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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 318: Winning over Besidice Bahasa Indonesia

Drakos just grinned, proud that the second legion was no longer just a support for the first legion for once.

Davos patted him on the shoulder and asked, “Where is the hero that crossed the Crati River?”

“He was wounded when crossing the river, so the physician is currently treating him in the city, so for the time being, he is unable to go out.” Replied Drakos.

“Wounded? Is it serious?!” Davos asked with concern.

“From what the physician said, he has a few broken bones on his left rib, lung injury, and some trauma, but he should be able to recover after resting for a few days.”

“Without him, we would not have won today! So we have to take care of him!” Davos urge with seriousness.

“Don’t worry, milord. We will take good care of him!”

Davos nodded and wanted to say more, but he suddenly saw a large group of people coming over. With a smile, he turned towards the oldest Besidisian, “You are chieftain Baripiri?!”

Baripiri bent down in a hurry and prepared to perform the highest salutation of the Bruttians, “Baripiri, the chieftain of Pega tribe of Besidice, pays my respect to the archon, lord Davos!”

Davos hastily stopped him and said enthusiastically, “Thank you! If it weren’t for your help, we would not have restored peace in Besidice so soon! The people of Theonia and Besidice are grateful to you! With your decisiveness and selflessness, they will no longer loss their loved ones in vain!…”

What Davos said made the white-haired old man excited. These days, a lot of Besidisians called him a “traitor”. At this moment, the young man in front of him had made him feel like finding a “close friend”.

“Because of your merits, and through my proposal, the Theonian Senate urgently held a meeting. After getting the majority of the vote, the proposal was passed. Henceforth, you will become a member of the Senate of Theonia, just like Vespa and Hemon of Lucania, becoming a respected statesman of the entire Theonia Union. I wonder if you are willing to accept it?”

After listening to Davos’ words, the composed Baripiri showed a stupefied expression. But soon, he answered without hesitation, as if he was afraid that Davos would go back on his words, “I am! I thank the Senate for the trust they have placed in me!”

Davos grasped his arms and said with a laugh, “Great! From now on, we are family!”

Drakos, Adrian and the others congratulated Baripiri one after another.

A rare smile finally appeared on Baripiri’s face.

At this time, the voice of coughing came from behind. Baripiri then remembered that he had overlooked something and turned around to say, “Lord Davos, I’d like to introduce you. This is-”

“Chieftain Burim of Besidice!” Before he could introduce him, Davos already gave his greetings first. On his way here, he already had a detailed understanding of the several leading figures in Besidice. And at this moment, he said enthusiastically, “It was with your assistance that Drakos and the others manage to defend the fort! In the same way, the Senate of Theonia invites you to join the Senate in order to reciprocate what you have done!”

After listening to Baripiri’s translation, Burim stared blankly. Back when he saw the Consentian troops withdrawing from the fortress, he knew that Besidice would no longer belong to Bruttii and will belong to a union dominated by Greeks. However, he was still slightly unable to accept it.

“Talk! Have you gone silly from being happy?!” Baripiri winked at him and gave him a push.

“I…I gladly accept…” Muttered Burim.

Davos didn’t think much of it and said with a laugh, “Elder Burim, take care of your wounds! The next battle will depend on your help!”

Just after Burim answered, Kreru squeezed forward, and before he could speak, Davos looked at him and said loudly, “I know you, you are Kreru – the hero of Besidice! If you had not stepped forward, how could the warriors of Besidice go home smoothly!”

After listening to Baripiri’s translation, Kreru did not expect that the archon of Theonia, who he had never met before, not only recognised him but also knew what he had done, making him excited and pleased with himself.

“I initially proposed to the Senate that you should join the Senate, but after all, you are too young, and you have never managed a tribe before. So the statesmen of the Senate decided that you should first serve as a Theonian Affairs Officer. After accumulating a certain amount of administrative experience, the Senate will be open for you!” Davos explained to him that he had given his proposal to the Senate. However, it was only for show, as he himself did not want to let this young man into the Senate now, as it will only pull down the quality of the statesmen of the Senate and will make people think that the Senate has a low threshold. Although the quality of the former mercenaries such as Amintas, Arpenst, Ledes and so on., was not very high, it was due to it being at the initial stage, so Davos needed a lot of support. But now, the situation is different.

