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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 472: After the Victory Bahasa Indonesia

“Taranto…” Davos smiled lightly as this powerhouse of eastern Magna Graecia, whose army and navy were both wiped out, is no longer in his eyes. Although he covets Taranto’s land, now was not the time, “I think…we should stop the attack on Taranto for the time being. Currently, Syracuse is Theonia’s main enemy, so as long as we beat them, we would solve all the problems.”

“You’re right.” Teriphias nodded and asked, “So about Metapontum-”

“I’ll have the seventh legion stay here for now and have them move north tomorrow to recapture Metapontum. If the Tarantines were smart, they should flee back to their territory tonight…”

Davos’ confidence in recapturing Metapontum was evident, and Teriphias agreed with him, so he immediately said, “We, Heracleans, will also send troops to follow the seventh legion, hoping to liberate Metapontum, which the Tarantines occupied, as soon as possible!”

Davos frowned slightly from hearing the hidden meaning behind Teriphias’ words. It seemed Teriphias was worried that Theonia would occupy Metapontum after they recovered it. Davos then looked at him and asked with indifference, “I heard Taudeles did not die in battle?”

“That seems to be the case. However, he did not escape to Heraclea as we were also besieged at that time. So I think he might have escaped to the north?”

‘North? Galaguso!’ Davos was absorbed in his thoughts for a moment. Then he said with seriousness, “In any case, we will quickly find him and have him come back to preside over the overall situation of Metapontum, allowing the war-torn city to recover its prosperity as soon as possible! And I pledge that Theonia would do its best to help Heraclea and Metapontum because during this time of crisis, you have chosen to trust the Theonian Union, and Theonia would pay back this precious trust!”

Teriphias became convinced of Davos’ intention and was ashamed of his own petty thoughts, so he sincerely thanked him again.

At this time, the two legatus came together, and Davos hurriedly greeted them with a smile and said, “Here come the heroes who created this brilliant victory!”

“Your majesty!”

“Your majesty Davos!”

They immediately stood straight and saluted, and Davos returned their salute and loudly said, “Amintas! Matonis! The two of you have worked together to wipe out the Tarantine army, relieving Theonia’s northern army of its problems and allowing us to focus on the powerful enemy to the south! On behalf of the Theonian Senate, I thank you both!”

Amintas smiled and said, “It was mainly due to your majesty’s planning that we could easily fight. To tell you the truth, these Tarantines were so weak that they surrendered before we could even exert any force…”

“Yeah, these Tarantines are not as experienced at fighting as the Tarantine reinforcements led by A…Archytas back then. Had I known it would be like this, I wouldn’t have waited for you guys to come and should’ve attacked them alone two days ago.” Matonis said with a bit of remorse.

“You have become arrogant after becoming a legatus. With your ill-equipped recruits, you still have the audacity to talk about forcibly attacking the Tarantine camp?!” Amintas picked at Matonis on the spot.

“So what if my legion is new?! They were the ones who held back the Tarantine army, which was twice our number and defeated them!” Matonis retorted.

Seeing the two men argue, Davos was lost in his thoughts: As far as he knows, Taranto has suffered a great loss of strength after the war with Messapi and the withdrawal of Heraclea and Metapontum. Afterwards, they studied and copied Theonia by giving many freemen civil rights so as to supplement their soldiers(Crotone also adopted a similar policy). However, the increase of citizens did not strengthen the military quality of the soldiers but lowered it.

Davos then stopped the two men from their argument. He then said with relief, “Matonis, you didn’t let me down after I recommended you to be the legatus of the seventh legion! You were able to control the army even when the Tarantine army split up to attack Amendolara, a demeanour a strategos should have and created an opportunity for us to encircle and wipe out the Tarantine army!…”

Matonis scratched his head as he became a bit embarrassed at Davos’ compliment. To relieve him of this predicament, he hurriedly said, “Your majesty, I had caught two big fish in this battle!”

“What big fish?” Even though he could vaguely guess what it was, Davos still cooperated by showing a look of interest.

“Brothers, bring them both here!” Matonis waved his hand forward in an imposing manner.

A moment later, the soldiers pushed up two prisoners with their hands tied behind their backs.

“The two archons of Taranto, it’s been a long time since we have seen each other.” Davos exclaimed with sarcasm.

Diaomilas bowed his head and remained silent.

