! I Ravan the mighty, choose the skills brainwash and death circle”.

[ System Notification ] – Class Specific choice confirmed, tier 1 promotion is now complete.

The testing arena powered down and Max’s data was saved in the university database as Max was teleported out of the testing bay.

Once outside, there was only the receptionist sitting near the door and a frowning Severus staring at him.

Max had bit his own lip hard and blood mixed with saliva was dripping down his lips.

His hair was dishevelled and his walking stance had become a slightly hunched posture that saw his back muscles being contracted as a natural counter aimed at producing an instant elastic movement if ambushed by a threat.

‘ Caveman ‘ , was how one could describe Max at the moment, however, he was infinitely more dangerous as unlike a dumb Caveman, Max’s eyes gleamed in an intelligent yet mischievous red.

Max’s appearance conveyed the entire story to Severus, who was not impressed at all by the developing situation.

” Hungry… “. Max said as he stared at Severus, pulling a bag of blood out of his inventory.

However, before he could lower his mask to consume the blood, Severus moved at a lightning quick pace and aimed at landing a chop at Max’s neck to knock him out.


Max instinctively moved back, as he released the tension in his hunched back to evade the attack, his response time greatly shocking Severus.

‘ How? ‘ Severus wondered in his mind, however, he did not take it to heart as he landed the chop the second time around knocking out Max cold as he picked him up over his shoulder.

The receptionist manager outside the testing arena gave Severus some weird looks, however, Severus only gave her a charming smile in return as he carried Max out of the place, to the staff dorm area within the university campus and into Severus’s room.

Max was out cold for a full three hours before waking up groggily inside Severus’s room, where he drank blood till his Satiety returned back to over 80% as the fog clouding his brain slowly started to clear up.

” Thanx…. ” Max said to Severus as he drank his fourth bottle of blood to bring his Satiety to a full 100%.

” See Max, I’m here to always look out for you, and the Saint Maximus clan does provide you with a lot of blood bottles. It’s even an utterly ridiculous amount at that, at almost 3 times what the direct descendants of elders get, the only job you have is to consume them on time so that your Satiety stays above 80% but NEVER falls below 60.

Your repeated incompetency in doing this simple task baffles me”. Severus said

” I-I’m sorr- “. Max tried to apologise, but Severus could not hold in his laughter and started laughing mid-way.

” Pffttt, hahahahaha “.

” Look at your face, hahahahaha, Max you are so innocent, I’m just messing with you man, your beastmode rocks! Your primal instincts are so amazing if it were up to me I’d never let you get your Satiety above 60%

Imagine if the Saint Maximus Clan had an army of beasts like you…. We would become the strongest clan under king Regus Aurelius! “. Severus said

Max cringed at Severus’s words and felt anger flaring inside his heart, as he finally understood why Asiva repeatedly insisted that Severus was the most annoying person in the universe.

” Okay ” Max said in a cold tone and Severus’s laughter only increased tenfold.


Max sighed as he inspected his own stats and caught up on his new changes, with everything happening in the test becoming blurry in his memories once his Satiety dropped below sixty in test two.

” Nice class, it’s almost a work of fate”. Severus said as he wiped a tear off his eye and stopped laughing.

” What do you mean? “. Max asked curiously as to why it was a work of fate.

” The ‘ mad mage’ , the one revered in our Saint Maximus family, was a ‘ Blood Shaman ‘.

You have no idea how lucky you are Max, it’s been over 1000 years since the universe has seen the likes of one.

Had you been a part of any other clan, it would have been impossible for you to find any class specific skills for this near forgotten class. But the Saint Maximus do have a few, although I’m not sure if they have any for tier1 “. Severus replied, pleasantly surprising Max.

” The ‘ mad mage ‘ was a blood shaman? ” Max blurted in disbelief

” Oh yes, the finest. He once poisoned an entire village of 500,000 strong. Killing them overnight and sacrificing their souls to the vampire god, in exchange for raising 500 war golems, that reigned terror on the ancient battlefield.

He alone rivalled an entire tier3 army of a million strong, hence why he was always a target of assassinations, a glorious figure, I’ll tell you, with a mighty class at that

Oh may the vampire god rest his dead soul in peace “. Severus said as he panted like he just had an orgasm talking about the mad mage and his glorious deeds.

Max who heard Severus’s words felt much better about his class now, as a few moments ago he was still contemplating if it was the right choice knowing how shamans were a class known to be weak in PVP type situations.

In any case, looking at his brilliant stat panel Max felt like all the hard work that he had put into training the past few months was absolutely worth it.

He had successfully changed a cruel part of his past life at this stage, as he had changed his career path from being an ‘ F ‘ ranked trash to an ‘ A+ ‘ ranked shaman.

Although his journey had just started and this was a small and inconsequential victory compared to his end goal, it was a big deal for him, who had known the shame of bearing the ‘ F ‘ class mark in his past life.


/// A/N – Find the majorly updated stat pannel in the author notes ///


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