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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 103: Round Of 32 Bahasa Indonesia

Fighters were not allowed to meet outsiders during the duration of the tournament, which is why the 32 fighters who had advanced to round two spent the night in their isolated locker room area, under supervision of the university staff and professors.

The matchups for the next day had been decided and luckily, Max, Asiva and Sebastian did not have each other as their opponents in the next round.

Max’s opponent was a guy named ‘Night’ and he was a necromancer by profession.

Just like Max’s dark shaman class, the art of necromancy was also heavily looked down upon by the light faction people, which was evident in their blatant hate and disgust for Night during his fight.

He was Booed like he was the plaque and despite displaying superb fighting skills he was not appreciated by a single fan in the crowd.

Looking at his fight Max had felt slightly depressed, as Grandpa Drax reminded him that it was most likely going to become Max’s future should his class or race be made public.

Night too showed no restraint in disregarding the disrespectful fans, as he showed them all the middle finger on his way out.

Apart from that, Night was an excellent fighter.

He was at level 102, having newly crossed into the tier 2 realm and was extremely creative in his attack pattern.

He had two important summoning spells

‘ Skeletal Summon ‘ and ‘ Skeletal Archer Summon ‘ where he could summon 5 of each at a time.

His summons were relatively weak, at only level 45, however, the sheer number made up for the lack of quality.

His strategy involved flooding his enemy with skeletal troops, while he and the archers aimed from distance.

He had two long range attack spells that he used in his fight against his opponent in round of 64 which was ‘ Darkness blast ‘ and ‘ Mana Drain ‘.

Both were troublesome spells to deal with, bringing his overall combat potential to ‘ Extremely Dangerous ‘.

Max spent his night calmly recalling his opponents fight, his moves and patterns as he discussed with Drax about the potential ways to counter the attacks.

Asiva had Emily as her opponent, and she was super motivated to avenge Anna’s defeat, whereas Sebastian had Roy Kingsman as his.

Max was lowkey jealous of Sebastian’s luck, as if there was one weakest fighter in the round of 32, it was undoubtedly Roy Kingsman.

Sebastian had it easy in this round, with him being a 20 to 1 favourite to win.


( The next day )

The first fight of day 2 saw Sebastian absolutely obliterate Roy Kingsman in a record 2 minutes 14 seconds squash.

It was the university record for the shortest match in round of 32, as Roy Kingsman was man-handled by Sebastian throughout the fight.

From start to finish, Sebastian cursed Roy for the despicable kill in round one, as after every sword strike he landed, he would ask Roy if he could sleep without the comfort of having other men in his bed last night?

It was a character assassination as well as a physical mauling as even Thor was left speechless by his sons aggression after the fight.

Thor even jokingly said ” He fights like there’s a demon inside him “.

Not knowing that there actually was one.


Match number 7 saw Asiva take on Emily, as the two fought in a high speed battle.

Asiva had the same disadvantage as Anna in this fight as her class was not suited to fight defence based opponents but straight from the get-go she established her dominance and controlled the tempo of the fight.

The mallet of Emily was too slow to catch the agile Asiva who weaved through her strikes with ease, applying little damage with every strike.

In a 15 minutes high paced battle that saw both contestants strain their stamina bar, Asiva eventually managed to walk out the victor, as she landed the last strike with a verbal shout of ” For Anna ! “

It was an extremely satisfying moment for Max, as he saw Asiva win for Anna, avenging her defeat as he felt fired up for his fight.


Max’s fight was number 13, as he walked down to the arena to the deafening roar of the crowd.

As usual Max looked up to the stands to look at her brother and sister-in-law, however, to his dismay it was only his sister-in-law standing in the stands today as his brother was nowhere to be seen.

Max clicked his tongue, but accepted this reality easily.

His brother was a busy god with many responsibilities back on Earth, and could naturally not be here to witness his fights every single day.

” Goodluck”. His opponent said as he stared into Max’s blood red eyes

” Bad Luck “. Max replied with a cheeky voice

Max was a Frank guy, he did not want to wish his opponent luck hence he did not put up hypocritical appearances of doing so.

He wished him misery, so that’s exactly what he said.

Max extended his hand, but Night refused to shake it after Max’s comment, as the crowd booed him even more vehemently for not showing sportsmanship.

On the referee’s instructions, the duo walked off to the white spots and prepared to engage.

” Fight! “.

As soon as the two took positions and faced each other, the referee started the fight as Max charged towards Night straight from the get-go.

” Summon Skeletal Warrior “.

Night raised his bone staff, and 5 hideous and smelly skeletons raised their heads from the ground, as they stood up around Night in a defensive formation.

” Fireblast “.

Max unleashed fireblast in hopes of blasting the front skeletons away, but Night was on-guard as he immediately responded with a ” Darkness Blast ” of his own to nullify Max’s attack.


As fire met darkness, instead of an explosion smoke arose rapidly from the clash, as within seconds the entire fighting arena was covered in grey smoke.

‘ The hell… ‘ Max panicked, he had not planned for this, he was surprised to see the smoke rising from the attack as much as the rest of the audience.


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