Kreru was slightly disappointed. However, not long ago, he was just an ordinary member of Likumu’s tribe in Besidice, and now, he had become the chieftain of a tribe. Hence why he did not expect too much, so he humbly said, “Compared with chieftain Baripiri and Burim, I am still lacking. Thus I will first try my best to make the people adapt to our new home – Theonia.”

Davos nodded. Although this chieftain was young, he was prudent and knew his limit, making Davos satisfied with Kreru.

Before going to the city, Davos went to the river bank first.

Davos listened as Drakos narrate the sneak attack on the city of Besidice amidst the roaring Crati River. Despite being the one coming up with the plan, he felt thrilled after seeing the rushing river and imagining it. He could not help but say, “I don’t see any problem at Seklian’s wish to be remembered in the Hall of Valor! It was with his and another warrior’s bravery and fearlessness that allowed us to stand on this place! I hope that their deeds will inspire the citizens of Theonia in contributing to the union, and the union will always remember those who have contributed!”

“I agree, Milord!” Drakos felt the same way.

Most of the Besidisians who went to the riverbank together with Davos now learned the cause of the fall of their city and felt regret over it. Some were still thinking that if they had built even one sentry tower in the riverbank, such an outcome would not have happened…

At this moment, Davos turned to look at Baripiri and said to him, “In fact, the distance between Thurii and Besidice is not too far. However, the river made communication between the two so difficult and likewise made the life of the Besidisians hard! Therefore, once the war ended, we would not only repair the rope bridge but will also build a real bridge, turning the city of Besidice from the poor and isolated place into a place where merchants gathers and people freely travel, which would surely make the city of Besidice prosper! Because taking the road of Besidice will be the shortest way from Thurii to Consentia Plateau!”

The words of Davos made Baripiri and the other Besidisians who could understand Greek feel excited.

Returning to the city gates, Davos refused to let the “troops into the city”; thus, the newly arrived first legion, allied troops and legion reserve soldiers were tasks to go expand and move into the eastern defensive camp. However, the Besidisians were still slightly frightened from seeing tens of thousands of fully armed soldiers making a neat turn in front of the city gate.

After entering the assembly hall of the city of Besidice, Davos began discussing with the three Besidisian chieftains and a few men with high standing about the ownership of Besidice without a moment’s delay. After half a day’s discussion, they finally reached an agreement:

I – The Senate will send a praetor to manage the city’s administrative affairs after integrating Besidice into Theonia Union.

II – The jurisdiction over the people and land to which each tribe owns will still belong to their respective tribes. At the same time, the tribal chieftain shall exercise the right of administration without the interference of the city’s praetor.

III – The chieftains must pay land taxes on time and must regularly attend military training.

IV – Since Besidice is the first city in Bruttii to be integrated into Theonia, the tribes may apply to the Senate to change for fertile lands for their tribe.

V – The rights and obligations enjoyed by the Besidisians are the same as those enjoyed by the Lucanians. But at the same time, if a Besidisian was to voluntarily ask to be separated from the tribe and live independently, the chieftains of the tribe should not obstruct them.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

After reaching an agreement, Baripiri said with some hesitation, “Lord Davos…I have a small request.”

“Go ahead,” Davos replied politely.

“As the archon for life of the most powerful city-state union in South Italia, you have too few guards! Our, Bruttian’s great chieftains alone have two hundred personal guards, and some even having a thousand guards. Thus I hope that my nephew Rodom can be your personal guard and protect your safety. At the same time, he can learn how to be a qualified Theonian citizen from your teaching…”

‘Rodom?’ Davos thought of the energetic young man in the welcoming group. He was about to respond when the others in the hall realise the benefits of Baripiri’s proposal and hurriedly shouted, “Lord Davos, my son likewise wants to be your guard!”

“And my two sons as well!”

“There are five in our family!”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The reason why the people in the hall were so enthusiastic was due to the tradition of Besidice. During the tyrannical rule of Likumu, almost all of them had sent their children to serve as his guards. Now, as the conquered, they inevitably felt a sense of loss and gain. If they could get closer to the highest authority in Theonia and add an extra layer of protection for their families and tribes, they would already make them happy.

Davos did not immediately respond as he thought of another thing. According to the Theonian Law, the archon’s personal guard was limited to a maximum of a hundred men, which Martius had always led.


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