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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 150: Breaking Point Bahasa Indonesia

[ System Notification ] – You have overexerted your body and ruptured vital organs, you will begin losing 100 HP every passing minute.

A system notification broke the bad news to Asmodeus whose frown deepened reading it.

He had indeed managed to defeat Asiva by taking the dagger princess by surprise and finishing her off before she had a chance to recover but it had came at a cost for Sebastian, who now had internal injuries to worry about.

” How dare you kill Asiva you monster! ” Sebastian shouted as he unleashed a rageful flurry of attacks onto Asmodeus who dodged them like it was child’s play.

” You really think you are a threat to me with your 4 foot height and one foot long arms? ” Asmodeus said as he mocked Sebastian’s new dwarf form much to the frustration of Sebastian.


” Agh Lucifer Damnit ” Asmodeus cursed as he removed an arrow plunged into his armour and glared at Anna

” You, dumb arrogant elf princess, can’t you see im talking with shorty here? HAVE YOUR PARENTS TAUGHT YOU NO MANNERS ” Asmodeus said as he shouted in anger and kicked Sebastian aside as he charged towards Anna.

Anna was an archer by profession, she understood that if she were caught by Asmodeus in a physical confrontation, the chances of her coming out as the victor were very low, which is why she immediately began running away from Asmodeus, trying to maintain the distance between them both as she kept sending arrows in his way.


Sebastian had never felt more useless in his life.

He had known from the day that he woke up in the body of a dwarf that his prowess as a fearsome warrior had diminished by leaps and bounds, but the hope in his heart that he could bounce back as a warrior despite his disability was always alive in his heart until today.

Watching his old body toy with him like he was a kid, indescribable frustration increased in his heart as his dream of bouncing back as a warrior got a hard reality check.

It was not like the dwarves could not be fearsome warriors, they could be, but their racial deterrence came to play when fighting in small caves and mines and a favourable terrain that negated the advantages of mobility and speed.

In the open forest, dwarves were practically useless as there was plenty of room for an opponent to manoeuvre around.

Sebastian hated his fat small arms and fat short legs however there was absolutely nothing that he could do to change it.

His father did not care enough about him to grant him a new proper body, while the priests whom he was saved by had 0 respect for his noble status.

The only silver lining saving Sebastian from falling in depression over all these problems were his friends, who tried their absolute best to make him feel like he was a part of the group despite his disability, who carried his ass through fights without complain, and now that Sebastian saw those same friends die in front of him because of opponents that he had made, it was the straw that finally broke the camel’s back.

Sebastian tried to chase after Anna and Asmodeus, however, his short legs were incapable of fast movement as he could not even leap over small logs of wood that most human children would be able to, having to pause and climb over every fucking time as the distance between himself and Anna widened every second.

Sebastian chased as hard as he could with his short legs, his heart dead set on providing any cover to Anna that he could, however, his body would just not match his emotions as a steady stream of tears began falling down his eyes.

” Damn it! Damn it! Damn it all! ” Sebastian shouted as he stumbled and fell flat on his face.

He tried to get back up, but his leg was tangled in a vine and as he tried to cut it off with his sword he heard Anna’s shriek in the distance as his heart raced out of his chest listening to that sound.

” ANNA! ” Sebastian shouted at the top of his lungs, but it was to no avail, the demon had caught up to the elf with his superior speed and passed a thunder Slash through Anna’s neck to send her on the way to meet Asiva.

Ever since he was a small child, Sebastian had only suffered injustices after injustices and through it all he always remained smiling.

He was always positive and wanted to live a good life, however, today was the day that his internal character changed.

The emotional turmoil he faced as he saw the evil Asmodeus walk towards him with a stupid grin and a sword covered in the blood of his friend, he decided that enough was enough.

Had Sebastian been a weak man at his core he would have succumbed to the circumstances and fallen into depression after this experience, however, while the bastard child of Thor was many things, he was not a weakling at his core.

” I’ve killed both your friends Sebastian, but don’t worry, I won’t kill you, unlike them who had a fast and easy death, you have to suffer for a long ass time before I free you!

Hahahahaha ” Asmodeus said as he leisurely strode towards Sebastian

Sebastian closed his eyes and let his tears dry up, as when he opened them next there was only a resolute expression inside them, one that was only seen in madmen dead set on achieving a cause as he looked into the eyes of Asmodeus and said ” You can have your fun today, but one day Asmodeus, I will wipe the entire demon race off the face of this universe “.

Asmodeus wanted to laugh Sebastian’s threat away, but when he looked into his eyes that looked like a raging thunderstorm he felt a shiver of fear go down his spine as no words came out of his mouth.

Sebastian was dead serious when he said he would wipe all demons off the face of the universe, a promise that had now become his purpose in life.


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