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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 114: Exposed Bahasa Indonesia

Max dejectedly walked towards the audience stands as he feared his brother’s reaction.

However, his assumptions never culminated as he was greeted with a widely grinning Rudra and Naomi.

” Wooo, the champ is here “. Naomi said with the brightest smile as Max’s face flushed a little

” I lost … “. Max said, not accepting her compliment

” Pfft, so what? You’re my champion for sure “. Naomi said, trying her best to cheer him up.

Max looked into Rudra’s eyes as he found them to be as loving as ever.

Much to his pleasure, Max saw no disappointment in Rudra’s eyes as he looked into them, only mirth and love.

” It was a good fight, you have improved a lot as a fighter ” Rudra said, expressing his genuine satisfaction over Max’s growth.

” I could do better ” Max said, shaking the compliment off.

Rudra smiled as he wrapped his hands around Max’s shoulders and said ” Where did you think you make a mistake?, tell me your analysis”

Max contemplated for a while as he said ” I did not play to my strengths, he was stronger and faster than me but I insisted on combating him at close range “.

Rudra smiled, he was glad that Max at least had some form of self realisation of his mistakes.

” You know Max, before a battle starts on the field, it starts inside one’s mind.

What moves does my opponent have?

Will he pull out a new move I have never seen?

Will he pretend to be a sheep to be a tiger?

These are the questions that you have to think about, and you have to make sure that your opponent thinks too…

If your opponent knows your entire moveset, then they become at ease when planning the next battle. They become sharper, they plan better and you become slightly disadvantaged.

The first mistake you made, was you did not make your opponent second guess himself when he walked onto the pitch “.

Max was enlightened by Rudra’s words, he had never thought about a fight in this fashion.

” The second task is to get under your opponent’s skin.

If you have to play the Jester, play the Jester, if you have to play the role of a cocky young master then become a cocky young master and if you have to become an aloof and cold superstar than become an aloof and cold superstar but make sure you get under your opponents skin before the fight starts.

If your opponent is angry, scared or emotional, his clarity of making good decisions decreases.

You did this well in round of 64, but somehow forgot to do the same when facing Sebastian “. Rudra advised as Max listened with his head bowed down.

” These may seem like small things but if you play your cards right you can have a massive advantage even before you start a battle”. Rudra advised, speaking from years of experience

” I will take these words to heart, big brother “. Max said obediently.

” Then there is your battle itself… where do I start there, hmmm “. Rudra wondered as he got an elbow straight to the gut from Naomi.

Rudra being a god, saw the elbow coming in at slow motion, but he knew better than dodging his wife’s attack.

” Ow “. Naomi said, hurting her elbow hitting Rudra’s rock-like body.

Rudra looked at Max facing towards the floor and understood Naomi’s meaning as he decided to fuck the teachings as he said ” I heard your university has good canteen, treat me Max, let’s eat some alien food “.

Max knew exactly what had happened, but he said nothing, smiling as he led his family to the cafeteria.


( Meanwhile Sebastian )

Sebastian hoped to have a good reception with Thor, however his dreams were thoroughly crushed when he visited his dad.

” Black Thunder…. Where did you learn that move boy? ” Thor asked, his voice containing a slight edge.

” I-I “. Asmodeus panicked, he did not expect that the first thing that Thor would say would be about his choice of attack.

” Although black thunder is not a demonic move, I personally banned it from being used in the light faction. Not even the thunder kingdom archives have that attack then how did you learn it? ” Thor asked again, his voice stern this time.

Asmodeus breathing became irregular, he felt the full pressure of a tier 8 god weighing on him.

” Gunrir, secure the exit ” Thor commanded as he stood up from the seat he was sitting on as he walked towards Sebastian standing only a feet away.

” What happened demon, cat got your tongue? “. Thor asked threateningly as Asmodeus’s eyes widened in shock, never in his wildest dreams did he think that he would be discovered like this here today.

” I would have never seen through you, if not for that pesky human god pointing out the irregularities in your fight against the vampire kid.

I did not want to inspect my own flesh and blood, but I did only to find that black thunder is not in your skillset.

If it’s not a move you have learnt via a skill-scroll or a system reward then it must mean it came out of your memory.

Since there is no memory of the move across light faction because I PERSONALLY outlawed it, the only possibility is that a demon has possessed my son’s body “. Asmodeus panicked as he tried to think of an escape plan, but came out empty.

” Ha- if you were innocent you would have been flabbergasted by now, curse Odin, my own son was captured by a bloody demon.

Bind him Gunrir, we will exorcise him back at Thunder nation “. Thor said, as he chopped Asmodeus’s neck, knocking him out unconscious.

” Damn it, I hate that smart ass human”. Thor cursed, as although he had dismissed Rudra’s words when he barged into his room with allegations, he had been constantly thinking about his words for the past few hours and found out that sadly something did not add up about his son using a forbidden move.

He was emotionally driven, but Thor Odinson was no fool, he figured out the truth soon enough.


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