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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 51: Basics Of Mana Class Bahasa Indonesia

Asiva and Max had different goals for day one.

Max wanted to listen to the ‘ basics of mana ‘, a lecture given by professor Graham, while Asiva wanted to go to the class ‘ history of the universe.

The two hence parted ways and decided to check in on each other during break time.

A single class of ‘ basics of mana ‘ cost a whopping 500 merit points to attend, however, Max just grit his teeth and decided to go for it, because, well, if there was anything he did not know at the moment, it was basics of mana.

[ Varsity Notification ] – 500 merit points have been deducted

Your current merit balance is 1000 points.

Max took a seat in the back of the classroom, as it slowly started to fill with students, however, only 22 managed to show up before the lecture started sharp at 9.

Now Max felt awkward, it was because he was sitting in row number 400 ish in a class of 20 students.

However, professor Graham did not seem to give a solitary fuck as to where Max had seated.

Professor Graham was covered in silky smooth scholarly robes and he had that angry teacher aura about him.

Every movement he made, whether it was a simple task like picking up a chalk piece or something like taking a sip of wine from his fancy wine glass, was sudden and immediate, making an onlooker feel like the man was in a hurry.

” Ahem, ahem, ok students let us start with today’s lecture, ” Professor Graham said as Max started paying rapt attention to all his words, which sounded crystal clear in his ears despite him being seated at the very far corner of the classroom.

” Have you ever pondered, my students, why even after millions and millions of years of evolution, why are bipedal races the way we are? “. Professor Graham asked, sipping his wine as he smiled

” Let me ask it to you this way. Answer me all of you, how many days can you survive without food? “. Professor Graham asked as everyone replied something along the lines of 5-15 days.

” So let’s say for a few days, we can live without food for a few days, but what about water? How many days can you live without intaking any fluids? “. Professor Graham asked as everyone fell into deep thought before replying 1-3 days.

” So you can survive a few days without food, a very short time but still 1-3 days without water, but answer me this children, how many days can we survive without air? “. Professor Graham asked as he provoked a deep thought in his students.

” Not even a few minutes …. Not even a few minutes “. Graham said, as his students agreed with his answer.

” So why do you think evolution made it this way? Why do you think that we can store food in the form of fats in our body and survive without it for days, at least 24-72 hours without water but not even 1 hour without air?

Why don’t we store air, a critical component for our survival in our bodies? Over millions of years of evolution, we should have surely naturally evolved to hold more air, but we have not.

Why? “. Professor asked, as Max was completely stunned by the question, he had personally never thought along these lines at all, and now that he thought about it, he found it extremely peculiar.

Graham continued ” Let me give you the answer why.

It’s because the same air that gives us life, is the same air that poisons our bodies.

The biggest cause of ageing within the body is due to oxidation. Your body undergoes oxidation as it passes with time and this oxidation gives you wrinkles, this oxidation clogs your veins, and this oxidation inches you closer to death.

Oxygen is a poison which is why our bodies do not store it for a long time.

So then the question is, what about mana?

If oxygen is a poison and is not stored in the body for long because it is a poison, what about mana? “

The question from professor Graham fu**** with Max’s mind, as Drax who already knew the answer calmly smiled and said ‘ Oh this professor is good at his job, this is a beautiful way to reach this concept ‘.

” Yes ladies and gentlemen, the thought you are all having is correct mana is indeed poisonous to our bodies, it is the reason why the first awakening claims the lives of around 60-70% of native populations,

And why reaching tier 3 before the tutorial game Omega ends gives one a greater chance to survive the first awakening.

Because by getting accustomed to the mana, a.k.a the poison in small doses, one develops considerable immunity over time. Increasing their odds of survival. ” Professor Graham said, as the minds of the 22 students sitting inside were completely blown away, they felt that the secrets of the universe were unravelling before them at this very moment.

” But you may say, but sir our bodies do store mana, I myself have a mana capacity of 200 or 500 or whatever.

Well my students, if you are one of those people who think our body physically stores mana, let me break your misconceptions here today because, between tier 0 and tier 3, our body does not store even a single unit of mana.

The mana capacity indicated in your system screens is a ratio, one that indicates how efficiently your blood cells can absorb mana without causing mana poisoning in your bloodstream.

Your bodies don’t have the organ required to store mana yet, an organ called ‘ Dantian ‘, so the first basic of mana covered in class one today is the busting of a big myth that we all used to believe in which is ‘ Our body physically stores mana ‘.

With this, today’s lecture time is over, see you all next week, same time for lecture two “. Professor Graham said as he drank the last drops of wine from his glass before storming out of the room.

Even Though the lecture was over, Max simply sat at the back of the room staring at the blackboard as he could not fathom the stuff he had learned today.

This was groundbreaking news for him, he undoubtedly needed to attend this lecture at the same time next week to learn more.

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