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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 49: Race Against Time (II) Bahasa Indonesia

The Persians were prepared to defend against the attack of the mercenaries. Later, they gradually discovered that the mercenaries route was clearly the nearby mountain. They were shocked and realized that they had made a mistake, they then gathered their troops to march towards the nearby mountain…

By this time, Tissaphernes army was approaching the mountain pass, while the mercenaries formed their formation near the mountain pass. The supply camp and the wounded were all concentrated in the rear, which was close to the mountain occupied by the Persians. If the Persians on the mountain shot their arrows with all their strength, then they would be able to reach the edge of the mercenary troops. But at this moment, these Persians and Xenophon’s troops were all rushing to the mountain peak from 2 directions at the same time.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Hold the shield!”

“Slingers be ready!”

“Archers be ready!”

The leaders with their imposing expression, gave the orders to their troops loudly. In front of the mercenary troops, the Persians approach them like tides, and slowly spread their formation…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Fast! Fast! Brothers, persevere, you are competing for our survival! At this moment, with a little more strength, we will be able to march more easily in the future and avoid many troublesome battles!” Xenophon encouraged the troops as he led the way up the mountain.

When they reached the mountainside, the soldiers obviously felt muscle-ache, panting and slowing down. They could see that when the Persians on the side of the mountain peak are doing the same thing, and gave them a sense of urgency, which made them dare not relax.

Although the Persians are closer to the mountain peak, but they are on the steeper side of the mountain, unlike the mercenaries who are walking on the gentle slope behind the mountain.

In the “mountain competition” between the 2 troops, the Greek had the last laugh. They manage to get to the top of the mountain first and threw javelins and stones at the Persians who were climbing in spite of their fatigue.

The Persians turned around and fled, they even abandoned their original position as they run to the foot of the mountain..

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The long-range attack of Tissaphernes is still going on. Although the casualties of his troops are increasing, he still did not give the order to withdraw, which greatly pressured the mercenaries, but just as they are struggling to support, the cavalry scout rushed to report that Xenophon had sent a message that they have occupied the mountain and had driven away the Persians!

“Retreat!” Cheirisophus breathed a sigh of relief.

As a result, the mercenaries began an orderly retreat…

The Persian army closed in step by step…

When all the mercenaries retreated into the mountain path, and the Persians who were still following them entered the range of Xenophon troops, they were then hit by the stones and javelins from the top of the mountain, only then did they blow the bugle to sound the retreat…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The mercenaries walked down the mountain path and entered a plain. There are quite a few villages here, the mercenaries then began camping, treat the wounded, and provide a lot of rations, because the guides said that the mountain ahead is Corduene. For this reason, the leaders held an important meeting.

“We Greeks resisted Persia, and the Carduchians are also against Persia. According to the guides, the Persians had sent around 100,000 troops to attack the Carduchians, but they were defeated. Since we and the Carduchians are all enemies of Persia, we and the Carduchians should be able to get along with each other. What’s more, we only need to go to Armenia and will not infringe on the Carduchians in any way, and as long as we send envoys to express our wish of peace with them, I believe that they will accept it!…” Xenophon spoke with fervor and assurance, he had become more confident after this period of time.

“Get on friendly terms with them? That’s easy to say!” Timasion sneered at him, he didn’t like the public display of Xenophon. Both Davos and Xenophon are young and outstanding, and are showing too much of their ability, which made Cleanor, Timasion and other veteran mercenaries to be somewhat dissatisfied, “Ten thousand troops have entered their territory, and they have defeated the Persian army many times, the Carduchians won’t be tense?! Are they not afraid?! I don’t believe it! Oh…you said that we are only passing through Corduene, but if we suddenly attack when passing through their settlement? The price they will pay would be too high, would the Carduchians take this risk? You should know that the Carduchians are fierce and savage, and even Persia, who has vast territory that surround them, is afraid. Would they agree with our demands, from us who came from thousands of miles away?!”

After Timasion just finished speaking, Cleanor then said, “A few days ago, my soldiers captured several Carduchians slaves of the Persians. After questioning them, I learned that ‘Carduchians’ was only the name given by the Persians to the people living in this mountain area, In fact, there many tribes and different races in the Corduene mountain, they often fight and kill each other for the benefit of their tribe, and some of the tribes even went so far as to become mortal enemies. Now the problem is – even if we can get an agreement on one tribe, after climbing few mountains, we may be attack by another tribe. But if we go negotiate with each individual tribes then the negotiation will take too long, which will have us starving. You must know that the Corduene mountain is a barren land and have shortage of food!”

“It seems that we can only forcefully enter!” At this moment, Hieronymus, who rarely talked, said with a strong tone, “When we enter Corduene, we won’t take the initiative to attack them, but if anyone dares to attack us then we will hit them hard!”

“At that time, I don’t know who will be fiercer” Xanthicles helplessly said, “Before, when the Persians occupied the mountains, they caused us a lot of trouble and it was just a few mountains! But once we enter Corduene, it will be all mountains. Most of us are hoplites and we have a lot of supplies, we will have a difficult time marching, let alone fight. The Carduchians are familiar with the terrain, climbing is a skill they have trained since childhood, while we can only rely on a guide. And the mountain path is narrow, and our troops will only get longer, and the Carduchians can appear out of nowhere to attack us, but we have no way to seize them…” Xanthicles’ words made everyone silent.

Xenophon then took the opportunity to say, “So we still have to negotiate with the Carduchians?”

Everyone ignored him and looked at Cheirisophus.

Cheirisophus looked at Davos, who hadn’t spoke in the corner, and asked, “Leader Davos, what do you think?”

Davos smiled and slowly said, “After listening to what everyone had said just now, there is in fact 2 opinions. First, is to negotiate with the Carduchians, the advantage is safety, and the disadvantage is that will take too much time and the Carduchians may disagree. Second, is to forcefully enter, which has the advantage of saving time, but the disadvantage is the heavy casualties. Therefore, why don’t we combine these 2 opinions into 1?”

Into 1 method? Everyone looked at each other, and Cheirisophus was also confused.

Philesius, who was next to him, saw their expressions and made him inwardly laughed. In fact, the officers of Davos camp had already discussed this matter last night. When Davos told them his method, everyone was shocked by his strange idea and made them admit that this method is feasible. Now, he can’t help but feel a sense of superiority in front of the leaders.

They all asked in unison, “How?”

“Find a tribe, cooperate with them and let them open a path for us!” Said Davos.

Everyone was stunned.

Xenophon was the first to react, “Davos, you mean…to have the Carduchians fight the other Carduchians?! Is this possible?”

“Benefits, as long as there are benefits, then everything is possible!” Said Davos possitively.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

During the 3 days the mercenaries camp, the Persian cavalry appeared several times, attacking individual soldiers who had separated from the troops, taking away the livestock and trying to set the village on fire.

After the leaders discussed, they thought that Tissaphernes was doing this in order to prevent the mercenaries from entering Corduene, and even burned the territory and people of the Persian king. In order to prevent him from doing anything more insane, the mercenary troops entered Corduene ahead of time.

So in the morning of the fourth day, the mercenaries decamp and started marching northward.

Tissaphernes watched the long dragon troops of the Greek mercenaries from afar, gradually being shrouded by the shadows of the mountains…


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