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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 149: Asmodeus Strikes Bahasa Indonesia

Asmodeus was arguably having the worst day of his life.

He had failed his mission, lost his soldiers and was now holed up on a tree-top licking his wounds.

His redemption arc was over before it even started and now he was not sure if he had a place amongst the demon elite even if he did manage to get out of the dungeon.

” This is all because of that bloody soulmancer priest! He is the reason why I am not exploring the dungeon with those brats pretending to be their friend and having a good time, if I was never found out I’d have slowly taken the thunder nation apart from the inside “. Asmodeus said through gritted teeth

Asmodeus hated the soulmancer more than anyone else in the world, with the dwarf Sebastian who had stolen a large chunk of his previous life memories and knowledge coming at a close second.

As Asmodeus reminisced about how much he hated Sebastian, he heard a voice coming from under him.

” Guys, Should we bring the eggs out of our soul-space and like sleep cuddling with it from time to time? ” Sebastian asked Anna, who rolled her eyes in response.

” Of Course not Sebastian, we are not dragon’s, our body warmth is no good, the eggs can only be nurtured with our soul warmth, although it will take considerably longer at around a few weeks, but it will hatch just fine okay?” Anna said, trying to reassure Sebastian that everything was okay for the umpteenth time in the day.

Sebastian was acting like he was the egg’s biological mother ever since he got it and while it was a little cute, it got real annoying for the two girls after his repeated questions.

Asmodeus who was watching the three kids from the tree-top rubbed his eyes in disbelief, the brats he hated so fucking much were actually just walking under him at the moment!

‘ Oh my lord Lucifer, thankyou for answering to my prayers and sending these brats my way so that I can at least have some retribution before I sleep tonight ‘ Asmodeus thought in his mind as he thanked the hells beneath.

Without Max using his scan to scout every inch of the group’s surroundings before they walked into a new place, the group were half blinded when walking through the forest as even if monsters or men lurked above them, if they missed seeing them through naked sight there was no finding them at all.

Asmodeus got to his feet for better leverage to prepare his spell as he singled out Asiva to take-out first.

Asmodeus prepared the same attack that had gotten him in trouble with Thor and exposed his demonic identity as he silently prepared a ‘black thunder’ spell to take out Asiva.

Asmodeus knew that without Asiva he had great odds of taking out Anna and Sebastian in a two vs one fight.

” Black Thunder “

Asmodeus attacked Asiva on the back from the tree-top as it was only when he shouted the attack name that the group realised that there was someone behind them as although they tried to turn, it was too late for Asiva who was hit with the despicable attack on her back.


Asiva’s near full HP bar dropped to a dangerous red level post this single attack as she sprawled on the floor, clutching her back in pain.

” It’s you! ” Sebastian said with extreme hatred evident in his speech as Anna got the creeps seeing a blackened human body of the previous Sebastian with runic inscriptions drawn on the forehead.

Asmodeus drew his sword and charged to finish Asiva who was stunned and paralyzed because of the lightning strike, however he was met with the fierce resistance of Sebastian who despite his short stature blocked his path with a sword of his own.


Sebastian was pushed back five steps after a simple sword collision as the difference in constitution and strength between the two bodies was made clear with that one exchange.

” How dare you try to take over my body you filthy demon! I trusted you as a friend and a mentor, but I was just raising a snake! ” Sebastian said with extreme anger evident underneath his voice.

” Oh shut- ” Asmodeus tried to speak haughtily but he felt blood rising from his stomach into his throat as he realised that despite being in peak physical condition his body was still not strong enough to handle the tier 3 black thunder spell and that there was serious internal damage as a backlash for him.


The second collision forced Sebastian to buckle to one knee, as Anna took her shots towards Asmodeus who was forced to block them instead of finishing Sebastian off.

Thankfully Asiva had finally began to stir back up, the effects of the paralysis reducing with every passing second as she reached into her inventory bag to pull out a health potion.

” Oh no you don’t! ” Asmodeus said as he used 1,000 sword cuts to create 1,000 sword energies which were majoritarily directed towards Asiva, while a few towards Sebastian and Anna to keep them distracted.

The potion bottle that Asiva wanted to drink from cracked when it was pierced by a sword cut and so was several parts of her body, as she eventually succumbed to her injuries as her HP hit 0 because of the two massive attacks launched against her in the ambush.

Asmodeus got a confirmation notification from the universal queen that he had indeed killed Asiva Nightblade as Asiva’s body was teleported outside the dungeon with all the loot she had captured, except the dragon’s egg sprawling on the floor for the taking.

” Asiva NO!” Anna shouted, a tear forming in her eye when she saw her friend die such a miserable death.

While Sebastian and Anna panicked, Asmodeus broke out in an evil grin, this was exactly what he wanted to achieve as without the dangerous Asiva the Bloodless present to bring the fight to him, Anna and Sebastian were not too much for him to handle even 2 vs 1.


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