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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 476: Pacifying the North Bahasa Indonesia

“It’s not the same.” Said Henipolis, shaking his head stubbornly, “Your narration would have some of your own views, which will only interfere with my judgment of the whole historical events and the battle process. Teacher Ansitanos once told me that ‘the eye is history’s best pen as it would record everything truthfully.’ Thus I decided that I would never leave your side again!”

Henipolis looked at Davos stubbornly and cunningly in his eyes.

Davos sighed in his heart as he slowly said, “You couldn’t get some of the things you want as they are often out of our control. Heni, I called you at this time because a report about Laos had come…”

“About what?!” Henipolis subconsciously asked as he was disturbed by Davos’ serious expression.

Davos then said, “Your uncle, Alobamus, has rebelled. He forcibly declared himself as the archon of Laos and announced that Laos had left the Theonia Alliance. Furthermore, he sent troops to attack the Lao Fortress.”

“What?!” Henipolis couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “Uncle Alobamus rebelled?! Impossible! That’s impossible!…”

Seeing Henipolis kept shaking his head and roaring loudly, Davos quietly took out the information he received yesterday and handed it to him.

Henipolis grabbed it and read it several times. Afterwards, he suddenly became quiet…

After a while, he sobbed and said, “Why? Why would he do this?! He is my uncle, and I trusted him so much! I have trusted him since I was a child!…”

Davos looked at the sobbing Henipolis and said softly, “People change, especially your uncle, who held a lot of power and is in charge of Laos. It is inevitable for ideas to sprout if other forces are tempting him, such as Syracuse…”

Henipolis listened to Davos with red eyes. Then he suddenly remembered something and sprang to his feet and exclaimed, “Mother! My mother is in danger!…”

“Your mother is safe. According to reliable information, Alobamus didn’t hurt your mother and had just placed her under house arrest. After all, your mother used to take good care of your father’s brother.” Seeing Henipolis look at him with suspicion, Davos said, “It was Aristias who told me.”

After living in Davos’ residence for so many years, Henipolis certainly knew that Aristias was gathering information for Davos. Thus he felt slightly relieved, and then said in a hateful tone, “I must go back immediately and take back Laos, and severely punish that ungrateful traitor!” the betrayal of Alobamus obviously broke his heart, making him so disgusted that he did not even want to mention his name.

“Alright.” Davos expressed his approval. He then reminded him, “Hemon – the Praetor of Nerulum, and Saru – the Praetor of Vergae, had both gathered their troops. So you should lead your troops and join up with them and fight Alobamus together, making it so that Alobamus couldn’t stop you. But-”

Davos turned his head and said, “The city of Laos was the result of your father’s great efforts to gain independence from the Lucanian Tribal Coalition and his years of hard work. So you definitely couldn’t bear the thought of a war that would cause heavy casualties to Laos and for the city to be badly damaged, right?”

Henipolis repeatedly nodded.

“Heni.” Davos stared at him and said in a deep tone, “Some of the laws you wanted to implement in Laos were not implemented because Alobamus and the others had obstructed it. But what the commoners, who made up the majority of Laos’ population, sincerely wanted was to have more rights so that they could enjoy the land like the citizens of Theonia! Previously, the people of Laos didn’t know about it because Alobamus and the others blocked the news. Now, we just need to publicise these facts, and the Laosians would know who is really good to them! And who should they support! So you can…”

After listening to Davos’ plan, Henipolis’ eyes gradually brightened as he immediately nodded and said, “Your majesty, I will do as you say! I will show that person that I was correct in the first place!”

Just as Henipolis was about to leave, Davos gave him a firm hug and shouted in encouragement, “Heni, I wish you success in retaking Laos soon, and the position of my clerk awaits for you to take!”

Henipolis nodded confidently, “Your majesty, wait for my success!”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Early the following day, Theonia’s seventh legion and the Heraclean army marched north and reached Metapontum, whose gate was wide open, and the remnants of Taranto and the people of Metapontum who were pro-Tarantine such as Isalokas had fled to Taranto as early as last night.

