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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 65: Sebastian’s Disturbing Reality Bahasa Indonesia

[ Varsity Notification – You have made a correct strike! ]

[ Varsity Notification – You have made a correct strike! ]

[ Varsity Notification – You have made a correct strike! ]

[ Varsity Notification – You have made a correct strike! ]

[ Varsity Notification – You have made a correct strike! ]

[ Varsity Notification – You have made a correct strike! ]

Max was flooded with a flurry of notifications as for the first time ever he got 6 sword thrusts correct in a row.

He had already been training non-stop for close to eight hours now and was already into the last phase of his training.

Max felt a strong pull in his right arm muscles whereas his left muscles felt tight and constricted. This was because of the fact that Max was a righty in life and preferred using his right hand in day-to-day tasks compared to his left leading to better cognitive growth of his right muscles and a lagging growth of his left side.

However, performing sword thrusts in a correct posture lead to his muscles needing to exert the same amount of force, causing tension on the left one and relaxation on the right.

Max had only gained +2 points in strength in the entire day, however, he had understood that it was most likely because his ratio of performing the correct thrusts/ wrong ones was Abyssal.

The best part about today’s training was that varsity was checking every sword strike performed by Max and whenever his sword strike was even slightly incorrect the notification would not be heard, but only heard when it was pitch-perfect.

This overtime was sure to give Max a robust swordsmanship base and develop muscle memory for the perfect strikes only.

Even the best human instructors could not catch such minute imperfections in a student’s training, and it was undoubtedly a big advantage for Max.

Eventually, the 10 hours ended and the various training instructors in the room asked everyone to leave, as the moment Max dropped his 25kg sword he felt like his arms became suddenly weightless.

Sebastian tried to pat Max’s back after the training, however, the force exerted by his hand far surpassed his expectations as he gave Max a tight slap on his back.


Max winced and glared at Sebastian, wondering if the punk wanted to start a fight with him, however, Sebastian was instantly apologetic, so Max let the matter slide.

” I’m sorry, I’m sorry, damn the weightlessness is real “. Sebastian said

” Don’t think too much about it “. Max said although he was feeling a deep lust for demi-god blood at the moment.

” So, Ravan, do you think I can hang out with you and Asiva the Bloodless? I’m kinda on my own, and it gets hard to get back to the dorms after this brutal training, a little support will be good “. Sebastian asked Max

Max thought for a while and then scanned Sebastian from top to bottom, thinking for a while if adding him to the team was worth it.

He and Asiva did discuss that they needed to recruit team members, and while Max was not typically fond of the blonde boy, he was definitely hard-working and seemed like a decent guy overall.

” I’ll have to ask Asiva first “. Max finally replied after a minute of silence.

” Oh, I see how it is … the lady is the big boss “. Sebastian eventually said as Max frowned to hear his words.

‘ Idiot ‘

‘ Idiot ‘

He and Drax exclaimed at the same time using the same tone, as they evaluated Sebastian to be dumb from his choice of words.

The two walked out of the room, only to find Asiva waiting on Max as Sebastian bowed deeply upon seeing her.

Asiva frowned as she asked Max ” What’s all that about “

Max pulled Asiva by her arm, and away from Sebastian as he started discussing whether or not the guy should be welcomed into their team.

Asiva was not against it, and after a while, Max signaled to Sebastian that he could be with them on the journey back home.

Sebastian was genuinely very happy, as a big smile formed on his face when Max said yes.

He immediately prostrated on the floor and said “Thank you for this favor, my queen Asiva the Bloodless, I will forever try and protect you in the wilds “.

” I don’t need your protection, if you can protect yourself from the germs on the floor that would be enough “. Asiva replied coldly as she and Max began to walk outside, leaving a grinning Sebastian on their tail.


( A few moments later on the same spot )

Severus was mopping the floor with a deep frown on his face as he muttered under his breath ‘ Stupid girl, there are no germs here, how dare you insult my work ‘.

Severus took great pride in his cleaning ability, and this sort of comment was an insult to his pride.

He was sure that Asiva knew that he was listening from somewhere, which is why she deliberately made the comment.

However, the reason behind his frown today was not due to Asiva’s comment, but rather because of his inability to inspect Sebastian’s stats.

The inspection was blocked by some superior power, a cold and sinister one, something that gave even a peak tier 4 powerhouse like Severus the chills.

” Have to keep an eye on the boy…. He is hiding deep secrets “. Severus mumbled as he made a mental note of things, after all the security of Max and Asiva within the campus was his responsibility.

Max had tried to jog his memory over someone named ‘Severus’, however, his memory came back blank as there was no mention of this guy in his past life. So he concluded that he may be a non-important side character even though he was deemed to be special by Asiva and Drax.

However, little did Max know that the reason why he did not recognise Sebastian’s name was because he did not use that name within Sigma, and was yet to assume his true name upon reaching tier 1.

Sebastian’s real identity was going to become ‘ Asmodeus The Reaper ‘ , a stout follower of Lucifer and a despicable schemer who was going to get into his father’s innermost circles, only to betray and kill him one day, sacrificing his power to Lucifer.

Inside Sebastian was the soul of the demon king of pride, Asmodeus, waiting for his container to reach tier1 before he could force a hostile takeover without the boy dying.

The soul inside was the one whispering sweet words to the honest Sebastian at the moment, and it was the one which protected itself and Sebastian from all inspecting spells so as to not be found out before Sebastian reached tier 1.

Unknowingly, Max had let the worst sort of demon into his team.


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