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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 72: Tier 1 Promotion Bahasa Indonesia

Max had a total of 54 unassigned AP to play with, and under Drax’s advice he used 14 on dexterity, 5 on constitution, 15 on strength, 8 on agility, 8 on endurance and 4 on intelligence.

Only after his stat distribution did Max realise how much his race change and stat maximisation had helped him, as while the human race player would have a 6 stat average of only 35-40 points, with his race change Max was a powerhouse with a 6 stat average of a whopping 69 points!

He was twice as strong as a human warrior of the same level and with all his stats to be doubled once he got promoted to tier1 his strength would soar by leaps and bounds.


( The next day )

On the day of the test, Max woke up laser focused as he was ready to pass the tier 1 promotion test with a full score.

Regardless of the class offered to him by the Universal Queen after the test, his aim was only to pass the tier 1 promotion test with a SSS evaluation.

‘ Don’t drink blood today Max, let your Satiety fall below 60 ‘. Drax said as Max reached his inventory to drink his quota of blood today.

” Why? “. Max asked, a little shocked by the bizarre request

‘ If you trust your grandpa, do as he says ‘. Drax said, offering no explanations.

Max was reluctant, but in the end he did trust Drax enough to take his word as he did not drink blood before heading out to the woods today.

His Satiety was at 75% and after reaching the university by cutting through the forest his Satiety dropped at a dangerous 62% before the test.

” Goodluck” Asiva and Anna said as they parted ways with Max heading towards their lecture, as Max walked into the testing arena and underwent the tier 1 promotion test.

The tier 1 promotion test was the easiest promotion test out there, with the only parameters being tested in the test being the six basic attributes of a player.

There were three tests, with a clear demarcation given for all the various assessments, and Max was aiming for the highest assessment in all 3 tests which was a SSS rating.

The first test was an inclined hill run, and the par score for getting a SSS rating was to run 17 kilometres in under 30 minutes.

To put the difficulty of this test into perspective, the world record for 10 km run by a human was 27 minutes, which meant that getting a SSS rating in this promotion test already meant that one exceeded world class athlete level.

Max was confident in this test, he had been grinding against the inclined hill non-stop in the endurance training chamber and that was with weights tied around his body.

Without the weights, Max completed the 17 km run in just 29 minutes and 5 seconds scoring a ‘ SSS ‘ evaluation in the first test.

While Max completed the test with ease, by the end his Satiety reached an even dangerous 60% threshold, now on the verge of tipping over.

The second test was a strength based test, where Max was supposed to break free from a series of complex binds using his body strength alone.

At first the constraints were relatively easy to break through, feeling like small threads, however, with time the ropes got thicker and thicker and Max needed more and more time to break free.

In this manner Max had to use every single muscle in his body to his limit to break free from his bounds.

The par score to get a SSS rating was to break past the 22nd restraint, and while Max breezed through to 17, he was struggling a little after that.

It was at this moment that his Satiety fell below 60% as his thoughts became more and more cloudy and his animalistic instincts took over.

Max began laughing like a madman as he broke through stage 18,19,20,21 like they meant nothing, triggering an unheard bonus round after he cleared the SSS par score at 22.

Max continued to break through stages 23,24,25,26 until the bindings restraining him changed from thick ropes the size of a man’s thigh to metal bounds that were used to restrain wild elephants, but even then Max broke through two more restraints metal restraints before finally being subdued at level 29.

His arms and legs bled profusely from the intense struggle that he had undergone against his bounds, but Max did not mind the pain at all as he spoke in a growling animalistic voice ” more… I want more “.

Although Max did not understand his own anatomy, Drax did very well, and one hidden feature about Max’s anatomy was that while his overall strength dropped a bit when his Satiety hit below 60%, his ability to draw out his total strength increased dramatically.

It was like the barriers inside Max’s Brain set in place to not overload Max’s muscles stopped working when his Satiety fell below 60% as his primal instincts took over, making him utilise 100% of his muscles strength even at the risk of injuring or tearing them.

Max became akin to a beast on steroids who was extremely true to his base nature of a primal warrior.

The last test was a reflex test, as Max was bombarded with darts from 360°.

The goal was to block the projectile or dodge for more than 10 minutes for a SSS assessment.

Max, who had been training in the gravity chambers, found reflex training under normal gravity to be a piece of cake, with his primal instincts giving him a much better sixth sense to deal with projectiles that his eyes did not catch.

Max laughed in joy as saliva dripped from his mouth while he dodged the projectiles, the test getting progressively more difficult with every passing minute, however, Max was not affected from start to finish.

Passing the tier 1 promotion with flying colours Max completed the test with an unprecedented rating.

[ System Notification ] – You have cleared the tier 1 promotion test with a ‘ SSS + ‘ rating, surpassing the perfect score for the test, becoming 17,003 Rd individual to do so throughout history.

You are no longer an unnamed individual without an identity and can now choose your player name, with which the universe will call you.

Please enter your player name….

” RAVAN! “. Max shouted with a hearty laugh

[ System Notification ] – Congratulations player ‘ Ravan ‘ for successfully completing the tier 1 promotion test.

Since you have cleared the test with a beyond perfect score, you will now be allowed to choose from between 1/6 classes assigned to you by the universal queen.

1)Foot soldier ( Class rating – F ) – A trash class, meant for individuals who can amount to nothing but cannon fodders in the universe.

2) Blood Warlock ( Class rating – A ) A mage+ warrior class specialising in blood based abilities.

( Note – While this class is offered to you because of your bloodline ability, majority of the class specific skills of this class requires you to have mana )

3) Berserker ( Class rating C+ ) – Become a mad warrior unshackled by the limits of common sense.

Jump head first into battle with the confidence to solo an entire army, or die trying.

4) Occultist ( Class rating A- ) – Utilise the knowledge of ancient runes and rituals to create large scale spells that draw power from mana stones.

5) Blood Shaman ( Class rating- A+ ) – A class that is forgotten amongst the ranks of the light faction after the demise of the primordial vampires.

A powerful class that was said to be the class of the first vampire god. With all its practitioners being viewed as holy men in the ancient world.

It has now been forgotten and its legacy has mostly been lost in the sands of time.

The class used blood and souls, in exchange for unimaginable powers.

( Note – Choosing this class will lead you to be viewed as a threat in many light faction territories due to the bad image of shamans )

6) Primordial Vampire Warrior ( Class rating – A+ ) – A noble dark faction class that made the primordial vampires unmatched on any battlefield as they used the blood of the fallen comrades and enemies to become gods of war on any battlefield.

The class specific skills of the Primordial Vampire will allow players to heal allies and kill enemies with blood.

( Note – Choosing the class will force the player to change faction from light to dark )

Max looked at the options with his hazy mind as he started to do ‘ Inky pinky ‘ on the options with a wide grin plastered on his face.

‘ No, No, No, don’t inky pinky it you fool, you have to choose a reasonable option! God f**** damnit, IDIOT GRANDSON USE YOUR BRAIN A LITTLE ‘. Drax shouted as although the A.I. did not have a heart, he felt like his heart was going to beat straight out of his chest looking at Max’s current behaviour.


/// A/N – Guys you already know the drill, tell me in the comments what class he should choose and a small justification as to why he should choose it.

You have 20 hours.

The majority vote wins. ///


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