After the allied troops easily captured the city of Metapontum, Matonis – the legatus of the seventh legion, was so eager to return to Thurii that he did not covet the authority as the temporary praetor of the occupied territory. After directly handing over the defence of Metapontum to Heraclea’s archon, Teriphias, he quickly led back the legion.

Soon, the scouts sent by Taudeles noticed the changes in Metapontum. After he gained contact with Teriphias, Taudeles bid farewell to Galaguso, who had taken them in, promising that Metapontum would intensify the trade with Galaguso, especially in food.

After Taudeles returned to Metapontum and regained his power with the support of Theonia and Heraclea, the first thing he did was to lead the few remaining pro-Theonian factions to avenge the murder of their loved ones and friends by purging the city of its pro-Tarantine citizens. These tumultuous events significantly decreased Metapontum’s population and strength.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Just as the seventh legion started their return journey, the Tarantine envoy had already set foot on Thurii’s land.

Yesterday, the news of “the Theonian fleet winning a huge victory over the Syracusan navy and almost wiping out Taranto’s army and navy” had reached the city of Taranto, which not only shocked the Council but also frightened the Tarantines while worrying about the safety of their loved ones. Then when the rumours spread about “Theonia’s army marching towards Taranto,” many people rushed to their homes, packed their bags, and prepared to rush to the port and take a boat to flee the already defenceless city.

With their grave situation, the Tarantine council had only one way left – and that was to ask Theonia for peace.

For this reason, the council did not even convene an ecclesia as at the same night; they urgently elected two temporary archons, Disitimas and Archytas’ father, Histiaeus. And the following day, they sent Histiaeus to Thurii in an attempt to make Davos forgive Taranto using his friendship with Archytas.

Fully aware of Taranto’s goal, Davos did not come to see Histiaeus at all and had instead sent Kunogelata and Ansitanos to negotiate with him.

Although Ansitanos had a gentle nature, he still felt pleasure in seeing the anxious Histiaeus as Taranto treated him rudely when he went there.

Hearing Histiaeus’ suggestion of “Taranto is willing to make a truce with Theonia and make certain war compensation in hopes for the release of the Tarantine prisoners of war”, Kunogelata and Ansitanos just sneered.

Kunogelata had even scoffed by saying, “Theonia and Taranto had an alliance, but you ignored the sacred oath and betrayed us instead when we needed your help the most! And now, you want us to sign an agreement with you so that you can sneak up on us again when we are busy fighting Syracuse?! Do you think we are that stupid! To tell you the truth, we don’t know if Poseidon would be angry at you for tarnishing his name, but we dare not trust you, the Tarantines, anymore!”

After hearing this, Histiaeus was so ashamed that he cried out in grief and anger, “Then what do you, Theonia, want us, Tarantines, to do?!”

“Until this war is over, Theonia would not sign any agreement, but these more than 12,000 Tarantine citizens and nearly 2,000 sailors…well…Theonia is currently at war, so we don’t have enough food to feed them. Thus it would be up to you, Tarantines, to provide enough food for them so that they can survive until the end of the war.” Kunogelata replied coldly.

“I understand. Theonia wants our food, and only food could ensure the safety of the Tarantine prisoners, right?” There was a hint of sarcasm in Histiaeus’ grieving voice.

“That’s right. Mining, after all, requires plenty of physical strength. Otherwise, it would be difficult to keep them healthy.” Kunogelata said threateningly.

“So when would they be released?” Histiaeus asked again.

“Theonia will not release them before the war ends. Otherwise, who knows if they would take arms again and invade our territories!” Kunogelata then said, “Until then, Theonia will not sign any agreement with Taranto, but as long as Taranto remained calm, Theonia will not invade Taranto’s territory. It is what his majesty, Davos, himself promised!”

After he heard this, Histiaeus no longer had to worry about the safety of Taranto temporarily. After all, Davos is well-known for keeping his promises.


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