While Umakas looked at Davos, he said earnestly, “Lord Davos, I beg you to be kind to these Tarantines that you have captured!”

“I will.” Davos said indifferently, “As long as the Tarantine council pays the appropriate price.”

Diaomilas raised his head abruptly and shouted, “Davos, you ungrateful wretch. Don’t forget how Taranto selflessly helped the weak and vulnerable you in the beginning!”

Davos gazed at them sharply as he coldly said, “Of course, I haven’t forgotten about it, and neither the Theonians! Hence when the Messapi-Peucetti Alliance attacked Taranto and was in danger, Theonia did not hesitate to accept your request for help and immediately sent troops to repel the enemies and save Taranto even though Theonia had other military plans! However, not only did you not appreciate the blood and sacrifice of the Theonian citizens, but you had also repeatedly provoked the Theonian population on the sea, rammed and sunk our fishing boats, captured our fishermen, and even spread rumours against Theonia Union in the city of Taranto. I also heard that you sold my statue specifically for people to put in their homes to pee with…these dirty tricks, the Theonians could tolerate it for the sake of the fact that you had helped us before, but-”

Davos’ eyes flashed coldly as he shouted angrily, “You should have never torn up our alliance and collaborated with the enemies of Theonia. When foreign enemies invaded Theonia, and we were facing difficulties, Taranto, as our ally, had instead led your army and wielded your shields and spears to kill your allies who once fought alongside you!-”

“It’s because you have broken our agreement first by poaching Metapontum and Heraclea, the two city-states that were once allied with Taranto!” Diaomilas roared defiantly.

“Whether you would believe it or not, we in Heraclea never had any secret contact with Theonia beforehand. Our joining of the Theonian Alliance was the will of all citizens of Heraclea as Taranto had been using Heraclea as your dog, and we no longer want to be your dog anymore. It was as simple as that. I think that is also why Metapontum chose to leave Taranto Alliance…” Teriphias, who was watching quietly from the sidelines, came out and explained.

Diaomilas glared at Teriphias and said, “Do you think I would believe a traitor?!”

Davos sneered, “Yes, there is no point in discussing it with you. The Theonians have always had a principle of ‘treat your friends sincerely and your enemies viciously.’ Especially traitors, as we would never easily spare them! However, with the current condition of Taranto, there is no need for me to send troops anymore. After all, who knows what would the Messapians do once they find out the great defeat of the Tarantine army? Thurii was once burned to ruin, so how would a century-old enemy destroy Taranto?! I am very interested…”

Hearing him, Diaomilas and Umakas became pale.

Diaomilas still threatened him by saying, “Taranto is…the child-state of Sparta! And Sparta will not allow Taranto to get bullied by other city-states!”

“Sparta?!” Davos didn’t even blink as he snorted, “Do you think Sparta still has the strength to help Taranto now? I heard that the war in the Peloponnese was already enough to give the Spartans a headache that they even had to ask Syracuse for assistance…”

“Davos, don’t get cocky! The Syracusans army would come! And I am also looking forward…to the day when Thurii would be destroyed again!” Diaomilas was ready to risk everything as he shouted fiercely.

“You will never see that day. As long as I am here, it will be impossible for the Syracusan army to enter Theonia’s territory again. Furthermore, Dionysius will not only have to spit out what he won before but will lose even more!” Davos said with confidence. Then he waved his hand, and several soldiers came forward to get them.

Umakas pleaded with reluctance, “Lord Davos, Taranto has truly made a mistake this time! But please think of Archytas! Think of Archytas!-”

“Shut your mouth Umakas! You are disgracing Taranto!”

“You are the one who should shut up, you damned oil-covered* warmonger! If it weren’t for you, how would Taranto fall into this situation today?!…” (Diaomilas produces olive oil.)

The argument between the two men grew silent as the soldiers took them away…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Meanwhile, in the Syracusan camp, Dionysius discussed the siege with the strategoi.

In the following morning, a fast ship sent back by the Syracusan navy told Dionysius a piece of astonishing news that the archon of Theonia, Davos, had returned to Thurii and was elected king by the Theonians.

‘Davos had already repelled the over 40,000 fierce Samnite warriors so quickly?’ Dionysius was shocked and once again felt the urgency of time, ‘Syracuse must capture Crotone as soon as possible and take the initiative of the whole war before Davos’ main force comes to their rescue.’ Hence Dionysius held this emergency meeting.

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