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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 136: Under The Starry Sky Bahasa Indonesia

” Sebastian you are not physically incubating the egg, you don’t need to sleep with 2 blankets on if you are feeling too warm ” Max said clearly annoyed that Sebastian had stolen his blanket for no reason at all.

After an exhausting day, the group found a safe spot to camp for the night and Asiva decided to take the first watch while Max was supposed to cover the second watch.

The night-time inside the dungeon was extremely dark and only Max and Asiva with their bloodline gifts of night vision were able to see clearly in the dark making the two of them the only possible candidates to keep the night’s watch.

” What if my baby feels cold tho Ravan? ” Sebastian countered with a puffed face as Max rolled his eyes in disbelief.

” You are not the mother of this egg, it’s literally stolen from an actual mother…. Are you even hearing yourself? “. Max exclaimed in exasperation, however, it was to no effect.

” You are mean for no reason today” Sebastian said as he covered his face with two blankets, showing his unwillingness to continue the conversation in a childish way.

” 2 year olds, I’m dealing with a 2 year old” Max groaned in complaint as he decided that since without his blanket he would struggle to sleep, he would rather give up on sleeping and be on patrol with Asiva, at least that way he would be useful.

” Hey, you can go to sleep, Sebastian is behaving like a child and has snatched my blanket, I’ll take the watch” Max said to Asiva as he scratched his ear.

” You know smartie, you can always borrow my blanket ” Asiva said as Max gasped in an ‘ Oh ‘ and realised his foolishness.

Max sat beside Asiva looking toward the night sky above as he slowly unbuttoned his robe uptil the last button exposing took off his gloves and his mask setting them free after a long day.

” Aghhh much better ” Max moaned in ecstasy as he felt the cool breeze run over his body.

Asiva blushed a little seeing Max’s bare chest, she wondered if he was doing this deliberately to excite her or was he really just uncomfortable in his robes?

Either way she really enjoyed the view and found Max to look extremely sexy at the moment.

His serene smiling face looked extremely handsome under the stars, however, one small strand of hair fell just over his eyes and Asiva wanted to move it aside.

She reached for the strand of hair, but hesitated mid-way as she could not make up her mind on whether or not to disturb his serene looking rest.

Eventually, she decided to move it away as she brushed her fingers through his hair, setting them straight once more.

Max did not say anything, he did not react negatively to her touch, if anything his smile just widened.

‘ Cute ‘ , Asiva thought as she saw Max’s bright smile as she felt a little warm inside her chest.

When she lost her father, Asiva felt like there was a big hole inside her heart. Her father was the only person who loved her and doted on her unconditionally and with him gone there was nobody that Asiva could call ‘ Her Own People ‘ anymore.

That was until Max came into her life.

Initially she did not think much of him in their first meeting, but overtime she grew familiar with him and now she was in love with him.

The idea of confessing her feelings came across her mind several times, however, somehow the usually bold and outspoken Asiva Paratus could not muster the courage to confess her feelings when she really tried to.

Asiva subconsciously bit her lip as she stared at Max’s manly chest, as the scent of her blood wasped into Max’s nose.


Max subconsciously bared his fangs as his primal instincts wanted to feast on that sweet blood but Max suppressed it as he opened his eyes and looked at Asiva’s bleeding lip with concern.

” You want medicine? ” He asked as Asiva shyly looked away from him.

” No! ” She replied rather aggressively as Max could not understand what happened.

‘ Jesus she looks red, her face is a tomato, is she angry with me? ‘ Max wondered as he gulped in nervousness, not realising that she was red from blushing.

” I’m weak to the scent of blood siv, I would have pounced on you if this was me from a month ago. Thankfully I have a little more self restraint now “. Max said as Asiva pouted

” I wish you did pounce… ” she said softly and incomprehensibly.

If Max was Severus he would have caught her murmur but unfortunately he did not have such exceptional hearing skills and missed her cue.

” Anyways it’s a beautiful night ” Max said as he wrapped his arm around Asiva’s shoulder and began pointing at stars and making shapes in the sky.

Asiva smiled brightly as she joined in on the game, feeling happy that she was being held closely by Max.

Despite his thickheadedness Max could be surprisingly romantic without realising it sometimes and Asiva was happy for now with the small bits she got from him.

‘ I’ll confess my feelings once we get out of this dungeon for sure ‘ she thought as she pretended to listen to Max drawing an egg with the stars.


One of Max’s nether beasts growled in distance as Max instantly used scan to realise that there was some beast about 80 metres away from their location and was approaching the camp fast.

” Wild beast! ” Max shouted as he drew his sword ready for a fight.

Hearing his alarm, Anna was awake in a Jiffy while Sebastian struggled like a fish outside water to untangle himself from his rolled up blankets.

However the most pissed of the group was Asiva who glared towards the beasts direction with murderous eyes for it had ruined a beautiful night for her.


/// A/N – Bonus chapter for hitting the Powerstones target, good job everyone! ///


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