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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 162: Soul Bond Bahasa Indonesia

Rhea tenderly picked up her baby as she started to speak to her in Draconic, trying to explain to her why she needed to willingly sign a soul bond with a vampire.

The little baby could see the pain in her mother’s eyes when she explained the unfavourable reality they were in, however, unlike her mother who did not like the mortal vampire, Miracle herself was pretty fond of Max.

Not only had Max worked hard to save her life, but he also had a deep charm in his eyes that made Miracle feel comfortable around him.

Trying to reassure her mother about the situation she slowly spoke back in Draconic, in a slow and broken manner, much to the surprise of Sebastian.

” Did the baby just speak back? How did it learn language so fast? ” Sebastian inquired as Kremeth patiently replied saying ” Dragon’s are born with the knowledge of how to speak the draconic language. Their intelligence stat is very high, and they are very sharp even as small kids “.

Sebastian pursed his lips in amazement as he wondered if his own egg child will be as smart as Miracle.

” It’s okay mother, I understand” Miracle told Rhea in her broken draconic, as she bit her own palm with her small baby teeth causing a very little amount of blood to trickle from the wound as she prepared for the soul bond.

Noticing her actions, Kremeth immediately instructed Max to follow suit.

” Slice your palm to draw blood and shake hands ” Kremeth said as he then began reciting ancient hymns required to oversee a soul bond.

Max felt uneasy doing this, however, under the guidance of Drax and Kremeth he sliced his palm with a sword, drawing lots of blood and shook hands with the baby dragon.

The moment their hands touched, Kremeth placed his flappy turtle hands over their palms as he began to recite words in a language that Max did not understand.

” Mariz zome doka Lama variz Mario loka itch lavario makazava “

Max’s consciousness faded, as his vision turned black in an instant after he heard this phrase being recited by Kremeth as he felt a small dragon flying into his soul while a doppelganger that looked just like him left his soul to enter the dragon’s.

The old turtle had placed an ancient soul bond with the ‘ Norns’ of fate as the enforcer of the soul contract upon Max and Miracle.

Kremeth decided to not go for the universal queen but instead the gods of fate themselves to oversee the soul oath.

The moment the oath was placed the soul energies of Max and Miracle were instantly drained as the two lost consciousness while their souls were bound by a soul link.

A new skill appeared in both their stat panels which was named

[ Summon Soulmate ]

The mer was also surprised when he heard old man Tang call

A skill that allowed both of them to summon the other in times of need should the other party accept the invitation for help.

What neither Max or Miracle knew however, was the fact that from this day forward the two would share all their exp gains equally with one another.

This meant that 50% of whatever Max’s exp gain would be, would be shared with Miracle and the same would hold true for Miracle as well.

It was for this special reason that Kremeth decided to go for the old soul bond that was used before the era of the universal queen as the new ones did not have an exp sharing pact.

Kremeth understood fully well that with Miracles background and connections her future growth was sure to be astronomical. However, now with 50% of her exp gains falling into his disciples lap for free, so would his.

” You are cruel ” Rhea said to Kremeth as she saw her baby lose consciousness once more in a single day as her heart bled over the soul bond that took place just now.

Kremeth had said that a bond of equals would be signed between Max and Miracle but he never specified which version would be used, which was why Rhea was tricked into believing that it would just be the plain old summoning pact.

In Rhea’s eyes her baby was a supreme existence bound to become the ruler of the universe one day, however, Max was a leecher who was bound to drag her down.

Irrespective of her personal feelings, there was nothing she could do about the bond now that it was placed.

With how Kremeth had manipulated the situation, the best she could do now was to train Max well and cure his defect for him so that he would not become a deadweight for Miracle to carry in the future

The circumstances that Kremeth created left Rhea with no room to ignore Max’s needs, but instead have nothing but the best intentions for him as now one way or the other his rise would directly affect the rise of her baby.

If Max somehow died now, it would damage her baby’s soul as well and affect her future growth which meant that Rhea could not risk having Max assassinated as well leaving her with no alternative choices at all.

Although Rhea hated the circumstances she was forced into, she silently respected Kremeth’s scheming. She had to admit that the old turtle was really something else.


( Meanwhile Rudra )

Rudra hummed in the shower of the galactic battleship as he enjoyed a fresh bath after being bathed in blood from head to toe in his previous fight.

Although after reaching god-hood he did not need to clean himself with soap and water as he could just will his aura to dispel all the dust and blood from his skin, Rudra enjoyed the fresh feeling he got after a bath so he preferred to do so.

Today he had massacred a legion consisting of 53 frigates, 12 destroyers and a few hundred supply ships as he massacred four tier 6 god’s in the process.

Today’s attack was him blatantly spitting in Thor’s face and undermining his authority as the thunder monarch as a loss of such a large force could not be taken lying down for any nation and could be interpreted as an act of war.

Rudra expected retaliation this time, he expected his name to resound through the halls of the thunder nation council, as he desperately hoped for Thor to send a larger more serious force after his head.

If his estimations were correct, the bells of war would start ringing any day now.


( Meanwhile Asiva )

Anna and Asiva had become the two most hated people on the university campus after their decision to kill fellow University mates inside the dungeon.

The two of them could not leave the security of the dorm area without some group or other coming after their lives, while some even broke university rules and attacked them inside the dorm area.

Naturally, Asiva and Anna were no pushovers and held their ground valiantly until the teachers arrived and punished the instigators of the fight.

The two of them were in a rough spot overall, as the company of the boys was much missed at this moment.

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